Thursday, October 19, 2017

Basic Bitch Essential: Summer Edition

hey there. long time no talk. i have been working since noon today here at the salon and have been truly strugglin. i am just SO tired. it seems nowadays, that i am always tired. it's all due to my sleep schedule. but even though i do take sleeping medication, and TRY to go to sleep at a normal time, it is always a no-go for me. i just toss and turn in bed, till close to three or four in the morning. i had to be here at work [way] earlier than my normal shift [okay just two hours] and so i tried really, really hard to go to sleep at midnight last night, but that just didn't work. it wasn't until around five this morning that i finally fell asleep. it wasn't for lack of trying though. it seems like that's all i do now is complain about not sleeping but it's really the only constant complaint i have because life has been going really well for me. other than getting sick [scratchy throat] and feeling sick to my stomach [uti] but other than those 'health' problems, i have been having GREAT WEEK, after GREAT WEEK, after GREAT WEEK, ever since i quit that job i hated, but didn't want to admit to myself that i hated it cause i just didn't wanna feel like i failed. but, i didn't fail. it just wasn't the right path for me. i have one of my favorite proverbs hanging up in my room, it says: "the obstacle is the path." which just rings true for the path that God has me set upon. 
today, i am not chatting about life shit, you'll have to wait till tomorrow, how bow dat?

as we all know, summer is sadly over. i know! it SUCKS! everyone's all like, "yay! it's finally fall." or "it's pumpkin spice latte season." and "time to pull out my fall clothes." you know, all that typical basic bitch stuff. i got one word for y'all: LAME. i haaate the fall/winter. like, loathe entirely. summer is my jam. which is why i own waaay more tank tops than i do long sleeves or sweaters. seriously, i freakin hate sweaters. thankfully, even though fall has been in full swing here in arkansas it damn sure don't feel like it. and that's a true blessing. anyways, this summer i started compiling screenshots of my fav summer things, i even did another screenshot blog post about all things summer. well, when i was working on that post, i noticed a TON of my pics involved two common themes: flamingos and pineapples. like pumpkin spice lattes and fall scented candles are the basic bitch's essentials for fall, flamingos and pineapples turned out to be a basic's essentials for summer. so i had to leave them out of my "thinking of summer: all the summer things" post because i may not be a fall basic but i am most definitely a summer basic bitch. no shame.

so today, in honor of summer leaving us and this red headed step child, named fall taking over, i decided to give you screenshots of flamingos and pineapples from instgrammers i love to follow. their accounts are posted on their pictures so i will not be linking their actual pages, you'll just have to use your own insta to search these accounts and click that follow button. 
okay, i realize that this screenshots' post was probably my longest one yet. but i included every single post i seent this summer. so it just goesta show ya how popular these two novelty items were this summer. and [finally] getting around to posting this post kinda woke me up which i was in desperate need of being woken up. okay, i still am. but at least i only have two hours left to play solitaire before i can get back to the house actually, i mean, my bed. and maybe since i am oh so tired, [i did only get 4 1/2 hours sleep] tonight i'll fall asleep like normal folk. 
"what does this say? does it say, "i grabbed it outta my suitcase and went to the beach?" or like, "girl who over plans for vacation outfits?" no, i mean, like, it's vibe, you know? like, what's it's vibe? yeah. and like, why ecuador? well, because we didn't want to go somewhere touristy, you know. we're not just, like, a couple of white assholes. no offense. i really need it. i just want to, like, sip a mai tai and smoke a j, and then just kinda, like, start having red wine at night. and then scotch. are things ideal financially right now? no. the answer is no. but will things pick up? one thousand percent."

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