Friday, October 6, 2017

This Week's Mishaps + THE SHINING

hey, there! wow, yesterday was one crazy day for both my husband and i. barry stabbed himself in the knee and my jeep "broke down," causing me to be super late for work. for one thing, the salon's thursday girl decided to just up and quit; so my sister had to take over her shifts for the rest of the month. i was supposed to be here at two, but completely and utterly forgot. it just slipped my mind. then when i was getting ready to leave the house at ten minutes to three, my jeep wouldn't start. it was weird cause, the radio, a/c, lights and dashboard all came on but the motor just made clicking noises. yea. lame.
barry was able to come and give my jeep a jump, but let me take his truck to work, so he could take my jeep to his cousin, who's a mechanic. turns out my jeep's battery is only working at 50%, i need a new tire sensor and a new front alignment. ugh. and yes, you heard correctly, barry stabbed himself in the kneecap. he was limping and his jeans were all bloody. thankfully, he got to take off work today to put ice on his knee and keep his leg propped up. i wish i was at home with him because i could really use a nap. i'm exhausted. i'm having trouble keeping my eyes open and my body is yelling at me to take it easy. today, we have all our stylists here [except for three] so it's busy, but i am having a hard time keeping up. i'm just so tiiired. i need my bed!

also, this week, i had to go to the dentist. [barry did too] i had gotten some lettuce [that's right, lettuce] stuck between my back teeth and was using one of these to get it out, but what had happen got stuck and when i pulled, it popped out one of my crowns. not cool! so i set my alarm to wake me up right when the dentist opened so i could call and get in there ASAP. but then i couldn't sleep. like, at all. so i just stayed up the rest of the "night" and went to the dentist first thing. luckily it was an easy fix and my mouth feels back to normal. barry went in for a regular cleaning and found out he has to get a crown put on at the end of this month. man, we just do not have good luck when it comes to the teeth game. and yea, the week i start snacking on veggies more than potato chips, my teeth would act up on me. maybe it has to do with the fact that i've been eating these:

so, yes, this week has been hectic and just bad for the both of us. and to be honest, i don't have much to update y'all on. yes, i am still watching this show:
barry has started to watch it with me, and we got into the fifth season pretty hardcore last night. it's so funny cause we both be shouting at the screen cause some of the kids and the adults just act so ignant. yes, i know it's "make believe" but damn, reverend camden is just so, well, annoying.
okay. books. well, i thought i would read this book as my in-between-novels-book, but i couldn't do it. i read THE ENTIRE BOOK. i just could not stop. and even though, it was scaring me, i just kept on reading. i was looking through the movie's pictures they have posted and saw lots of discrepancies between the movie and the book. here, let me show you. 
now, i have not seen the movie [yet] so these facts are just based off pictures i found of movie shots on this site. i have only read the book.
and tbh it was the bootlegged version. and i mean, the book scared me pretty badly. it totally did. there were nights i had to wait for barry to get home before i read anymore of it because i was that scared. but now i do want to watch the movie for a full comparison.
have you read or seen the shining?

so, after reading the shining, i decided to move right onto reading the house of night book series. and i have already finished reading the first book in the series.
and am more than half way through the second book right now, and will definitely have it finished this weekend.
i do remember some parts of this series, but not all, so they've been fun and easy reads so far. and i have eight of the books already plus four other books set aside to be read. so i don't think i have to worry about an in-between book for now.
have you read the house of night series?
so, this month at the salon i got a ton of shifts. i'm back to working thursdays two to six since the girl my sis hired to work ten to three couldn't hang with our gang and quit. i'm working two saturdays this month for sweet caroline and the fourth week of this month i am working every single day. i got two words for you: HELL YEA! i love my salon job. not only do i feel needed, and have good relationships with every single person up here, but the atmosphere is just perfect. a lot of people might not understand how i could go from being at the height of my career at this job to just a receptionist making minimum wage, but to me? it makes me one very happy human being. and really, that's all i fucking want.

see also:
this one is just too funny. a lot like how this video is...whew, yep, just too funny.
and that's all i got for y'all. so, happy friday, troublemakers!
"okay. so, let me get this straight. senior-citizen control freak, estranged daughter, the obituary writer is driving, and the nine year old intern from the projects is in the back seat. yeah, i can get 37 songs out of that."
[the last word]

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