Friday, December 15, 2017

LOTS of Movies + MY Piper Girl

boy, am i glad it's friday. i've been busy this morning. and am just now getting the opportunity to work on a post. i got about 4 hours left here and then i'm not back at the salon till tuesday. last night, y'all, i went to be at 8:30! yep, you heard that right. i literally could not keep my eyes open. granted, i didn't sleep but one hour the previous night so i had been up for about 27 hours. which i know sounds crazy, but i've learned that it is impossible for me to go to sleep on thursday nights, so i'm always exhausted at work on friday. therefore, i have been trying to stay up as much as possible on wednesday, then thursdays i have to work, so by the time thursday night rolls around i'm tired enough just to go to sleep at a normal time. and it works for me. it sounds crazy. but i wasn't AT ALL tired today and can sit here without feeling like i'm about to nod off or fall outta my chair i'm so sleepy. 

okay, so, first of all, i have watched A LOT of movies over the past month. new movies, old movies, christmas movies, based on a true story movies. you name it, i have probably watched it. so before i chat about anything else [even though i am limited on time] i gotta update my "movies watched" list. here goes.

these are christmas movies i have in my collection. can we just state for the record that kevin's parents are straight ignant. like who doesn't check to make sure their youngest kid has boarded the plane with them. or i don't know held their hand while they run through the second busiest airport in the united states. or how bout why they didn't teach him to go to the police if he's ever left alone. there's so many questions in regards to their parenting. 
these are two new chrstmas movies i added to my collection. the night before is pretty damn funny. it's the perfect comedy christmas movie. 
here's more that are a part of my collection. all pretty random, right? it's like g-rated movies to r-rated movies. but that's just how i roll. i watched hercules because the books i've been reading lately have a lot of greek mythology in them. but if i was going to suggest the ones for you to watch [based on what i like in a movie] they'd be these three: jackie brownhit and run and tower heist
two more from my collection and both rated-r. i don't know why but i find the wolf of wall street to be just hilarious. i don't know if that's because of jonah hill or the fact that one of the scenes is just so crazy it's funny, but i really like this film; even though it is three hours long. and it's hard to believe but yep, BOTH these movies are based off of true stories
these two are movies i ADDED to my collection. slackers is so strange. but it has lemon breeland and donna pinciotti in it so i HAD to add it. and come on, the parent trap is a childhood classic.
barry and i watched this movie one night on tv. can't go wrong with a good madea movie. although this one isn't nearly as funny as this madea movie.
* onto the new movies i've seen recently...
my parents took barry and i to see this movie in theaters. i have read the book. and don't get me wrong, i did like the movie, but they rushed through it a little too much for my liking. but that's just me. the set decor was GREAT! and so were the costumes. PLUS all the amazing actors and actresses. there is a good bit of the film where they go outside, and they don't do that at all in the book. and there's two characters in the book that they merged to be just one character in the movie. but other than that, and several clues that were left out or not mentioned, it was a pretty good movie. i think i was just expecting more. 
these are movies we rented from redbox. and i liked all of them. especially, the hitman's bodyguard. it was AWESOME! such a good action movie. probably the best action movie i have seen in a long time. i loved ryan reynolds in this one. he was badass and hilarious all in one. cars 3 was barry's pick. [go figure] but it was still a cute movie. girls trip was also really funny. you can't go wrong with queen latifah. also, there's a part in this movie where all four girls go into a club and tiffany haddish says, "we bout to set it off." and her and regina hall move off and then queen latifah and jada pinkett smith are the two left, they put their sunglasses on, then look right in the camera and nod their heads. which just MADE the movie. if you are wondering's cause both queen latifah and jada pinkett smith were in a movie called set it off. anybody else probably wouldn't have noticed that but since i'm a cinephile you know i got it. wind river was incredibly sad, but so worth it. i learned that native americans who disappear don't get to be in the missing person database and they don't get the support from police that everyone else gets when a loved one goes missing. which just breaks my heart; especially since we owe it to them to recognize that they are just apart of this country as we are. so sad, but very informative. and lastly, spider-man homecoming was our least favorite. manly, because this spider-man is VERY annoying. like i just wanted to punch him in the face and it was also a very looong movie, but eh it was okay. it in no way compared to toby maguire or andrew garfield in their spider-man movies

