Monday, October 24, 2011

no we didn't go to the fair. life isn't fair.

well i wasn't going to post today but i think i will go ahead and show off the rest of the wreaths i did.
check out the first three i did last week. i really think they turnt out great! i'm hoping to sell them for around forty or fifty bucks.
i also have to get all my christmas stuff organized and placed on the floor this week. i've been brainstorming ways to display all the goodies. i also got price tags made and will be pricing everything tomorrow. i bought red and white lights to put on two of the larger display trees. so i will be taking another trip to my favorite place (i swear i'm in there more then twice a week) to get supplies to decorate the trees.
i'm actually pretty excited to get the christmas stuff out. i have lots of ideas.

here is the other wreaths:

pretty nice if i do say so myself.
i can think of a few fans who would love to have these on the door.

i also am working on two gift baskets right now. one for my grandmommy's church and the other for sherwood elementary's fall festival.
i'll have pictures of them (of course) in my next post.


here is what i was up to around this time last year.

i swear i am obsessed with food!
along with being a movie critic i could totally be a food critic.

speaking of movies. cameron and i are going to the tandy tonight to see the very last harry potter.
i'm kinda sad by this. no more harry potterness to look forward to...sad day.

this weekend was pretty chill. i hung out with cam all weekend. we are each other's group..if this makes any sense. we can have so much fun just us two. everyone needs friends like that. am i right?
on friday we went up to my lake house to eat din with my fam for my lil bro's birthday.
we got into the hot tub after din and slept soooo good that night. we even slept in till close to eleven. it was very nice. very very nice. we watched jersey shore for most of the actually was the second time i have ever watched that show. so addicting. why is that? i mean those people on there are absolutely redic.
but yet so entertainting.

after being lazy for most of the day we got up and headed back to nlr.
i chilled at the house and watched movies till killa cam came back over to my crib so we could go dancing!! and dance we did.
the dee jay was awesome. and totally fine. he played a great stream of music. and added his own twist. perfect dancing jams. and there were a ton of people there.
we got some free drinks from our favorite bartender.
we got back to the house and crashed hard. super fun night!

and then sunday i was a lazy cow.
another perfect weekend.

what did you do this weekend? any fun projects?

"or the kind who doesn't have the lady balls to tell her best friend?"
[easy a]

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