Friday, September 29, 2017

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hello, hello. how you doin? i am at the salon today for my long-shift-friday. that's what i'm calling it now. we have five stylists here today, which is way better than the normal three. and four of them on our main stylists so hoping today will be a bit busier. this week has been a great week! except for the fact that i've been a bit sick to my stomach. and super weepy. seriously, like everything i have watched this week i have teared up at. guess y'all know what that means. and if you don't it's probably because you're a man. just keeping it real. anyway, i'm gonna go ahead and dive into today's post cause i have much to talk about. 

so last weekend, i grew tired of this show and decided to watch the first season of this show
until i got my newest show in the mail. if you have not seen mike and molly, SEE IT. now. it is so, so funny. there are six seasons, and ever episode is hilarious. melissa mccarthy is just a riot. 

well the next day my NEW SHOW arrived in the mail...and that show IS...drum roll, please...
7TH HEAVEN! loving it! man, this show is a good one. and so far [i'm on season 3 now] i remember watching every episode back when it was playing regularly on tv. barry has been trying to hate on it, but he has been watching it just as fiercely as i have.
but, let me just state for the record, that "reverend" eric camden, does not act like a reverend. he's so quick to judge people, especially is own kids. and his wife! he's very overly dramatic, too. which just makes his judgmental attitude worse. i've never known a preacher who acts so self-righteous. and let me make a few other points about this show before i go on to this week's movies. first of all, as you know each family member is "taught" a new life lesson in each episode. and some of them [well most of them] are pretty extreme. ones i never had problems with when i was in public school, was considered the minority and my school was on the outskirts of the ghetto. i'm telling you, there's some hefty subjects going on in each episode. that now, as an adult, i can see it may have helped young teens who may have been watching this show. but, unlikely. and the ending, always ends up being, well...FAKE. like every problem is just so easy to solve. and eric can just simple solve every problem that arises. like just one talk to the gangbanger, drug user, pregnant girl, felon or 'problem child' just goes away after the judgmental reverend camden gives the person one of his famous talks. life just does not work that way. also he is so quick to ALWAYS blame matt! [the oldest kid] what's up with that? matt is trustworthy, loyal, respectful, and puts everyone before himself. EVEN takes the blame for something is siblings do. but eric just jumps to conclusions [always] before hearing matt out or waiting for another sibling to fess up to the "crime." and he's so hateful about it, too. he never gives matt a chance and every time he does this the truth comes out that it wasn't matt's fault and eric promises his son he'll be more understanding and "hear him out," in the future. but then in the next episode, he's blaming matt again and being judgmental AGAIN for something matt didn't do! you think a reverend would learn from his mistakes. 
also, i would love to have an older brother who looks after me and my siblings, gives good advice, is quick to come to the defense and enjoys his siblings company. just like matt is [and MORE] on the show. oh, and yes, i know this is all a fictional show but these are just my feelings on it all: three seasons in. also check this out: mrs. bink is also mrs. peacock. you're welcome.

okay. i am done talking about 7th heaven. [for now] we rented three movies this week from the redbox and we were very much disappointed.
first kill was SO predictable. like i guessed every part that happened in this movie before it even happened. it was okay. now these last two: the last face was just plain boring from the get-go that i just knew we would never make it through the whole film. and we didn't. i don't even think we made it to the middle before we turned that crap off. nice try, sean penn. and captain underpants had some funny parts but i just was not feelin it. LAME. i stopped that shit before it could get any further and we watched more 7th heaven instead. 

so last night, i went with my daddy to see this movie:
american assassin. i'm not a huge fan of michael keaton unless he's playing a snowman and i don't think he was the right choice for the bad-ass character. i mean he didn't even pull off getting tortured. like he didn't even look like he was in pain at all; and let's be honest, if you getting tortured, your ass is in pain. not making jokes. i just wouldn't have picked him for the part. maybe this guy. or this younger version. but dylan o'brien did a good job and i hope this movie will get him some more roles. i did like him in this movie. plus, this film was a bit different than other action movies i've seen this year. and the bomb at the end of the, just wow. 
have you seen any good movies lately?

okay, books. i only finished one book since i last updated. and that book was this:
i'm not like, totally loving the succubus series but i'm not totally hating it either. as soon as i'm finished with this series, i am going to work my way through a series i have already read before but has since come out with new books that i haven't read. and since it was probably 10 years ago that i read the series, i figured i might as well start it over before getting any of the new novels. and that series is: 
the house of night series: books 1-8 i already own and so if i end up not getting into them again then no harm done, right? right. but before i start the house of night series i want to finish the succubus series. i'm waiting for the last two books to come in right now. they should be here tomorrow. but, sometimes that leaves me with nothing to read while i am waiting on amazon to deliver. so i always have an in-between book i read. the last few months it's been this book but it is SO BORING. i just couldn't read it anymore. well, that leaves my trusty kindle; which is filled with lots and lots and lots of books. most of which i have already read. but i do have a ton of stephen king books i have not read. the only stephen king book i have read is this book. so i tried reading this...
with the new movie out now, i thought i give the novel a shot. but it is so dumb. and since i have seen the 1990 version the book is just a bit scary. in the beginning, anyway. but it's filled with old-fashioned talk and lots of really boring [and unnecessary] details that really have nothing to do with the story/plot. i just could not read it [no pun-intended] anymore. to be frank, stephen, that novel is horribly written. so i decided to try this book instead...
 i have not seen this one's movie. [yet] and i don't really want to until i finish the book. i'll let my own imagination come up with the images, if i watched the movie, i don't think i could read it. so far, there has been some scary parts and the writing style is so much better.
are you into stephen king's novels? 
alright, now we're done with books and movies and moving into the random portions of this post.
y'all ready? here. we. go...

