Friday, November 10, 2017

Christmas Movies + Weekend Plans

hello. it is friday. again. fridays have literally become my mondays. you hear people complain about mondays being the bane of their existences...well that is friday for me. it is SO long, and SO boring working all day long. so, yes, fridays have definitely become my mondays. i'm so tired and just want to be in my pj's. [what else is new?] last night was rough. i went to sleep around 2:00 but then preceded to wake up every hour. i'm serious. went to bed, woke up at 3:00. went back to sleep, woke back up at 4:00. and so on, and so on, and so on...till 8:00 this morning when i decided just to get up. so my body is very restless and my eyes are killing me. it's like, they are begging me to rest. anyway, i don't have much to chat about today but am going to go ahead and post so maybe that will get this monday friday to go by faster. fingers crossed, right. i literally could just lay my head down on the desk and snooze away. 

okay...MOVIES: i watched a lot of movies this week. let's see what we got.
barry and i watched these two movies on tv this past weekend. i already own all about the benjamins but we watched it anyway. then we watched unleashed, one that we hadn't seen before, and we got REALLY INTO IT. if you haven't seen it, i suggest it. 
okay, so i pretty much watched all these christmas movies [from my collection] by myself. the only one barry watched with me was elf. he's just not a big fan of christmas movies, like i am. these are some of my favorites though and i still have plenty of other christmas movies that i will be watching this month. and i'm sure i will definitely be playing all of them on repeat. there's just nothing better than putting on some warm pj's, getting under a snuggly blanket and watchin a good ole christmas movie.
these are two that i added to my collection. [this week] and i watched both several times. i'm a huge billy bob thornton fan, and i don't know why but i just love him as bad santabad santa 2 wasn't too bad. i mean it's worth it to hear academy award winner, kathy bates, cussing like a white trash sailor who was kicked outta the navy. was it better than the first one? no. not really. but it's still a goodie to add to the collection. as well as office christmas party. i swear that movie will never get old. it makes me laugh every time with it's raw humor. watch these. 
and that's the movies this week. 
so. tomorrow is mine and barry's ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!! whoop, whoop! i cannot believe it has already been one year since this happened. talk about best day ever. we have BIG plans to celebrate, too. we got us a room at the capital hotel for tomorrow evening. our plan is to go downtown and eat a late lunch at the hotel's bar and grill. where we ate our first dinner as husband and wife. then we will explore downtown little rock for a while till our check in time at 3:00. from there we will chill in our hotel room and rest before getting ready to go to my friend cameron's going away party. [she's moving to germany] and then after the party, come back to the hotel and stay the night. sounds fun, don't it? i'm really looking forward it, and so is barry. THEN...on sunday we are leaving for fayetteville for a little road trip. i don't wanna get my hope's up and tell you why we are going up there, just yet, but it is going to be EPIC, either way. we are going to look at my potential christmas present. eeek! just saying, but this weekend is going to be AWESOME!!
one-year anniversary tomorrow: 11.11.2017
man, this day is just draaagging legs a killin me! i cannot wait to go home. i wish i didn't have to work the full shift on fridays. it's just too much, sometimes. i am the only receptionist who works a full 10-6 shift. it gets tiring. i mean, we got a full house here today, but i wish i could have my old 10-3 shift back on fridays. that's an okay shift right there. but le sigh...that's not going to happen anytime soon, so for now i'll just put a smile on and do it. to let the time pass, let me update you on some random things...

okay, kfc's chicken pot pie is to die-for! have you tried it? i mean i have already had it on 3 different occasions since last friday, and am still wanting it again and again. it is so damn GOOD! i mean the commercials all made it look amazing, but we know how the commercials can make their foods look deceiving. for example: uh, burger king. their burgers look great on tv but in real life, i ain't touching one. kfc'c chicken pot pie, though, lives up to it's name and seriously does look exactly like it does in the commercial. i swear, i had it last night, but could go and have it again tonight. [if only my husband would let me] and it's even got some good reviews. and let's be real, if you're going to get fast food, you aren't worried about calories, which seems to be the only problem anyone is finding with this amazingly delicious chicken pot pie. it's seriously the best!

