Friday, July 14, 2017

Wedding Talk: Our Honeymoon Day 2

hey there! okay, i know i said i would be back yesterday to do another honeymoon post, but i got off work early and it just wasn't in the cards. oops. i actually got off early the past two days. which will be rough on my paycheck, but i'm okay with it because on wednesday and thursday my neck was killing me! i guess i slept on it wrong, or i just been looking down at my book/laptop too much this week...i don't know, but today it feels a MILLION times better. that could be due to the advil i had for breakfast. who knows? but i will take it

so yesterday, i rented this movie..
oh my world, y'all, it was so very good. i started it right about the time barry got home from work, and as soon as he stepped in our room he was transfixed. he immediately started asking questions about what i was watching. and sat down to watch with me. on most days he does lawn maintenance or some other kind of maintenance that causes him to get dirty and sweaty. usually the very first thing he does when he gets home is take a shower. not yesterday, though. but, we were right in the middle of watching it when he decides he wants to cook some bacon. yea. so i kept having to pause it so he could check on the bacon. i was like, seriously? he couldn't have waited till the movie was over? husbands...smh. but we both loved this one. y'all should check it out.

we also watched these movies this past weekend:
the top three...were hilarious! especially chips, which was actually written and directed by dax shepard, so that's probably why it was so good. and fist fight was pretty damn funny, too. all nighter had j.k. simmons in it, whom happens to be one of my favorite actors. seriously i love that guy. also, there's one part in the movie where he has to take his shirt off, and i was like, "daaaammn!" i had no clue he was so FIT!! and he's such a badass in this movie. it just goes to show you, that he really IS an awesome, and one of the best character actors.
okay, so barry was hating on me for wanting to see the power rangers movie. every time we saw a preview for it, i'd get excited and i kept looking for it to come to the redbox. when it did, you besta believe i jumped to get it. he kind of complained about watching it, but after awhile he got really into it, just like i did. it really was a good movie, and i really hope they come out with more films. vacation was pretty dumb, but i kind of liked it. there were some parts that were actually pretty hilarious. and who doesn't like ed helms. also, i have never liked any of the previous vacation movies. seriously. i haven't ever been able to even get through one of the movies. so yea, the 2015 version may have been stupid, but it was a million times better than the 80's ones. and sing was pretty good, too. it definitely had a bangin soundtrack.

one last one...this movie..
sooooooo effing good. i don't know why, but i always love movies like this one. you know the ones that don't have a huge cast of main characters, but has lots of humor. dry, sarcastic humor. kind of like this movie or this movie or maybe even this one. just to name a few. i definitely will be buying table 19 to go into my collection.
okay. sorry bout that. if there's anything you can tell from reading my blog is that i love to read and i love to watch movies. it's an obsession. anyway, i was hoping today would go by fast but i have a feeling it won't. damn. we had five people here today and we are already down to three. i really thought this would be a busy week, but boy was i so wrong. maybe things will pick up this afternoon. i surely hope so. if there's one thing i just can't do, it's just sitting around on my butt doing nothing while at work. i mean, yes, i can blog and edit pictures, but even that gets old after awhile. then i'm just sitting here. that's one of the reasons i quit my old job, i would finish things super fast [unlike how they are doing now.] and just be sitting around. i just can't do that. it makes me lose my mind! course at my old job i was crammed in a small office, at least here at the salon i'm in open space and can talk to clients and stylists more easily. ok. enough complaining, right? let's get on with day two of mine and barry's honeymoon in branson, missouri. 

day two: we woke up kind of late. it was nice to sleep in and kind of just chill in the cabin that morning, watching tv and relaxing. for lunch we went to cakes and cream 50's diner. it was a really neat atmosphere. they had an old school jukebox, soda shop music playing and some really good looking food. we both got sandwiches, and wanted to get some of their yummy dessert, but were naturally both too full to get any. 
we wanted to go back and try their milkshakes, but never made time to do that. maybe next time. 

