Thursday, January 11, 2018

Book It, Sister

[good words to live by] 

hello! wow, okay, so i don't know bout y'all, but this week has gone by FAST for me. i guess it's because i've been busy or just had a lot going on, i'm not sure but i can't believe that tomorrow will be friday. i don't even want it to be friday either. fridays are just SO slow. i'm hoping that tomorrow we'll have more stylists here than the 2 we had last week. anyway, i am hoping to finish up part two in follow up to this post. i still have much to share. but, not today. today, i wanted to share the books i've read. the last time i updated you on my book-reading was THIS POST. i had made it to 100 books, and even made it past 100 with reading 107 books total for the year 2017! ahhh! i've always wanted to see if i could read 100 books in a year, and now i know IT CAN BE DONE

so here's the rest of the books i read in 2017. book 101 was this one, and book 102...
so as you can see, i finished the elementals series. these were easy quick reads. very entertaining and just a fun series. she did kinda rush through the series, i would have liked them more if they were a little more detailed and longer, but otherwise it was a good series to read. 
so i had made it to book 105! i accomplished my goal, and figured i could kinda lay off on reading. like take a break from it. and i had every intention on doing that. then...i watched the harry potter movies. i LOVE harry potter. the books, the movies, the fandom. all of it. literally probably the best book series of ALL TIME. and if you have read them, i think you agree with me. the movies, just like any movie based off a book, are not as good as the books. am i right? but still. and i do this every time. every time i watch the movies, they make me crave the books. and it's a craving i cannot resist. i always read at least one or more of the books every time i watch the movies. in 2015 i reread all the books again for the first time since i was a teenager. and i still cannot believe i waited that long to read them again. well, in 2016, i ended up reading the 5th6th and 7th books on my honeymoon and for the rest of the month of november. those three are my favorites-with the 6th book being my all time favorite. so, in december of 2017, i watch the movies, and for some reason i really wanted to read the third book. well, after the third book i couldn't stop. naturally. so of course, i am reading them again.
i am thinking i will probably read at least one harry potter book a year. THEY ARE THAT GOOD. heck, since 2015, i have read at least one HP book every year. here we are in january 2018 and the first two books i have read this year are...
this one is definitely my all time FAVORITE. the reader just learns so very much about the characters; especially voldermort.
and the book i am currently reading now...
i just started it, so i getta live through harry potter a bit more before moving on to the stockpile of books i have waiting for me. this one is just SO GOOD, too.
okay, i could continue to geek out about harry potter, but i don't have much more time, and i don't wanna bore you anymore than you probably already are. course, if i am boring you with talk of harry potter, something is seriously wrong with you. 

so i have caught you up on my book reading. my book goal is to again read 100 books this year. read up on my other resolutions {HERE} like i said, i will be back here tomorrow to give you part 2 of my 10 glorious days off of work. i am hoping i can get a good night's sleep tonight so tomorrow won't be too brutal. i have tons of stuff to blog about, but one thing at a time. i am going to try my best to post on other work days besides fridays this year. i got an hour left of work, and am already looking forward to getting home to my pajamas, my husband and my kitty cat. talk soon.
"huh? uh, could you please not touch that? no. no, no, it's not. it's a limited, it's not supposed to come off but, it's a lot more valuable when it's broken, so thanks for that. i got some other cool shit in here if you wanna break that."
[live free or die hard]

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