Monday, November 28, 2011

the christmas edition..yes so soon

ok well not really. but it is christmas at my house! i got all my decorations out and most of it's put up.
i worked on my tree all day on thanksgiving. yea yea i know what youre all think i didn't give thanksgiving a chance to shine but lets be for reals..i just couldn't hold it in anymore. i dont know what it is about sparkly lights and shiney ornaments that just make my heart go pitter patter. i love it!
i woke up bright and early on thanksgiving day to get my decorating on. the only time i took a break was to go and eat thanksgiving lunch at my grandmommy's house.

don't get me wrong i looovvvee thanksgiving. the food. oh my world. i mean yall know how much i freaking love food. i had no issues eating my two plate fulls of yummy in the tummy thanksgivingy type of foods.
and boy did i eat. lots. just reeedic amounts of food.
at work on monday and tuesday we had big humongous lunches.
our annual jenkins' potluck was on tuesday and i made nutter balls! using peanut nutter bars. and come on, you know they were a hit.
peanut butter & chocolate..i swear you can never go wrong.

wednesday evening was filled with food and laughter at my aunt jen's house.
then thursday lunch at my grandmommy's. another fav tradition.

my grandmother had this old baby doll that belonged to my mother when she was little. moms and i had a fun time practicing playing with him.

it got us excited for baby elliott's (nephew) arrival in january.

and of course my dad enjoyed his afternoon doing is most favorite tradition.
sleepy pops.

then this weekend and four day break were filled with friends, laughter, eating, and tons of decorating.
i made some merry christmas garland to hang from my faux fireplace. i am absolutely nuts about how well it turnt out. all i used was scrapbook paper, twine, and a little glue. easy peasy japanesey.

i used purple, green, and red paper. i have purple stockings so i wanted it all to tie together.

this might be a long post.
o wells.

like i said my christmas tree is officially UP and decorated.
last year i used red mesh and more traditional style ornaments but this year i wanted the tree to be more me. so i used bright lime green mesh, my eclectic ornament collection, plus a couple of homemade ornaments, and fun fillers like snowflakes, peppermint colored balls, sparkly red picks, and bright red balls.
i swear it look exquisite. just what i wanted. peeeerfect!

like i said i wanted this tree to be eclectic. using ornaments you wouldn't normally see on a christmas tree.
i've used small skeletons in the past but i wanted them to be more festive.
and i found two larger skeletons that needed some spicing up.

i just bought some green and red spray paint..along with green and red glitter.

ta da da!
festive skeleton ornaments! i really wasn't sure if they would turn out good.
i was surprised when they came out lookin so professional. i really love em.

along with the skeleton ornaments i saw these little guys online that well i NEEDED to make.

if you haven't seen the nightmare before christmas..see! it is so much fun. and one of my favs.
it didn't used to use to scare the dookie outta me when i was a kid. lol. but i appreciate the amount of hours it takes to do a stop motion production.

my version. cute, right?

i had a gift card to pier 1 that i got around glad i waited to use it because i found huge green and red candy cane ornaments for about 5 bucks each.
definitely worth it!

i recently had four light bulbs go out in my bathroom. the big round bulbs. i saved them because they reminded me of ornaments and figured they would look pretty eclectic hanging on my tree.
my creation:

just a little twine and some ribbon here and there.
i swear im so green, right?

welp that's all i got time for today. my grandpa just went on a 23 minute spill about pecans.
hey it happens.

i will be back tomorrow to show off more decor and my collection of eclectic ornaments.

"i dated a clown once. but as soon as i learned how to make those balloon animals, i dumped her."
[that 70s show]


  1. LOVE. IT.

    And I have a great idea of what you might like. :) I LOOOOVE the Jack Skellington ornaments, awesome job on those! And the skeletons! And, dang it...all of it!! Yay!

  2. Holy cow, that is ADORABLE! Seriously. I love the glittery skeletons for the tree and the Jack Skellington ones! Fantastic job!

  3. I am obsessed with those skeleton ornaments!!! So creative. Can't wait to get a tree & decorate it in the next few weeks.

    PS: Thanks so much for stopping by my blog a couple of weeks ago! Sorry I haven't checked yours out sooner...took a little blogging break to finish up some school things. I'll be checking yours out regularly from now on :)