Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Thanksgiving + Mind Ramblings for The No Sleep Soul

hello, there tuesday and readers of this blog. [the few of you] i have very little time to post today, but i am going to try my damnest to update you on a few things before my THANKSGIVING BREAK! whoop, whoop! i feel like a teacher without the hassle of having to going to college or deal with snot-nosed brats all day. i get off work for thursday, saturday and most importantly FRIDAY! can you tell i'm excited? i am having problems staying awake today, but i have a fun little "happy thanksgiving, yall," post i've been cooking up since i will not be here for the rest of the week. well, i'll be here tomorrow, but i hoping my sis is right, and there won't hardly be anyone here. especially since i have a dinner in cabot to get to at 6:30, and don't get off work here in north little rock till 6:00. wish me luck with that one, folks. i could care less if we're a little late especially since it's MY side of the family. we are like, known for our lateness to stuff everything. but my husband just cannot handle being late. which sucks for him, because most of the time, due to me, WE ARE LATE. and frankly, i don't give a damn. anyway, a couple of things before i move into showing you's guys some of my favorite fall pics i've screenshotted [story of my life] and arranged into a beautiful array for your viewing pleasure. too robotic? yeah, i thought so, but i am running on very little sleep, and my mind almost feels like it is mush. [almost] 

yes, less sleep has been going on in my life. i just don't know why, but the less sleep i have the better i feel like myself. i know that make NO sense, which again, brings us back to my mind-mushiness. but that's neither here nor there. hindsight is 20-20. blah, blah, blah. SO, the last three nights, and three days i have completely, and utterly flip-flopped my sleep schedule. that's right. i've been STAYING UP ALLLL NIGHT, and SLEEPING ALLLL DAY. and it has been glorious. i keep telling barry that i think i need to get myself a night job. like one of those factory night jobs. when we move to the country [someday] i will definitely be looking into that "career opportunity." so, tomorrow, i have to work till 6:00 at the salon but also i have to make a "homemade" pumpkin dessert for aunt jen's big-fat family dinner. [that sounds like a tyler perry movie] so i need to get up BEFORE 3:00, like way before 3 o'clock to make my dessert before going to work. which, i don't know how good it will be since it actually tastes a lot better when it's warm. but hey, i gots an actual job [unlike some women in my family] so if they don't like it cooled [way] down they can shove it. [in they mouths] right? right. SO...back to the point of this long-winded story...i stayed up ALL last night, and ALL day today so i will be tired enough to fall asleep tonight and get my sleep schedule back on track. especially, since thursday, barry and i are going to his aunt betty's house for thanksgiving potluck. where i was not asked to make anything. muahahaha. i've decided if i don't show his side of the family that i actually DO have baking skills they won't ever ask me to contribute. selfish? probably. genius? you bet your ass. so like, i said i am running on some low fumes today. and those fumes mostly consist of: caffeine, caffeine, caffeine. 

anyways, i have so much more to tell you, but last friday i just did. not. feel like posting. when you're trying to avoid the "town-idiot," there's only so much you can handle, and yeah my stuff is coming out as mushiness with a dash of cynicism today. but friday? everything would have come out just down right mean. and that's not the bad thing...the bad thing is, i wouldn't feel a single bit of remorse for the things that i would have written. it was best for me to just wash/dry/fold towels, and watch this hilarious show on my laptop. so, when i DO finally update you on my life, i've got LOTS of really good stuff to tell you's about. plus i plan to share my enormous christmas list with y'all. till then, please enjoy these beautiful fall fhotos photos i have selected to share with y'all. yes, there may be a few halloween ones mixed in there. the next time we chat though will be ALLLLL about CHRISTMAS! i can already hear the angels singing, "we have heard on high, echoing their joyous strains."
AND, that is the "fall edition" of instagram screenshots. [my bread and butter] well, i'm thankful that this work day is almost over. got an hour left and i will be home-free. so, this morning after i ran some much needed errands, i stupidly went to target to find a new light-weight jacket since very, very unfortunately my other jackets are too small for my big arms. well, i wish i could have bought MORE than i wanted, but i limited myself to this coat, and this jacket. i couldn't help myself. and i found these christmas leggings to match my new christmas sweatshirt that i will wear on christmas day. hoping to find barry some new christmas pj's, too. anyway, all those purchases were worth it and i really needed two new lighter-weight jackets to get me through this fall/winter season. i also recently started a new book in a new series. this book: moon chosen. and i am already so addicted. just like i am already, waaay outta time. gots to stop here. happy thanksgiving, readers. that's on things i am very grateful/happy for: all the folks that choose to read this blog. especially you strangers i have never met. y'all are secretly my favorite, but shhh don't tell my family. wink, wink.
"well, it's just not working. if you took away everybody's drinks and turned up the lights, it just looks like we're at work. you know what i mean? we need to get it amped up! we need to get them interacting. you guys should do what you did at the party last year. no, no, it was fucking awesome! people loved it! do it for the company, all right?"
[office christmas party]