Monday, November 21, 2011

a collage update

ello lovely people.
did everyone have a delightful weekend? mine was. i got to see lots and lots of friends, christmas shop, and spend time with family. it was a chill weekend with lots of fun. and the weather was a plus. i will admit i am super happy the weather is still well in the seventies. i hate cold weather.

i have lots to update about.
i mean i think it's about time i did a picture update. that way i can delete some off of my phone.

i also wanted to explain to all you sweet readers out there that my job requirements are about to make a big change.
for the good, of course.
see i think we are going to open up more gameday stores. which means we will need someone to manage said stores. say we open up four stores across the state of arkansas. thats a lot of work, people. and seeing as i am already a landlady to 70+ tenants..i can't be running around the state and also collecting rent. this was my decision. the boss asked me if i wanted to take the responsiblity of the new chain of retail store. buuuttt if i did this i would have to give over my landlady responsibilities. wah! i dont want that. and im sure neither do my tenants. i mean i was born to be a landlady.
sooo we hired someone to be in charge of the new chain of gameday stores. this includes the florist shop. i will still be a huge part of the stores. because yours truly will be the one ordering all the supplies and merchandise. i will be in charge of everything that happens at the "home office." which will mainly consist of all the logistics of the stores. the behind the scenes stuff.
i am actually pretty excited. it is going to be a major change but i know it is for the best.
annnddd i get to a be a personal shopper for a living. i'll get to go to tradeshows and decide what we will and will not sell in stores. the best part of this whole deal is it will give me an opportunity to travel, learn different things, and stay at the "home office" more often.

like i said it's gonna be a major change but i'm already likin it.
and i think we are going to plan on going to our first tradeshow as a "buyer" in january. how exciting!


(now sorry for the way too long explanation but i felt as if i needed to do that.)
along with gameday changes here some other things that have been happening in the life of a landlady.

i went to the flea market not too long ago. i came across several inneresting things.
i came home with 3 new treasures: old cooler, bird feeder, and bird cage
1. creepy baby statue.
2. bozo statue. my daddy was on the bozo show and they were also neighbors at one point in time.
3. old fan.
4. love the pattern on this chair.
5. wish i actually cooked so i could use these.
6. loved the cute camping set.
7. i want this old lantern.
8. old tupperware. wish you could register at flea markets.
9. creepy doll. i think she was on mr. rogers
10. another old fan.
11. charlie chaplin doll.
12. funny wall decor: "if your day is hemmed with prayer it is less likely to unravel."
13. the old fan i would love to have. *hint hint, mom*
--and that was my flea market adventure.--
here's what i collected:

unfortunately i don't have a pic of the bird cage...maybe later on this week.

ive been working my little bootay off on crafts.
i love em. i have so many new inspirations and planned crafts.
i'm so glad i got my crafting motivation back!

we had more cake again at work.
love me some cake.
we celebrated 35 years of business here at jenkins.
also my daddy and another co-workers birthdays.

we also got these pretty flowers for the 35th anniversary.
awww i just love sunflowers.

this is no surprise but i've made more gift baskets. what can i say i have a gift. ha!

these are just some random photos i've taking at work.
my job is so random at times. but that's why i love it.
we got sock monkeys, shopping cart full of shirts, truck load of bedspreads, and all be dog..another gift basket.

i got to make two more button designs. who knows maybe i'll make designs for all the 73 schools we're licensed for.

also this weekend i got out alllll of my christmas stuff.
i got my tree up. it's not decorated just yet but it will be before the week is over.

aww i just love christmastime so freaking much!!

and i'll leave you with this sweet photo

hope you all have a lovely monday.

"and by the way, when i said you could sell tupperware that was just, like, code for you could be president of the united states."
[that 70s show]

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  1. So much going on! I love it! :) I love all these crazy awesome jobs you are into!