Friday, August 11, 2017

The Good News and Other Things

hey guys! have y'all missed me? i haven't worked that much this week, but i'm here today at the salon till 6:00. usually i would be happy about this..but today i'm SICK! and it's also pouring down rain. blah! no thanks, mr. rainman-GO AWAY! and take my nasty summer cold with you! please. i felt fine earlier this week but woke up around two a.m. on wednesday night [yes, i've been sleeping better] and i was drenched with sweat, my nose was running snot down my face and my throat felt like i'd sung an entire opera-by myself. not a good sign. especially since thursday morning i had a job interview. that would happen to me. i dropped our a/c down to 70 degrees. popped a cough drop in my mouth and prayed i wouldn't wake up even sicker. not all prayers are answered though. when i woke up thursday to get ready for the day. i sounded like a toddler with a runny nose, and my throat just felt raaaaw. damn, no, no, no, no! why me? i didn't have time to worry about another silly dango cold, though. i had to get to my interview. well...that interview went SMASHING! like, literally, i think it was the best interview i have done in my whole fourteen years of having jobs. like, i'm not kidding, y'all. and i was offered the job right there on the spot. i was soooo proud of myself. rule number one of job interviewing: don't be afraid to be yourself. ALSO, i get to still work here at the salon. right on, right on, right on. last week's post i told y'all about these books. well, last night, i finished the last book. y'all, i did not want this series to end. it is just sooooo good. the whole series was good. probably one of the best fantasy series i have read in a really long time. well now their over..and i was stumped on what to read next. yes, i'm still working my way through reading all of james patterson's books, but i just wasn't feeling a crime novel. not after reading richelle mead's books. luckily, i had ordered these two books on tuesday:
i just checked my amazon account and they have already been delivered. three of my favorite authors: richelle meadjames patterson and maxine paetro. wish i could've gotten them for work today, but i have this book to tide me over till i get home. 
++++ has stopped raining since i started this post. my nose is still running, but just one nostril. my throat doesn't seem as sore but dang i am throwing them sneezes out there. no worries, i cover my mouth. tomorrow i have to work, too, but will only be working 9:00 to 12:30 and then i have this cutie-patootie's birthday party:
 mason! my sweet little nephew. [my sister's kid.] he turned four yesterday, and this will be his second birthday party with our family. he is so excited! and i'm excited for him. barry and i got him a pretty neat present that we both know he's going to LOVE. 
then on sunday i will be coming back up here to the salon, so myself and the other receptionist, savannah, can learn allllllll about the new skincare line we have started to carry at the salon. y'all may have heard of it or seen it blowing up on your instagram feed. [i know i have] seriously, i kinda stopped following some people on insta cause that's all they post about is this skincare line. and when i heard my sister wanted to sell it at the salon, i'll admit i wasn't too thrilled. i had been to a party about it, and it felt like i was back in school listening to some power point presentation. BOR-ING! then my sister reached out to me to come to her party, and that she was going to start selling it at the salon. i thought, man. i cannot escape these products. BUT..yes there's a but sister said it would be me and the other receptionist to be the ones pushing and selling the line. so basically, it will be me pushing and selling the line. and if there's one thing i know and am actually pretty damn good at: it's being a saleswoman. it's in my blood. and i thought...YES! there will be more to my job than just folding towels, and emptying trash cans so i got kind of excited about it, and decided to go to her party with an open mind. some of you probably already have an idea of what i we'll be selling:
and honestly i'm anxious to try this brand out myself. i don't have terrible acne and people tell me all the time i have "pretty skin" but it just gets so dry. sometimes, so much so that my makeup is just flaking off. and let me tell ya, if i'm gonna spend $40 on foundation, $30 on concealer, and $23 on powder, i sure as shit don't want it flaking off my face. ya know? my skin is so weird. so i do wanna try this and maybe i can get a discount. i'm all about that discount life. 
so yea, i basically got a busy weekend ahead of me. barry told me he wanted to go to the topless 100 race but i have a feeling it's gonna get rained out. [i'm crossing my fingers, anyway] well...we started this morning with 6 stylists and now we're down to three. so maybe like last friday, i'll get out of here early. barry really wants to go to crazy hibachi tonight for dinner, to celebrate being married nine months. i cannot believe it's almost been a year since we got married. it's gone by in a flash. i mean, THIS year has gone by in a flash. it'll be fall and then christmas again before we know it. 
i mean time flies when you're living the dream. with the best man/husband in the world. 
otay, i wish i had more to share with y'all today, but i'm out. i gots two and half hours left of the work day, unless i getta leave early, of course. depending on how much editing i get done, i may have a small but fun post to share with y'all tomorrow. i'll only get three and half hours tomorrow so we'll see if i can accomplish another post. not making any promises. i am too ready to get home, though. i just feel bad, cause i don't wanna get anyone else sick. ohpee, another sylists just left! looks like i may get to leave early after all. if i don't chat again tomorrow, i'll be back here again, same time, same place next week. happy weekend, sweetpeas!
"so, carol. you know, that's my grandmother's name. yeah. it's kind of an old-timey name. don't really hear carol much anymore. it's like, " hi, i'm carol. i got to get home before i miss my stories." "hi, i'm carol. i heard about pearl harbor on the radio." "hi, i'm carol. i died in the beginning of up." heh, that movie? sorry, i'm just nervous. my first night on the job. on the ol' j-o-b. first night driving the ol' ubes."
[office christmas party]

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