Friday, August 4, 2017

What My Sleep-Deprived Self Has Been Up To

hey there. i know it's been like forevs since i last posted. okay so what, it's just been two weeks, but it still feels like forever. and tbh i haven't really been in the mood to post. for one thing, i'm super-extremely sleep-deprived[my own fault] and secondly, there's just been no inspiration. also probably due to my lack of sleep. now, this new stupid sleep schedule i've gotten myself on is my own damn fault. it's already fucked me over with some life choices, [very few things, however] but that's just what happens to us insomniac-zombies when we let things get out of control. last week, there was two days, yes, two where i didn't sleep at all. that some crazy shit. and when i did [finally] fall asleep it was during the day. which is just stupid, stupid, stupid. because i think we all know what happens when ya sleep all won't don't sleep at night. and that's a major problem. i've gotten so turned around that the hours i've been sleeping are from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. that ain't good. but i DO have someone something to blame this all on. well two if you count my own stupidity/lack of self-control. i guess three things: stupidity, lack of self-control and these books
these books? so. damn. addicting! like i literally cannot put them down. which is another reason why i haven't posted. i've been reading my ass off. or should i say, i've been reading my eyes off..? either way, this is a HUGE part of why i haven't been sleeping. i told you it was my own fault. like entirely. or is it really richelle mead's fault? anyways, like i said i've been reading these any chance i get. which thankfully, most days i work at the salon are in the afternoons. and i didn't have to work wednesday or thursday at all this week so i've basically spent the days and nights reading these awesome fantasy books. they are like a cross between the divergent series and harry potter, but instead of divergents and factions, and witches, wands and wizards it's...moroi, [vampires] dhampirs [moroi guardians] and strigoi[evil vampires] and like, the harry potter books, they are all chock full of fantasy games, battle, romance and of course, schooling. it's just a good switch-up from my normal crime novels. good doesn't even describe it. they are just ahhhhmaaazing! i just started reading spirit bound and i'm sure i'll have it finished this weekend. i really don't want this series to end though. don't get me wrong, the writing isn't perfect, i can't even keep up with all the typos i've noticed, and ink blotches i've caught. but nobody is perfect. but thankfully, richelle mead has other series she has written, too. so maybe i can get into those. of course, if i ever want to sleep regularly again, maybe i should take a break from her. also if ya seen the vampire academy movie and haven't read the books don't let that terrible film deter you from reading the books. the movie was just awful. not really even like the book, at all. i feel bad for richelle mead. she got screwed! her books could have been adapted to film way better than it was and rivaled with twilight. and would have actually been picked up to complete the series. i mean sheesh, i never finished reading or watching the twilight saga, but THIS. these books are just pure fantasy genius. 
have you read the vampire academy series?

okay..i promise there's been a few other things that have gone on in my simple little life other then reading and not getting any sleep. keyword here: few. people are always telling me that when i have kids i won't ever have time to read anymore. i sure hope i can prove everyone [believe me everyone always mentions this when they learn i love to read] wrong. in all honesty i think it all has to do with priorities. reading is a priority to me. not keeping up with my instagram [which i hardly get on anymore] facebook, snapchat, twitter, or any other source of social-freakin-media is not a priority. nope, i'd rather just read my book. hashtag, truth

but anyway, on to other, movies. movies will always be my second favorite pastime. if you read my blog regularly, you know i talk about movies just as much as i do books. so here's a few movies i've seen here lately:
these were all the movies i liked. granted, i haven't finished watching the boss baby just yet, but so far i'm liking this quirky kid's movie, aside from some of the gross "rude humor" they chose to put in a kids' film. i thought kong: skull island was going to be stupid but with tom hiddleston as the lead character, that made it better, and john c. reilly helped, too. plus it was actually really creative compared to other king kong moviesblack butterfly is kind of a slow movie, but the ending will blow you away. [it did me, anyway.] passengers was a typical chris pratt movie. [since he got buff, anyway] and of course, jennifer lawrence was there in typical form: hysterical-crying-panic actress mode. i swear can she do any other acting? unforgettable was super suspenseful and tense, as anyone could tell by just reading the synopsis. and katherine heigl didn't even have to act, she was just herself: psychotic, and mean. which from what i hear, is exactly how she is in real life. and the best for last, in my opinion, anyway. the last word: i don't know why but these just regular-life type movies always tend to be my favorite, and always seems to be the ones to make their way into my collection. 