Sunday: Silver Dollar City day
after lunch, we got back on the strip and headed to silver dollar city. when we got there we had to park super far away and ride a shuttle to the entrance. and boy, was there a line. 
we passed the time, by talking about all the little shops and stops we wanted to visit. we finally made it to the ticket booth and headed inside the park. man, it had been SO LONG since either of us had been. i forgot just how big the park is, and all the neat things to see. plus they had the whole park filled to the brim with christmas lights on every shop and every ride. it was so neat! we walked around the candy shops and jewelry stores. then we went and checked out the blacksmith shop and stayed there for a bit before moving on to see the master glass blower at work. we stayed there for a really long time. it was just so cool. barry was really wanting to get up there and learn how. then we explored the glass blowing shop full of all the things they made. there was SO MANY neat things. we were pretty impressed. we checked out a few more shops, before stopping to take a break.
 we got in line to ride to ride thunderation. i'll admit, i'm not a huge roller coaster fan. but this one was okay. a lot of rides had such long lines or were closed so we didn't ride many rides. this trip. i want to go back when it's warmer because i tend to like the water-rides more than roller coasters. but thunderation wasn't too bad. but the giant barn swing, however, was a different story...
it was terrifying! to me, anyway. it made me so sick to my stomach and i was ready to get off as soon as it raised into the air. i've never been a big fan of heights. barry LOVED IT, though. i was trying not to be such a pansy. but it was hard. i like silver dollar city for the atmosphere, not so much the rides. barry was really wanting to ride this one but it just looked too daunting for me. i suggested he go on it himself, but of course he didn't wanna go without me. i felt kind of bad, but i mean i can't watch scary movies anymore because he hates them so yea, that's my argument for not riding the roller coasters with him. shit, i'd pick a scary movie over a deathly looking roller coaster any day. 
we stopped and took these pictures at fireman's landing on our way to find fire in the hole. which we finally did find. we stood in line for awhile for it, too.
barry thought it was dumb, but i liked it. it just brought back so much nostalgia from when i was a kid and would ride this with friends and my family. i had forgotten how quick it goes by, if the lines hadn't been so freaking long we probably would have rode it and thunderation again. but we ain't very patient. also it was pretty cold and we didn't bring our jackets. so we stopped to get some hot chocolate and warm our hands up.
y'all. it was homemade hot chocolate so ya know it was gooooood! we went and found a picnic table to rest our feet and sip on our hot chocolate. next to the picnic table was this:
i got a kick outta that. mister barry m. deeper. see, that's what i like about sdc. there's just lots of neat attractions and all the staff are dressed for the time period. it's just fun to me. we were getting tired. so we walked around the park and took in all the lovely christmas lights and decorations.
we checked out several more shops and then hit up the gift store so i could get myself a sweatshirt and a long sleeve shirt.
all in all it was a fun afternoon exploring with my husband. we hopped back on the shuttle to take us back to the jeep. i can't wait to go back and hopefully we can go when it's warmer. and boy, even wearing tennis shoes my dogs was barking. loudly. we caught the sunset on the way out.

after we made it back to the cabin we hung out and put our feet up. barry had made plans for us to go out to eat with one of his friends who lives in missouri. so we freshened up and headed out to lambert's cafe. it wasn't located in branson so we had to drive a little ways to get there, but i would soon find out..that it was worth it.
we met up with barry's friend, brian and his little boy. i was glad barry got to see his friend whom he hadn't seen in six years. i had never even heard of lambert's but like silver dollar city it had a fun atmosphere as well. we caught our rolls and had a fantastic dinner catching up with one of barry's oldest friends.
i ate every single bit of my dinner. that meatloaf? was the best i've had at a restaurant. and the turnip greens were so good, too. i wished it had came in a bigger bowl, though. 
all in all, it was a nice dinner and another fun day with my husband. we got back to the cabin and barry immediately fell asleep. i stayed up reading but soon hit the sack, too. what another great day!
i promise to continue posting about our honeymoon as much as i can. well we were down to two stylists but two more just came in and so i may be here the whole day. oh well. i need the hours. and now it just started pouring down rain. and my acid-reflux is here in full force today. hopefully with more stylists here, the day will go by faster. fingers crossed, right?
"i say we sit back, relax, and enjoy a spread of their finest fruits of the sea. or i will just suck on a napkin. holy mama, look at these prices."
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