Tuesday, November 29, 2011

christmas edition part II

ok. lort. i have so much to post about.
it's not even december yet and i can tell most of my posts for next couple of weeks are going to filled to the brim with christmas shananigans.
the best kind of posts, right?

so. yall wanna hear something tight?
i entered an ornament swap on laura's blog at the luckiest in love
she paired everyone who signed up with other bloggers. and my partner is layla at wish fulfillment every day.
layla lives in the A TEE EL.
and i can already tell by her christmas crafts that we have similar taste and she'll be easy to shop for! i've already been looking around at my favorite ornament hot spots and i am hoping to find some fun stuff for her this week.

i did what to show off some more christmas decor. (dont be surprised)
first i wanted to show yall two christmas crafts i created from my inspiration closet. yall may know it as pinterest


:::my version:::

good right? better than i thought it would be anyway.

a fun way to spice up the kitchen.

gosh i swear i love pinterest!!

i mentioned yesterday that i had an array of eclectic ornaments i wanna show you guys.
i try to get a new ornament every year to add to my tree. and here's what i collected so far.

ornament i got for the first christmas i got piper.

my moms passed down this santa to me.

given to me by my aunt jen.

this santa just looks kinda mean to me. he gets placed at the back of the tree.

::and my two new ones for this year::

i love snails.

i love ornaments!


i always put a christmas tree in my bedroom
i put up my small black christmas tree on sunday. it matches my room so well. and it's my favorite color.

i used more skeletons, purple and silver balls, and snowflakes.
snowflakes are perfect fillers.

piper loves it.
what a sweet kitty.

now. i have a couple of more small trees to put up..one for each room of course.
but i do have all my christmas knick knacks on display.

and that's all, folks. for today anyway.
i still have a couple of other crafts and of course outside stuff. hoping my old man will help me with that later on this week.

and i have a new art project ive been working on that i cannot wait to finish and post about.
it is turning out so freakin tight!

okay layla these last two posts should give you some ideas.

"seems a little exotic. but if this tai chi is half as good as a mai tai, i'm sure i'm gonna love it."
[that 70s show]


  1. Yay, yay! I love your taste in tree ornaments...you're inspiring me to get that dang third tree and go eclectic on it's butt!!!! :D

  2. I have a lot of eclectic ornaments too. People who only have themes for their tree, but never any personal ornaments make no sense to me. But I'm highly sentimental.