Monday, November 14, 2011

i wish i was asleep..

so i'm pretty sleepy this morning.
i had another baby shower for kat sunday afternoon..and if i was tired afterward then i know she was.
but i think mine had a lot to do with the fact i stayed up till 3 on saturday night..eek! and even though i slept late and took a nap on sunday i still feel exhausted. whew.

well i thought i'd show off the array of movies i've seen in the past month.
i've labeled the ones i think you should see with a red heart.

okay well thats one thing i can check off my list.
i have several projects going on this week. i am so ready to start decorating for christmas. i have so many amazing ideas.

happy monday!

"thats why i have to trick them into talking about it. it's what us cops call, "tricking them.""
[that 70s show]


  1. You just made my long list of movies to watch even longer. =) My friend saw Colombiana and she said it was awesome!

  2. those are all some great movies you've seen! Crazy, Stupid Love was actually one of my faves this summer :)