Friday, September 22, 2017

Chairs, Chefs and Kardashians

it is FRIYAY! tee gee eye eff, am i right? i will say though, this week has been GREAT! i've been saying this for awhile now: stress really can bring someone down. i know it does to me. and i am SO glad i'm no longer involved with that "thing" that had been totally stressing me out for the last month. i now know it was the RIGHT decision. don't ever be afraid to wear follow your heart; it will guide you on the right path...or in my case, direct you back on the right path. yea, so, this week has been busy for me. i've been working at the salon everyday since tuesday, and i am totally okay with that; wouldn't have it any other way. the last three days were super busy. but today? nope! i just don't get why fridays are all of a sudden the slowest day of the week. we have three stylists here today and i'm pretty sure that's all who is going to be in today. i don't remember fridays ever been this slow. it's weird. oh well, i work all day and if i end up going home early, no biggie, right? anyways, let's get to chatting about the week...

first of all, yes..i am still watching this show:
no shame, either. i just love it SO MUCH. i actually finished the entire show this weekend, and i cried [like always] during the last three episodes. i went ahead and started it over though, until i get the new show i ordered off amazon in the mail. yes, i order discs-shows. no, i don't have netflix. no, i don't care if you think that's whack, i'm just old-school and would prefer a simple disc then wireless internet. 

so. the last time i posted i was complaining chatting about how messy my house was. is NO LONGER MESSY! thankfully, my living room no longer looks like a room full of boxes. much to piper's dismay. although we did keep one small one just for her and she loves it. 
[she's pretty cute] it looks way better. i mean, i still need to deep clean it though. i really wish i could hire a cleaning lady to just come and clean our showers. but i don't think barry would go for that, and i get it. if i do have the time to clean it, then why waste our money on a cleaning lady. right? right. but as for just some dusting and vacuuming that needs to happen; everything is back to normal. i'm still trying to decide if i wanna pull down my fall decorations from the attic or if i just wanna skip out on fall decorating. it's kind of exhausting. if i do any kind of fall decorations, i'll probably just decorate our front porch. we'll see, i guess.

here's some more cute piper pics from the last few weeks. 
her putting her little arm paw over her eyes is just THE CUTEST thing. 

anyways...BOOKS! i have read 73 books so far this year! eek. i used to think that was way too high of a goal to make but now, psh it seems like nothing. i finished this book:
and this one:
and i am half way through this one:
should probably get it finished this weekend. this is an easy series. the books aren't too thick and it just fast paced enough to fly through them pretty quickly. definitely not as good as this series or this one, but i'm still liking it. i always appreciate a good book with a strong female leads. 
have you read the succubus book series?

okay, so, on monday barry and i went down to des arc to see barry's parents. blakelin [barry's son] and katie [blakelin's girlfriend] met us down there. we all visited for a bit before heading over to a "duck club" [two houses down] that barry parent's friends just sold. barry and blakelin had helped them last weekend move all the furniture out and then carried it up to fayetteville to the owner's new "duck club." that all probably sounds very confusing. but, anyway, the owner was in town packing up the last bit of stuff they wanted and told barry and his parents that anything left over we could take if we wanted it. don't gotta tell us twice. free stuff? you bet we'll come take a look. the thing is, barry and i are collectors. we like things. okay, okay we love collecting FREE things. we really like older things the most but we take newer things here and there. and barry is alllll about finding tools to put in his make believe "shop." he'll have a shop one of these days. we both will. [hopefully] anyway, we got a lot of good stuff. my favorite find: two old metal lawn chairs. i forgot to take a picture of them but here's what they kinda look like:
they are beat up and will need some work. so i'll just have to add it to my list of things to "fix up." which is why both barry and i need a shop so, so badly. we could get so much done and collect even more if we just had the damn room. anyway, barry got him lots of tools and we also found us a turquoise folding outdoor table that kinda of looks like this:
luckily, 'the kids' [blakelin and katie] were able to get them lots and lots of kitchen stuff that they really need. they don't have their own place yet but will soon and all the FREE kitchen stuff will really come in handy. we were going to go back on wednesday night to get another load but i forgot i had to work and by the time i got off, barry was too sleepy. so we went down last night when i got off work but we ended up getting waaay too full from dinner and didn't even bother. but we have till the 30th to take our pick of things so i'm sure we'll be getting some more stuff before then, too.
let me tell y'all something i have learned about myself...i am OBSESSED with collecting chairs. seriously. right now i have: 6 chairs on our front porch: 2 wicker, 2 vintage barber shop, and now the 2 metal lawn chairs, 6 folding chairs leaned against a wall in our garage, 3 camping chairs, 2 wooden chairs i'm constantly moving around because i don't have room for them, 2 rolling office chairs, and 3 antique chairs i won't let anyone sit on, and another wicker chair, including 2 big comfy chairs in our living room + the four swivel chairs in our kitchen. that's A LOT of CHAIRS. like, probably TOO MANY chairs for our one little jam-packed house. clearly, i have a chair problem. yes, i am addicted to collecting chairs. especially considering i only actually paid for 4 of them. the rest...i just found collected. hello, i'm a chair-addict.

sooo..barry and i watched the master chef season finale on wednesday night. [our favorite]
it was down to mine and barry's three favorite competitors:
it was a close race. and i like all three of these people so i just couldn't decide who i wanted to win. but definitely ebony was my favorite.
it got down to the end of the game and barry and i were on pins and needles waiting to find out who won.
we both kinda had an idea of who was going to win...and we were right! congratulations, dino!
we've actually been talking the whole season that dino was going to WIN IT! and he sure did. go dino! jessica and barry devore are so proud of you. all three of you, actually. ebony and jason, we know y'all being in the top three won't be the last good thing you guys accomplish. so proud of all three of my fan favorites. LOVE YOU GUYS!

speaking of tv shows...i watched this show online this week. i know what most of y'all are probably thinking, but don't hate she's my favorite of the "kardashian clan." i just think she is so pretty, and i actually enjoyed her show. i really hope it will do as well as her family show.
people be hating on her, but she is not nearly as bad as her older sisters, or her mom, or her dad for that matter. she's so cute, and pretty and has really good fashion sense. and i thought her show was pretty good for "trashy-reality" tv. i can definitely tolerate this "kardashian" better than any of the rest of them. well, let me just put em in order for ya.
kylie, khloe, kourtney, kendall, kim and kris. obvi, bruce caitlyn and rob don't count. i am completely running outta time. today, surprisingly, went by pretty fast considering there's only been three stylists here all day. i got an hour left and then i can go home and eat. i am STARVING. the salad i had for lunch was pretty big but definitely did not tide me over. we don't have big plans tonight; we'll probably just laze around the house. hey, you know that's a-okay with me.
"some note shawnee easton told me to give to you. "q, you are sooo fine. i've been wanting to get with you. let me take you to the spring dance and i promise i'll leave you satisfied." ew! what a ho! she's a ho because she's sending her coochie through the mail. and she's not saying, "i think you're a nice guy and i want to get to know you better.""
[love and basketball]