Thursday, January 4, 2018

Blessed Again

i'm back, again! can you believe it? so soon, too. well, today we be a very short, short post; cause i'm tired. [oh, shock me, shock me] for one thing i stayed up like, all night, basically, "de-tagging" all of the leftover razorback merchandise i took down from the booth i had opened in september. i am SO GLAD i know longer have to fool with all that shit, and thankfullyjenkins said they would take back my leftover merchandise and refund me, if i took all of my price tags off each item. no problemo! anything to rid me of having any razorback crap in my house. i am so OVER it all. also, thankfully, we definitely don't have as much as what we started. and even though, we made NO MONEY on this "business endeavor" i am so glad to be done with that hell-hole they call a marketplace. never again. we were so ready to be out of there, it took us only two hours to throw stuff in boxes and rip down the displays. hallelujah! i am free, free at last!

anyway, today i am SHOWING OFF all my wonderful christmas presents i received from folks like my AHHHMAZING HUSBAND...who knows me like the best. he went above and beyond this year and all my fav gifts were from him. [naturally] cept for the few of you who got me cash money...believe me, that didn't go unnoticed, and i may or may not have already spent it. [shhh] so since i am running completely outta time. check out my wish list blog post {here} AND checkedy-check out my lovely christmas presents below...
y'all may be getting tired of me showing off my new ride, but fuck it, i got to drive it on christmas day and it literally was a dream come true. so. awesome.
i asked barry for this 2 christmases ago and he's been "promising" me for 2 years now that he's make me one. he finally followed through. check out those rounded corners, though...yep.
purple uggs! which i have literally been wearing just about every day since unwrapping them. i LOVE uggs, you're just bat-shit crazy if you don't like them. they're my new favorite. 
gift card to ulta. cause, yes, ULTA is my "target."
last thing i got from barry is that BEAUTIFUL purple beanie, that is straight LIFE CHANGING! it has a hole in the top for my ponytail. genius. also, this is our third christmas together and this is my third christmas beanie to get from him. new tradition? maybe. 
also, the red beret, from my mom. i have never worn a beret before and i am still trying to figure it out... it looks hilarious on barry though, and i think he should totally wear it. 
blanket scarf, also from my, LOVE.
primer spray, also from my mom, which i was also very excited about. it's just the best thing ever. and the "original" beauty blender, from my "brother-in-law." great for concealer blending.
tassel and fringe earrings from my "brother-in-law." so, so CUTE! especially the turquoise, cause i mean, DUH, turquoise is my favorite color, yo!
barry and i were given [from my parents] two of these bamboo trays, which remind ME of my mamaw and papaw. they have them to eat in front of the tv in the bedroom every night, and since b and i eat in front of the tv in the bedroom/living room these have really come in handy for us. in the pic above i am eating a meal [on the bed] sent to ME especially from my mother-in-law, cause she was thinking of ME
and lastly, i think...[hoping i haven't left anything out] is this MOST-WONDERFUL-AWESOME VANITY MIRROR. can you tell i'm crunk about it? i asked for one waaay cheaper than this really nice fancy one so yep, another really favorite gift of mine. first thing i used right after receiving it. [moms know best] seriously, this thing is SO COOL!
and lastly, before i go, cause i am sooooo outta time. here's piper's favorite gift:
she didn't ask for it. [either] 
outta here! people are grabbing me from all sides to help them with stuff. gotta get back to work. the day person didn't show so people are trying to do booth rent and give me gift cards to run through the system. i got the gift card system down pat. come at me! just kidding. peace, y'all!
"it's going to take a little more money to learn how to cook, bro. that's horrible. but i heard they was looking for a chef down at the animal shelter. you might wanna check it out. i know the manager."
[fast five]

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