2. have y'all been watching survivor season 35? i have not missed an episode so far this season. i almost missed it this last wednesday because i had gotten too far deep in the book i was reading. [i finished it, too] as you can see, they are picking the girls off one, by one. 
the last three eliminations have ALL been girls. so, girlies, ya better watch out or it's gonna be the battle of the testosterone. last time i talked about survivor, i told y'all some of my favorites. well let me break down everyone for ya: [starting with back row, left to right]
~ryan [the bellhop] i did like him but not anymore. talk about shady as fuck. and everybody keeps trusting this squirrely dude. [he's literally the WORST at challenges.]
~j.p. [firefighter] is really good at challenges, but he doesn't talk much at all, which i feel like could hurt his game.
~chrissy [financial analyst] she has gotten waaay further than i thought she would. people just automatically trust her, and she's seriously really smart. [but sucks at challenges.] but she get on my nerves.
~cole [wilderness guide, aka: made up occupation] he's a full out douche-bag. like i cannot stand that fool. and i hate that he's from arkansas. he totally makes us arkansans look bad. he is even more shadier than ryan, and i hope people wise up and send his ass home the next elimination. he's already been gettin on several folks nerves and i don't think anyone would be sad to see him go.
~ashley [lifeguard-bitch] i'm not a fan of her, but i don't have much against her. i guess i just don't like her personality. 
~devon [surf instructor] he is a super likable guy. he gets along with pretty much everyone. he's one of my favs and i hope he gets far.
[front row, left to right] 
~doctor mike, aka: doc, aka: glasses [urologist] he is another favorite of mine. he is really, really good at solving the puzzles played in the challenges. and he gets along with everyone, but unfortunately, there are a few who don't get along with him, but i think that's cause joe they see doc as being a threat. 
~ben [the marine] another favorite of ours. he's a real nice guy, but i think some people tend to underestimate him, and hope he can take out some of the jerks [joe and cole] soon.
~desi [physical therapist] she is really, really good and kinda keeps to herself, but in a good way. she's got a lot of people on her side, and didn't have to do any work to get them on her side. i think she's the best girl. heck, she was the first one to win the immunity challenge since they've become one tribe. that says something.
~joe [probation officer] he is a hater. straight hater. the things he says to people, especially doctor mike, is just not cool. he has already made several enemies, doesn't bring anything to the table except lies and deceit. i hope his rude-ass is gone just as fast as cole. 
~lauren [fisherwoman] i haven't seen much from lauren but she's a likable person. she says what she feels and i'm rooting for anyone who's out to get rid of cole, which she is.
AND THAT'S THE i said they are all now merged into ONE TRIBE. now, this is where things start to get interesting. to learn more about the cast, click {here}

3. okay, so, books. i didn't realize how much i needed reading in my life until i had to go two and a half weeks without it. which caused me to be cynical and restless. it's like reading daily has become essential to my well-being. and i'm glad it's something as simple as reading several chapters a day to keep me balanced and keep my mind on a different track than depths of despair and longing for something i don't know if i am truly ready for. books are just awesome, right? here's what i've read since the last time i updated:
this was the best house of night book i have read so far. well, my favorite, anyway. i flew through it. 
i literally read this one in like 7 hours, if that. course it's a novella, but still.
and the one i am currently working my way through:
if you are looking for a long, book series and like fantasy novels, the house of night series is a good one and there's 16 books in all. i've been working my way through them for two months now. 

4. last thing: check out this cutie-pie...
we call this...the flannel trapper. you can't tell me that's not cute. she's so funny. if we i want her to come hang out in the bedroom with me, i just have to lay my flannel out on the bed and abracadabra, she comes right onto the bed. i don't know what her obsession is with this flannel but she totally loves it. and we all know we hate when this happens:
amiright? here's some more cute pics of her being a snug-bug with my flannel:
all taken on separate occasions, but all with the same theme. #snuglife
+++++ i just had bout three people help me with this damn mini-fridge up here at work. it was decided to defrost it in the middle of the week, behind the receptionist desk and man cleaning up the last of it was a real pain. but thankfully i had help. and we got it cleaned up, and turned back on. i'm gonna fill it up with drinks before i get gone. i looked like a mad woman for a minute running back and forth to the break room with chunks of ice and dripping wet towels. wooo. glad that is finished. and i am finished with this post. and it's pretty much cleared out in here. there's only two stylists left. maybe i'll be leaving early.
i am sooo looking forward to tomorrow. hopefully, i will get an actual good night's sleep tonight so i won't be strugglin to get up in the morning. i'm sure i'll be too excited to sleep. le sigh. tonight though, we getting pizza and watching christmas movies + this show.
"wow, you're fast. i'm glad i caught up to you. i waited five hours for you. why is your coat so big? so, good news, i saw a dog today. have you seen a dog? you probably have. how was school? was it fun? did you get a lot of homework, huh? do you have any friends? do you have a best friend? does he have a big coat, too?"

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