Friday, December 8, 2017

My 2017 Christmas Wish List

hello, hello. happy friday, party people. man, i don't know bout y'all but i slept damn good last night. seriously, it was the best sleep i have had in months. it made getting up this morning pretty hard, but i did it and yep, i am here at work today for my eight hour shift. i'm just hoping today goes by fast. i bet it will.

today, i wanna update yous guys on a few more things i didn't getta update y'all on last friday. but first i wanna share my 2017 christmas wish list. y'all ready for it? here goes...
 i really want + need one of these. i've been wanting one for awhile but just haven't gotten one yet. but after using the vanity mirror they had in our suite at the capital hotel it got me really wanting one. i found this one at bed bath and beyond for about $30.
i've been really wanting a monogram grey crew [i hate hoodies] sweatshirt for awhile now. to show off my new monogram. SIZE LARGE. i do like an over-sized fit. i like both styles: the full print or the pocket print. thread color: turquoise, seafoam or light pink. you can buy these through etsy.
my christmas list wouldn't be complete without some uggs on it. these boots always get attention from haters who have never worn them, but sorry folks, they ain't going away. heck, i am wearing a pair right now. anyway, these two above have made my wish list. i've grown to love the knit and shorter versions of these boots than their knee-highs. like the two pictured above. i want the gita in color powder found here SIZE 7. and/or the classic ii short in color mystic purple found here. SIZE 7.
i got a sample bottle of this at ulta and fell in LOVE. it's the perfect primer for my skin, and it's not a sticky-feel either. i'm hooked and definitely need a big bottle since i'm almost out of my sample pack. you can get this quick fix primer spray HERE for $32.
another staple on my wish lists: BOOKS. these are all brand new books that came out this year from my favorite authors. new karin slaughter books and a new micheal bennett thriller. now, the last breath {found here} is the short story that leads up to the full story that is the good daughter {found here}. also, michael bennett is my favorite "james patterson" series. get "his" new book haunted {found here}. now, i know i have said before that i LOATHE mass-marketed paperbacks, so please refrain from buying those. although since last breath is a short story you may only be able to get it in a mass-marketed paperback. as for the other two, hardcover is fine, unless you wanna splurge a little bit and get me a good ole fashioned paperback.
gosh, who knew i'd be so picky about my books, huh?
i gotta have this dvd for my collection. {found here} definitely the BEST movie i have seen this year.
and lastly the next three items i put on my list for the names we draw between siblings and our spouses. gary [my brother-in-law] and i both drew each other this year. this is what i asked for:
i LOVE this tassel earrings trend. i just pulled these images off of google and cannot pick a favorite. they have SO MANY styles and SO MANY colors that you just can't go wrong. i love them with beads or with thread. i do know that amazon has tons upon tons of different here. like all for really good prices. starting at $3 up to $9 each. can't go wrong. 
i've been wanting the beauty blender, like the REAL beauty blender for like ever. find it {HERE} for $20. they also sell it at sephora. i like the pro-blender the best just cause that's what the girls in all the makeup tutorials i like to watch use. i NEED.
last thing...a blanket scarf. they have several on amazon for really good prices. i like this one, and this one and also this one. i know none of the ones i picked are like the one pictured above but this one's just the first pic i found off of google. 
AND that's my christmas wish list!
what's on your christmas list this year? 
+++ on to some updates. this day is surprisingly going by pretty quickly, which is strange considering there's only 4 stylists here today. but, hey, i'm happy especially since someone is NOT here today and i'm not sleep-deprived. so updates...

