Friday, January 26, 2018

What's Been On My Mind {Random Edition}

okay, so today has been sooooooo long. and it's not even 5 o'clock yet. i didn't think i would post today, cause i don't have much to tell y'all, but i'm thinking if i don't do something about this boredom, i will surely fall outta my chair due to my butt having fallen completely asleep. there is like, NO ONE here today, [what else is knew?] and i have never felt so lazy without meaning to. so, i have a few random things i can chat with you about, therefore you're getting those random things so i don't end up beating my face against my desk. i work-fridays suck!


so, after seeing the dentist on wednesday, he told me, i needed to get on a routinely 6 month teeth cleaning schedule. you know, so we could "catch these problems before they become bigger issues." blah blah blah. i don't hate much in my life cept: liars, snitches, getting up early, bad drivers, cottage cheese, and getting my teeth cleaned...right? so, uh, no thanks, doc, i think i'll just stick to MY normal routine and just come in when i can't bare the pain anymore or once my husband gets tired of me complaining about a tooth that's hurting me. 

did y'all see the new stories about the h&m controversy? if you haven't just click that link and take a look..............okay. um, talk about going to the extreme. believe me, i think it was really bad judgement or lack of judgement on h&m to DESIGN that sweatshirt. but, that's the thing, they DESIGNED the sweatshirt at their corporate offices, not in that one store that was completely trashed by all those insane protesters. i agree that h&m should have recalled all the sweatshirts, and made a formal public apology...WHICH THEY DID. and hey, if you wanna "storm the castle" and protest something, maybe make sure you're at the right castle. what they did to the staff at that one h&m store was outrageous, ludicrous and just plain mean. those employees have NO CONTROL over what clothing is given to them, and once again, they did not design the shirt! i am honestly just so tired of hearing about people destroying property in what they call, "protesting." burning down stores, wreaking shops...there has to be a cleaner more proper way to protest something without showing violence or harming others who actually have nothing to do with the reason there's a protest. i feel like, MLK wouldn't approve of all the violent protesting that SOME of the black lives matter movement and economic freedom fighters do today in order to "protest their rights." **also, this is all just my opinion, and like any other american out there, i have a right to this opinion.**

so, the other night, barry and i are watching tv and this movie trailer comes on and it grabbed my attention right awaythis movie is based on one of my very favorite books: ready player one. it is one of the most different and exciting-i-can't-put-this-down books i have ever read. and it's coming to theaters in march. plus it's directed by steven spielberg so it will actually be a great depiction of the book. another movie i am excited to get made that's based on another book i really liked is the shining girls. i discovered this one while perusing leonardo dicaprio's upcoming producer's projects page; trying to figure out when another good [but very creepy]  book's movie was coming out: the devil in the white city
these are ALL great and especially interesting books and has me thinking that instead of remaking movies that have been made before or coming up with a sequel movie that's just like the first, but not as good...examples: 22 jump streethorrible bosses 2neighbors 2cinderella II...etc, etc. producers, writers, and directors need to look into the trillions of wonderful books out there and start making movies from them. they have a plethora of scripts out there just waiting to be written into screenplays.

so, i am just now realizing that leonard hofstadter and david healy are BOTH played by johnny galecki, but what makes it crazy is...darlene conner who is david's girlfriend/wife on the show roseanne and is played by sara gilbert who plays leonard's girlfriend, leslie winkle. [talk about a run-on sentence] how crazy is that shit? YES! i'm just now figuring that out, but mind you, i wasn't allowed to watch roseanne when i was a kid in the 90s. and i just noticed, cause we get this one "oldies tv" channel that plays roseanne. and since i don't live with my momma anymore, i sometimes watch it. even though it really is a terrible show. not like terrible, terrible...i mean like it's not very entertaining. but when i realized this one night, it was like a brain explosion. especially since leonard looked so young, and well, different. leslie/darlene looks the same, though.
now, i know this was the most random post, like ever. but i've just had these random things written down to chat about and today seemed like as good a time as any. i only got like an hour left of work and i am so relieved. this friday has been one of the most boring ones yet. i swear if this show didn't come on friday nights i would have nothing to look forward to. they are just lame. other than it being the start of my weekend and my break from work till tuesday afternoon. 

luckily, tomorrow is a busy day for me. i'm still trying to decide if i wanna wake up early and go to the big buck classic with my little family. i should, but that afternoon i have blake and katie's baby shower in cabot, too, and it's just going to be a long day. but i know barry wants me to go and it was one of my resolutions to do more things with him outside of hanging out at home. so, we'll see. but per-usual i am looking forward to just getting off work and getting home, putting my pj's on and hanging out with my favorites. what's your friday night plans?
"God, this whole richie thing is killing me. i don't know. what do you think i should do? should i tell him? i know i should tell him but it's just so personal, you know. up until now our relationship has been so simple, you know. we watch the games, we drink beers, we eat chips, we never share a deep feeling or thought. i don't wanna lose that."
[king of queens]

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