Thursday, February 15, 2018

In Honor of Her

*** to begin. i guess i should start at the beginning of it all. last wednesday, barry received a phone call at around 3:30am. and then everything changed. barry hung up and told me, "my sister just died." 

things moved in slow motion after that. 

we got dressed and headed to des arc while it was still dark. barry, my sweet, strong husband was doing everything he could to get to his parents. to call people and let them know what happened. to let people know the shocking news that would forever change us. 

beth was THE BEST PERSON i have ever had the honor to meet. 
beth was my sister. not just my sister-in-law.
she was a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, friend and teacher.
beth was full of happiness. she chose happiness.
beth had a laugh i will never forget. 
and her smile lit up any room. 

i never quite understood it when people would say, "i'm shocked." i fully comprehend the meaning of being shocked after hearing barry say those four little words. i'm still shocked. my sister, beth, was 41 years old when she passed unexpectantly early wednesday morning on february 7th. 

beth was 41 years old when she arrived home; to heaven. she is no longer hurting. she no longer feels stressed or sad. she's still choosing happiness. she's living happiness.

we had her memorial on monday february 12th. we [her family] were blown away by all the people, family and friends who came from all over the state to honor our sweet beth.

i am incredible blessed to have known beth. the last time i saw her was on january 27th when i got to spend most of my afternoon with her. i will never, ever forget that afternoon. OR the heart-to-heart we shared on christmas eve morning this last christmas. i'll hold close to the memories of birthdays spent in hot springs together. and promise to go on the jamaican vacation we had been planning to go on together for the past 2 summers. i'll look after your parents and love your brother till my dying breath. 

thank you beth for allowing me to know you. for accepting me into your family without regret. for all the laughs we've shared and for the few tears we've shed. i will always continue to honor you every day by choosing happiness, by choosing laughter, by choosing love. 

[the following are pictures that reminded me of beth. in honor of her]
we'll miss you, beth. everyday. 

and we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purposes.-romans 8:28
"oh, brian, you must plant it. because by next year it'll have grown up to your knees and the year after that, it'll be taller than you. and when it's time to go courting, you can take your young lady for a picnic under it. and then when you have children they can build a tree house in it. and someday you can tell your grandchildren how you planted it. and when that tree gets to be 100, it doesn't matter that you're not here to see it. all that matters is today. today you held a hundred years in your hand."
[dr. quinn medicine woman]

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