Friday, November 11, 2011


ok amigos i am so excited to getta share with you a little project i did this past week.
i saw the inspiration via pinterest of course, right!
and then i saw on lauren's blog that she is starting a do it yourself link up! i love reading all of her fun crafts as well as reading other folks, too. perfect.

so head over to her blog and link up with us.

the inspiration

i had a huge blank wall in my living room that just needed's been driving me crazy.
i'm a huge fan of word art. most of the art i like to do always has some kind of wording included.

so the next step was figuring out what i wanted to spell.

the first saying came from this movie.
"it is useless to push a cart sideways"
this book is my favorite. it's beautifully written, if you haven't read memoirs of a geisha DO IT you won't regret it.
don't you dare watch the movie first...

anyways this saying basically means you shouldn't be anyone but yourself.
so true.

after i knew i wanted to use this saying i figured i could find some other chinese proverbs.
that's when i came across...
"dig the well before you're thirsty"
i immediately loved this one. it's simply looking ahead.

as for the last one..i just couldn't decide so i went with..
"the obstacle is the path"
i could sit and think about this one all day. random i know.

okay so i got my sayings now i needed supplies.

hobby lobby sells small wooden letters for 99 cents..and you get four in a package.
i will admit it took me awhile to gather all the letters i needed. they were outta G's for a minute. and i only needed one..ugh..lame.

after finally get my letters straight i bought the canvas'
hobby lobby always has some kind of deal on canvas so i got three at 8.99 each 40% off. score!

i borrowed a yardstick from my parents.
and you'll also need a pencil.
and some krazy glue..

basically you'll need to use your trusty yardstick to draw some lines on the canvas so you can glue your letters on straight. don't worry about the pencil lines because the paint will eventually cover those up.

do this with all canvas' and then just glue your letters on.
i let mine dry over night before i painted them.

the next morning i took these little jokers outside and spray painted my little heart out!

i only used about two cans but three probably wouldn't hurt.

you will definitely need to do two coats. let the first one completely dry before applying the second coat.

then just let them dry overnight.
then get your old man to hang them up nice and straight.
thanks, dad!

i couldn't really getta good pic with my iphone but they look really great!
and were exactly what i was hoping for.

this blank wall is steadly coming together.
i janked a huge trunk from the florist shop to set in front of these and it looks so stinking good!

i am thinking about hitting up a couple of estate sales and flea markets this weekend.
i'm hoping to find some fun pieces to use around and on top of the trunk. i also wannna find me a fun antique fan..they are usually kinda pricey but i'm willing to splurge..because i really really want it.

whoo that was fun. i still have tons of other projects i have planned and cant wait to get started on them.
i have a blank wall in my laundry room that needs some attention.

"well we thought about killing him but kinda hated to go that far."
[the andy griffith show]


  1. They look great! I loved Memoirs of a Geisha and that quote works for so many situations. Thanks so much for linking up, I hate the linky tool thing didn't work!!! Come by next Friday and maybe it will work then.

  2. Those turned out super cute! I wish I had more of a DIY craftyness in me.