Tuesday, January 23, 2018

This Year's Outerwear

it's tuesday, and the beginning of my work week. i had such a nice day off work yesterday, so that definitely made it almost impossible to get up and go to work today. but no matter, cause i have another day off, TOMORROW. course, i have a dentist appointment in the a.m. and i am hoping beyond hope that doesn't just ruin the whole day. and instead of sleeping all damn day, [like i did today] i can actually get some shit done around the house. i mean, it was one of my resolutions to get more done on my days off from work. and yesterday i didn't do so bad. course if it hadn't been for the doctor's appointment i had in little rock at noon, and doubt i would've been able to get up. see, that right there, is my biggest problem: sleeping all day instead of getting up and DOING something. it's not that i wanna just sleep all day, either. i hate when i wake up a 3:00 on a day off and i've wasted the whole day, with just sleeping. i'm like, damn, jessica, you can sleep when your dead. but seeing as i'm pretty sure i could sleep through an earthquake, it's easier to say i need to wake up than it is actually waking up. BUT ANYWAYS, yesterday, really was a wonderful day-off. i got a few things done here and there around the house, and even finished a book. [no shame] one thing i didn't work on is taking down our christmas decorations. y'all. it has been slow-going. every time i start i immediately stop cause i JUST DON'T WANT TO! it's just one of those things i loooaathe doing. i'd rather wash dishes all day and do laundry for a family of 10 than put away ALL the christmas decor. at the rate i'm going, i'll have it all put away by my birthday. [which is in march]

also, something really awesome happened yesterday! i came across and bought my first ever nordstrom purchase. and it is soooo beautiful and something i have been looking for/wanting for awhile now. ever since i bought the knockoff version on amazon. this knockoff version:
which looks waaay better in the picture, than the monstrosity that i actually received. pictures can be deceiving. even on amazon. what i got, is definitely not what is in the picture above. for one thing, the zipper is so cheaply made that it barely even does what it's supposed to do..yep, zip. and the pockets are really what make this pullover a travesty. they bulge out right on top of your stomach. which come one ladies, none of us want that. and the collar? i can't even explain the horrendousness of it. it's just the most poorly made pullover. ever. i was so excited to get this and it turned out to be the biggest letdown in all my amazon purchasing history. 

so yesterday, when i browsing through instagram i came across this absolutely beautiful pullover, that i was sure would make me forget all about that mess of a knockoff. well i followed her like it to know it link which brought me to the wubby fleece pullover. and it was love at first sight. i picked out the charcoal and added it to my cart, and before i knew it, i had an order confirmation sent to my inbox.
i have no doubts in my mind, that THIS ONE will turn out to be exactly like the picture, and worth every penny. it should land on my doorstep before the end of the week. and i am TOO excited!

thinking of finding this fleece, reminded me of two other outerwear gears i have come across this season that i just love and have truly become staples for me. so naturally, i HAVE TO share them with y'all. one if fashionably-warm, while the other is practical-handy. 
the first is my "winter coat," that has really just turned into an investment. it goes with everything, keeps me extremely warm when it counts and is just all around my new favorite coat. 
find/buy this pink perfection beauty {HERE} you will not regret it. 

and the second one: practical/handy. is been another good clothing investment. i didn't know how badly i needed a rain jacket, until now. and it seems the day after i bought the wonderful garment the skies opened up and God said, "let there be rain for weeks and weeks." and this jacket had been perfect for the terrible winter rain that we have here in the natural state. it keeps every thing it is protecting dry and it's actually a cute, warm little jacket. and it's a name-brand which shows me that it's definitely certified to take on anything they may get me soaking wet. introducing...
 mine is actually all black, but the colorblock ones i have found on their site are the EXACT same one i have for myself. get your own right {HERE} and i promise it will keep you just as warm and dry as it has for me. 
now, i am just full of anticipation for my nordstrom fleece pullover. i CANNOT wait to slip my arms through that warm fleece and hang my first [and definitely not last] nordstrom purchase up in my closet. are you a nordstrom shopper? do you remember you first purchase? anyways, i do not have much time left of work. thank goodness, cause the headache i have had since i got here has just been blooming and blooming the whole time i've been working on this post. and with this tooth that keeps throbbing, the dentist visit i have scheduled for tomorrow can't come fast enough. wooo!
"when i was a little girl, there were real prices and mom prices. real prices got you shiny, sparkly things that lasted three weeks, and mom prices got you brown things that lasted forever. but when i looked into shop windows, i saw another world. a dreamy world full of perfect things. a world where grown up girls got what they wanted. they were beautiful. like fairies or princesses. they didn't even need any money, they had magic cards. i wanted one. little did i know, i would end up with 12."
[confessions of a shopaholic]

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