AND THAT'S IT. wow. that was A TON of movies, i know. and i am sorry if i bored you to tears but i just love sharing the movies i watch and what i think of them. maybe you can use these as suggestions when getting ready to watch your next movie. also with my massive collection i getta be like a movie-librarian. and i've always wanted to be a librarian.  
well, have you finished with your christmas shopping? i am allmost there. i have one other thing to pick up and a few gift cards to get and then i am wam bam thank you ma'am-done! this year we had to get several gift cards. i am not a fan of giving gift cards, just cause they are so impersonal but when that's something someone wants then, hey, i'll get it for them. cause in reality, i won't ever turn down gift cards to my favorite store(s) either. 
how about christmas decorating? yall finished with that? i am. i would hope so, right. since it is only 10 days till christmas. i have been meaning to show off my fun christmas decorations but i keep forgetting to take pictures of them all. i did something different for my front door this year, and i gotta say...i LOVE how it turned out. i DID take some pics of our front door. 
i got that cotton, cranberries and burlap front door arrangement a couple months back and decided to do the same around my front door. luckily i got the burlap, cranberry picks and the cotton picks all half off at hobby lobby. and i will say, it turned out EXACTLY how i envisioned it. maybe even better. i just loved doing this type of christmas decorating. it so MUCH FUN! i put up my fun metal candy canes every year and i wasn't going to this year cause i don't think they really go with the rustic theme i have going on, but at the last minute i decided what the heck! and i'm glad i did. this will probably be the last year i can use them since the sun has faded them so much over the years. i'm hoping i can remember to take some pics of the rest of my christmas decor; especially since i did something different this year with our tree. i need to post some pictures on instagram. also y'all know i do a post every year on my decor. i'll be working next friday, so i'll make sure to take some and post them on here.
so. i know last friday i told y'all about my sweet little girl having to go to the vet. again. she's been having some major back pain. [just like her mom] well, the steroid shot and the week's worth of pain pills helped out immediately. like, i have my fun, vibrant kitty cat back!
my piper girl is BACK. in full-force. i was just praying, and praying that what dr. allen gave her would work. and now i have no doubts, that our vet knows what he's talkin about and does his best to take care of our pet as well as everyone else's. there is definitely a special place up in heaven for vets who truly care.
and now that everything is going well with this sleepy, sweet little girl of mine, i will show off some more pictures of my first baby.
reaching for me to give her some more lovin's.
if i put clothes on the bed, you besta believe she's gonna take a nap on them.
this looks comfy, right? ha! she likes to lay real close to this wood that's our bed. i guess cause it's cool on her furry back. needless to say, if you can't tell already, i am glad my ten year old girl is feeling better. we can finally give her back rubs again without her trying to bite our hands off. and that makes us very happy, cause living with a grouchy cat ain't no fun.
well, i still got about an hour left till my end-of-day chores. the day has slowed down majorly. we only got two stylists left. hoping this hour goes by fast! barry is coming by to get his hair cut. he's wanting something done differently, so i can't wait to see the final result. we don't have big plans this weekend. i gotta go to the grocery store and wrap presents. and then we got a small get-together at my grandmommy and papa's house. but other than that, THIS GIRL [me] is taking it easy. barry can't take it easy, so i'm sure he'll be working on his projects. he asked for a circular sander for christmas, but borrowed his friend, paul's to use for the weekend, so i'm sure the garage will be full of sawdust before the weekend is up. hey, i'm fine with that as long as i can lay around in my jammies. 
"kate, they are trained ufc fighters. they know pressure points on people. they're semi-professional cage fighters. like, one person comes out, one doesn't. you know what i mean? like, cockfighting, but like, with dudes. they're dude cockfighters. except they don't actually get paid for it. they mostly brawl in people's backyards, then upload the footage to youtube. honey, my childhood was like the shawshank redemption. except i didn't have some kind, older, soft-spoken, gentle black man to share my struggle with."
[four christmases]

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