Tuesday, November 22, 2011

i haven't hooliganed but i shananiganed

ohhh wow this week is already getting super busy. mainly busy with food related events. the best kind of events. 
you see today we had potluck at work.
tonight is din and karaoke at pump.
tomorrow we have din at my auntie's hizouse.
thursday lunch at my grandmommy's.
and then friday i'm sure i'll eat with friends..again.
then i think saturday i'll meet my lil fam in hot springs for more umm well more food. ha!

i mean thats what i love about thanksgiving. the food. the family. the friends. and the fellowship.
the one thing that i am super duper thankful for..the one thing i thank God for each and everyday..is the beautiful life i get to live. it's awesome. i am so blessed to be able to have a great job, the best place to live and friends and family that always back me up.
what are you thankful for?


today'c challenge is..nine loves.
first and formost i love my God. my family. my friends. my little piper. my co-workers. my followers. my tenants. and my house. without them i would't be who i am today.
so these are a couple of silly things that i have always loved.
in no particular order.

i always. i mean always..have a small tube of chapstick on me at all times.
chapstick. not carmex or burt's bee. just chapstick.

ok. i really don't think i need to explain this one any further. it's shopping. how could you not like it.
although i would much rather shop alone.

same as shopping. i really dont think i need to explain this one either.
my favorite food of all time.
but it has to be loaded and dripping with sandwich juice. ha.

i could walk around a flea market for hours.
i absolutely love taking in all thats around me. it's the perfect place to go if you just want to be lost.

sleeping in on a saturday or a sunday. or in my case both is one of the most spectacular feelings..ever.
i swear that sleeping through an hour that you would normally be awake is an incredible feeling.

second runner up after sandwiches in the food department.
salty. entertaining. tasty. i mean what else could you ask for.
my day wouldn't be complete if at one point i didn't have a hug wad of seeds in my mouth.

ok these last three are seriously my biggest loves..ever!
laughing and having fun is the best medicine in life. without it our lives would be dull and boring.
and let's be fo real..no one wants a dull and boring life.

silly shananigans. if you know me im all about a good shananigan..especially with my friends.
i actually think we might get into shanans tonight.

i could dance all day everyday. i love it.

i absolutely love to learn new things. anything.
and just freedom. the freedom to do whatever i want whenever i want to do it.
ah i swear i am living the sweet life.

what do you love?
shananigans? chapstick?

"i could feel their eyes on me. wet like peaches."

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