Friday, October 20, 2017

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okay, i am baaack. i'm not as tired today as i was yesterday, but my legs are killin me. it seems like everyday something is wrong with me. i don't have a lot of energy, but it doesn't feel like i am about to fall asleep just sitting in my chair. and i'm starting to come to terms with how shittily-slow work is on fridays. seriously it is the sllloowest day of the week here at the salon. yesterday, the six hours i worked, flew by. wish fridays were like thursdays. also, i know if i blog, it will help the day go by quicker, but my lack of energy is making that hard. so i am going to do my best today. so if i seem like i am rambling, then you know that's why. anyways, let's update you on my life. 

so here's three new movies i added to my collection and watched this week:
i've talked about focus and collateral beauty recently when we rented them from redbox. i mean, who doesn't love a good will smith movie? if you're into fast paced movies, watch focus. and collateral beauty is seriously, got the best message. i mean, it's sad, but like beautiful. it's a must see. AND age of adaline is seriously one of my favorites. i had forgotten about it, till one day i saw a preview for it and was like, i have to watch that movie again. i couldn't stop thinking about watching it. so i bought it. seriously, one of, if not the best beautifully-sad, delightful, extraordinary movies i have ever seen! if you have not seen it, i strongly suggest that you do. and if you know me well enough, [and i feel confident that you'll return it] i just might let you borrow it. so, you can experience this breathtaking film for yourself. it actually has the same remarkable intrigue as collateral beauty.

tv shows
also, i am still watching this show.
i am on the ninth season, and the more and more i watch it the more and more i grow to dislike eric and annie camden. like seriously, they are the most judgmental tv parents ever. other then them two ignants, oh and lucy's possessive husband, this soap opera can be a fun thing to watch. especially with someone else so you can both yell at the characters on screen and at how ignant they act. hell, my own family gots drama, but woo nothing as cray cray as this fam. 

since we chatting about t.v. let's talk...SURVIVOR. barry and i have been watching every single episode so far and even though they're only on like day 11 or somethin, we still be getting into it. here's who has gotten kicked off so far: 
 they finally got rid of that arrogant asshole, allan, [the nfl player] wednesday night. barry and i were super happy bout that. him and patrick the other dude who got kicked of last week were both just so DAMN ANNOYING. and the two chicks who got kicked off, definitely weren't bringin nothin to the table. barry and i have a few favorites, but i'm not gonna share who just yet. we both cannot stand joe. [he a probation officer] i'm hoping he don't last long. and the guy from arkansas is super shady. also, glasses, [i can't remember his name] is daaamn good at puzzles. and the marine/cowboy very likeable, like the bellhop and surf instructor. oops, i guess i just revealed some of my favorites. might as well fess up, i like the fisherman-girl, too but i don't know if she'll last long. the lifeguard bitch gets on my nerves. and wednesday night they switched up tribes, and there's one tribe in particular [the red tribe] i think will end up getting pretty far. they got the smartest and strongest players. and they won the immunity and reward challenges. i'm already itching to watch next week's episode.
are you watching survivor season 35?

so, barry and i watched this show
queen latifah and benjamin bratt? who could go wrong? and why the hell hadn't we been watching this show before? man, we just watch one episode and didn't even really know what was going on but that doesn't mean we didn't get into it! cause we shole did. they're only on their second season so maybe i can get caught up on it and watch the first season online sometime. think we found us a new show. 
okay, enough t.v. show talk. promise
so i've already done some major reading for this month. and i am eating up these house of night books. these are the ones i've finished this month:
yes. i've read all of these since the last time i updated. and i am currently on and almost finished with:
burned has taken me a little longer to get through than the others. it just has a lot going on and it's told from multiple characters' points of views. this was the last book i already own, so i went ahead and ordered the next three books. and that also means the next ones i will be getting to read for the first time. whereas books 1-7 i have already read, books 8-16 will be read with fresh eyes. [and brain] i'm really glad i decided to re-read and completely finish this series. 

so barry and i went last tuesday after we got off work from our real jobs to our second job: the razorback booth we have. barry has really been liking doing it. me? not so much. and since the razorbacks suck and can't seem to win any games...naturally the booth isn't doing so hot. i'm just praying it picks up during the holidays. we've already decided to do an overhaul at the beginning of the new year and take back the stuff that doesn't sell and replenish the products that do. then we're going to add our OWN CREATIONS in with the better-selling razorback stuff. more on this in the future. for now, enjoy these pics of our overstocked razorback booth: "gameday outfitters"
we did the best we could without the use of slat wall. thankfully, i only gotta go up there once a month, so it hasn't become a headache. but as of right now with the sales we've been having. i'll never be able to pay off jenkins for the merchandise, and probably won't even come close to seeing any of the money myself. HELL...i thought i was gonna get a bigger discount from them then what i got. i'm still just trying to figure out if this has even been worth it? we'll see.
I DECORATED MY FRONT PORCH FOR FALL! and i am absolutely loving it! i've always wanted to get mums and pumpkins to decorate my front porch with, but just have never done it. well with my sweet husband's help, that dream came true! i just love the crates mixed in. i think that adds a little extra character. see? stuff like this is more up my ally then razorback stuff. ahh i just love to decorate. 
have you decorated for fall?
ahhh. i am totally running out of time. so a few quick things:
1. if you's wanna watch something really cute click {HERE}
2. if you's wanna watch something really amazing click {HERE}
3. barry and i are going to his 30 year high school reunion tomorrow. he's excited, and i am, too, i guess but i'm not gonna lie, i'm a little worried what his classmates will think of me. i mean, when he graduated high school, i was in the womb. so. hoping there will be no judgies. and hoping we have us a good ole time. maybe i'll remember to take some pics. anyway, that's it for today. i don't gotta work tomorrow [praise jesus] so i hope y'all have a lovely weekend, folks. see ya!
"you guys, i got this. i have a black belt in partying. that's why i got kicked out of boarding school and two intensive care units."
[office christmas party]

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