now for the not so good movies. the disappointments.
okay the correspondence i couldn't even finish watching. talk about boring, weird and down-right laaaaaame. which basically describes the circle, too. and mean, it was just stupid. like, sharknado was a more exciting movie than the circle was. what the hell was emma watson, or more importantly [academy-award winner] tom hanks thinking? if i was either of them, i wouldn't want this dumbass-movie a part of my filmography. and dark places...such a humongous disappointment. this is my favorite book written by gillian flynn. yea, it's better than gone girl, and yet dark places got the shitty end of the stick in the movie department. that's probably why i had no clue that it actually came out 2 years ago. did not, and i mean absolutely did not do the book justice. it rushed through everything. if they had put as much time, money, and energy into it like they did for gone girl it would have been just as sensational. oh and jackie, what a shame. i cannot even fathom the amount of money they spent on this movie and then it turned out to be such a waste. don't get me wrong, natalie portman did a wonderful job of playing mrs. kennedy. and seeing as i'm not at all a fan of this fool he did of good job at making me dislike bobby kennedy more than i already did. hey we all know he killed marilyn monroe. it's not a conspiracy, it's fact. but i shouldn't get into all my conspiracy theories right now...we'll save that for another time. 
and that's the buzz on the latest movies i've seen. 

okay, okay, what else is new...let's see. i'm so very tired, but blogging seems to always make my work day go by faster so i ain't stopping till the clock sings says 5:30. so just stick with me. 
so the gander mountain in our town is going out of business. and they have everything in the store on sale for some damn cheap prices. i mean i got all this name brand stuff for 76 bucks on my husband's dime, of course. the jacket and mittens are my faaaavs. and i do love the two pairs of shoes i got. they're perfect for work and don't pinch my feet at all. i actually wore the camo ones to work on tuesday. and everything was fine and dandy until i went to empty the trash and some dumbass threw a full cup of cheap-ass coffee in this itty-bitty trash can and when i went to empty it, of course it spilled out alllll over my brand new shoes. of course. now they smell like cheap, sugary coffee and the suede is pretty much ruined. i was so PISSED! like who does that?! you couldn't pour it out in one of the two bathroom sinks before you peeled out of here? and why the eff did you even bother to make a cup of coffee if you were only going to take two sips?! bullshit, wasteful people, i swear. 
well, i tried my hand at some purple eyeliner, i got some in blue, too, but haven't tried the blue yet. i'm not one to brag, but it looked awesome!! it made me feel fierce. this picture doesn't do it justice. i had a hard time even capturing it. but in person, damn i looked stylish. i will definitely have to try the blue soon. revlon eyeliner is the only drugstore makeup i use and i'm always impressed with it. 

well i'm starting to struggle now. my three hours of sleep i got are really weighing heavy on me. barry is going to some dirt-car race in batesville, arkansas tonight so i have no doubt when i get home i will more than likely fall face down on our bed and pass out. which is all that's been keeping me going today. knowing i can catnap when i get off work. only two more hours to go. i have a bridal shower tomorrow at noon and definitely don't want to be dragging along fruitlessly during it. thankfully there will be food. hopefully really, really good food. let's hope, no, let's pray these next two hours go by fast. i need my pj's, my bed and one of my five pillows in a desperate way. have a good weekend, yall!
 "four? oh. four. mmm. family? my child and i have not had any contact in several decades. my colleagues, as you've discovered, are not exactly beating down my door to sing my praises. i don't know any crippled black kids. and four, i have no idea what the wild card would be."
[the last word]

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