1. the new survivor season has STARTED! this season's theme: heroes, healers, and hustlers.
and already..i cannot STAND the heroes group. seriously, all but one of them [the marine] are just so full of themselves. so i was pretty happy when they lost the immunity challenge, and one of their tribe members was sent home. here's the whole group:
survivor comes on wednesday nights and you besta bet ima try and watch ever episode this season. 
are you watching survivor season 35?

2. so in last week's post, i talked about a particular "celebrity" and her new tv show. this "celebrity":
i had just finished watching her eight episodes show: life of kylie. and i noticed in the last two episodes she wore nothing but stretch pants and baggy tshirts. well now i know why..this 20 year old is PREGNANT. with her very unattractive boyfriend, travis scott. seriously...i'm still trying to figure out what she sees in this dude. look at him:
seriously, he looks like coolio's son. bleck. no thanks. i'm disappointed in you, kylie. especially since y'all haven't even been together 6 [whole] months. tsk, tsk. hope kris has fun keeping your makeup line afloat. not sure if i even want to watch the second season of your show. that is, IF there is one. 

3. well i guess y'all have heard the good sad news...hugh hefner is no longer around. to creep us out hugh passed away in his home this wednesday at the age of 91. a lot of people are pretty sad, but i'm sure more people are grateful and even relieved. i'm sorry, i can't be sad over a glorified pedophile passing away. yes, i have watched the girls next door, which is THE trashiest "reality" series of the 21st century. but it wasn't until i read this book:
that i just completely lost any respect [i didn't have much to begin with] for hugh hefner and anything playboy. holly madison knew the man better than anyone. and unlike bridget and kendra has not said a single thing since her ex's passing. and i do not blame her. just read her book and you, too, will understand what a downright creepy person hugh hefner was. i do feel sad for his family, but he needed to move on. having a 31 year old wife, plus other younger girlfriends on the side, at the age of 91 is just plain creepy. and believe me, age differences don't freak me out. but this one, it was just too much. hugh hefner thought playboy magazine was classy, well maybe it was in the 60s and 70s but now, especially hugh's behavior over the years, has made it just down right trashy and sleazy. 

4. so last friday, i had a little surprise show up in our garage. a surprise in the form of a small animal. not a cat. cause, let me tell ya, the neighborhood cats LOVE coming into our garage. every night we have at least one little small cat-neighbor come into the garage to say, hello. we've got broken-tail, grey and white, simba and the siamese twins that live across the street. they all love the garage. broken-tail seriously, thinks it's her domain and promptly scares off any of the other cats who try to come in. well, so when i was in the garage last friday night, by myself, reading my book, and i heard the signs of a cat-critter, i expected nothing but it to be one of the neighborhood cats. it WAS NOT! it was a OPOSSUM!! a baby one at that. barry had gone to help a friend with something, so i was alone. with a opossum. no thank you. i dashed inside to get my phone to call my husband to get this damn baby opossum out, but when i came back that little rascal was GONE. at least i was hoping so. i stood on one of the many stools we have in the garage and used this to rustle around the wood the little guy/girl opossum was hanging out on, but no opossum. whew. i will tell you, it scared the shit outta me. believe me, when i looked up the last thing i expected to see was this...
it definitely gave me the heber-jebers. and my husband rushed home, and was disappointed because i didn't at least get a picture of it. creepy. [like hugh hefner] course, i would take the opossum over hugh any day of the week. i don't know if this little one is just new to the area or new to the rules of being a opossum. cause the only opossums i ever see are the dead kind, on the side of the road. not the live kind hanging out in my garage on a friday night. hopefully history won't repeat itself tonight. 

5. speaking of four legged animals. let's talk about a much, much cuter one named..piper jo devore. she just recently got herself a clubhouse. on monday, i was cleaning the living room and moved her "clubhouse" to a chair so the roomba could do some clean up. that "clubhouse" just got cooler. my girl turned her cute little "clubhouse" into a...
TREEHOUSE! her new favorite. now, i know all pet owners think their pet is always the cutest, but come on, y'all gotta agree, this is pretty darn cute. i guess it's safe to say, we won't be recycling that box anytime soon. 

6. so my papaw just recently traded a bad-boy lawnmower for one of these. that's a decent trade. anyways, the boys [my cousins and barry] have already been enjoying it. barry wants one of these babies SO BAD. and i wouldn't mind us having one, either. they really are fun and good entertainment for a weekend. every time barry and i have gone on one we have always had a good time. so this past sunday, barry and i went down to jenkins and took that baby for a spin. there's a cut-through in the back part of our land and we cruised down the side of a short freeway to the north little rock ott park. and we had the whole place to ourselves to ride, and enjoy the nice arkansas scenery. 
it was A LOT OF FUN! and i just know, eventually, i will cave and let us get our own side by side. 
okay, well that's all i got for today. this friday has surprisingly gone by pretty quickly. i haven't just been sitting here counting down the hours. and we've been a bit busier today than the last several fridays. ready for a much-needed day off tomorrow. and a chance to SLEEP IN for as long as i want. my husband is going to a race [yes, another one] tonight and i'll be at home watching the season premiere of this fav show. what are your friday night plans? see ya next time. adios!
"what the hell? go on somewhere with that, clown. coming up in here with that bullshit. go on, clown, go on. ain't nothing over there, that's it, i'm telling you. there ain't nobody in here with me. that's what i know. like that? yeah! i don't play that halloween bullshit! blowing my damn high, coming up in here with a clown costume. i did that already tonight."
[boo! a madea halloween]

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