1. first of all get ready for a kitty-cat overload. this question is for you pet owners out there: are you phones as loaded down with pet pics as much as mine is? i have to do a photo dump here cause my sweet girl piper is taking over my phone. i'm sure some of you are like, "oh, great." [sarcasm, sarcasm, sarcasm] but i can't help it, she my girl! 
[the flannel trapper strikes again]
yesterday, i had to take her to the vet [again] and was so, so worried about what the outcome would be. and she was so scared, too. she normally LOVES riding in the jeep, but this time she was trembling like, uncontrollably and wouldn't stop meowing unless i was petting her little sweet head. the problem: she's very sensitive with her back. the past several weeks she gets upset if we pet her on the back. it's gotten so bad that she's started to bite us when we even attempt or in our case accidentally pet her back. she also cannot clean her rear-end area. and sometimes when she cat plops she makes a little squeak of pain from flopping down on her back. it's strange but she's still very playful, eats and drinks fine, cleans every other part of her body and uses the bathroom fine. 
thankfully...the diagnosis: the vet believes she's just injured her back. almost like a sprain. i know that's uncomfortable for her, i say thankfully because i thought it was going to be something much worse and internally. like a kidney problem. nope he believes she injured it playing. and she does play HARDCORE. like don't get your hands in the way of her playing with her feather toy. so he gave her a steroid shot and me some pain pills to give her once a day. he's hoping that by the end of the weekend she'll be feeling better. if not, he'll take some x-rays. so let's PRAY my baby girl only got a little too rambunctious and just caused a small injury to her back and that these pain pills will help. 
so let's show off some pics of this little precious playing pet of mine:
a few weeks ago i shared with y'all about buying these christmas leggings. well, they are so freakin comfy that i decided to get them in the other two colors as well: black and gray. and i actually got them for cheaper than i got the red ones. since it was a black friday deal, i got them for $14.99 each. well, as soon as i pulled these comfy pants outta the box and put them on my bed, shortstuff, decided to take her a nap on them. piper-approved, no doubt. 
she was trying so hard to stay awake here. 
if there's a book on the bed, you besta believe she's gonna lay on it. and i'll stop here before i just upload picture after picture after picture of my sweet girl. 

2. speaking of pets...we officially have a NEW pet. introducing...
this is our new pet beta fish: holiday. barry insisted we get a fish one night when we took a 10:00pm trip to walmart to get christmas lights. and y'all, he is LOVING his new home. see all those bubbles at the top of his bowl? he made those. we found out that he is making those because he is happy and healthy. yall, he loves his new little home. actually these pics were taken a few days after we got them. since then, his "bubble nests" have grown to be even bigger and wider than the picture above. he is one healthy, happy and satisfied fish. welcome to the family, holiday. 

3. survivor is still going strong. or is it? the last episode was a total blindside for everyone playing. well, everyone except for ben. [the marine] he actually knows, that when you find an immunity idol, YOU DON'T TELL EVERYONE. and because he didn't do that, he saved himself from getting eliminated. everyone voted for him, he pulled out his idol and his ONE vote towards lauren [the fisherwoman] eliminated her. NOW that's how you play survivor. 
course now he kinda has a mark on his back, but everyone wanted to vote him off cause he's the strongest. when in actuality, ashley [the lifeguard] is the strongest cause she keeps winning the challenges. most of the challenges have nothing to do with strength. chrissy is pretty good at challenges, too. even though she didn't start showing she was good at them till it was sole immunity time. so well played, chrissy...but i still want her gone. she's just annoying. and so is ryan [the bellhop] course he's never won a challenge and actually holds people back he's so fucking weak; so they might wanna keep him. and i'm surprised mike [the doctor] has made it this far. but all in all, i'm rooting for devon [the surf instructor] to win it all. out of everyone left he's the most likable one and actually stands a chance being in the final three. either way this show is the bomb. you watching it?

4. lastly...books. fyi. i have read 100 books so far this year! HOLLA! feeling tight, that i finally reached one of my most sought after goals. and i still got plenty of december left to bring it home and read more than just 100. check it...
this book was just strange.
this one was like the little mermaid, but with a more adult, modern feel to it. i liked it.
book 100! devoured this one in one single night. SO GOOD. and it's a series!
this one i am reading currently. and i gotta say, i am pretty impressed with kristin cast. i'll have it finished before the end of the weekend, no doubt.
well, that's all the updates i have time for. hope you enjoyed seeing what's on my christmas wish list. tomorrow i am going christmas shopping with my daddy, and i'm excited. we always have a good time together. other than that, we don't have much going on this weekend. i really wanna go to kohls and find me some new sweaters. i have like NO warm sweaters to get me through this chilly winter. plus they are having major sales, i have a coupon and my rewards card will get double the points. hopefully i can make myself go. also, i am going to try and talk barry into putting up some christmas lights...AGAIN. i keep asking and he keeps saying yes, but today is the 8th and we still have no lights. what are your weekend plans? you going christmas shopping? good night, folks.
"oh, my God! you look so big! no? i meant the baby. that's what i meant to say. you look great, and the baby is probably cramped inside of your small, fit body. i'm so sorry. i don't know what to say."
[the night before]

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