Tuesday, November 1, 2011

another gameday post.

chello friends.
last week i was busy. yep the last week of october i was busy getting gameday all ready for..CHRISTMAS!
wait. can you guys believe that christmas is seriously right around the corner?
anndd i already have loads of things on my christmas list, but i'll get to all that a little bit later.
first i wanted to show off some photos of gameday all decked out for the holiday season.

yep that's red & white trees, wreaths, and garland.

i tried to put some kind of christmasy decor in each room at the store.
seriously it looks so great when you walk in the store and it's decked out with all kinds of goodies.

i had no clue how to display the garland and plain wreaths...so i'm hoping the large tubs look okay.

i put the white tree smack dab in the middle of the store. it's the first thing you see when ya come in.

then i hung up the decorative wreaths all over the store.
check out close ups of the wreaths HERE & HERE
the garland looks great if you add some lights. i am really thinking about getting me a strand or two to decorate my porch with.

welp there ya go! it was a lot of work and i am hoping we sell all of it and the bajillion ornaments i have on order so i don't have to take it all down...
hope everyone has a super duper quadruple tuesday!

"i'm not apologizing to him. i'd rather kiss a toilet seat."
[home alone]


  1. I love Christmas!! and that red tree. :]

  2. Everything looks great! I love Christmas...my husband had the audacity to tell me it wasn't Christmas season yet. I promptly told him that if there is Christmas merchandise at Target, then it's Christmas season. : )

  3. I can't imagine that all of your cute Christmas stuff wouldn't sell. The shop looks great!