Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Wedding Talk: Our Honeymoon Day 1

hello, i'm back! my goal this week, since i'm working everyday is try to get caught up on some posts. like, i'm still trying to finishing up telling y'all alllll about our wedding-related events. yesterday, marked eight months being married to my very best friend. he really is great. i am so so thankful to have him as my husband. he's an even better man than i dreamed and prayed for. i'm a pretty lucky girl. next friday is his birthday and i have been so indecisive on what to get him. i thought about getting him a gift card but that just seems so impersonal to me. plus i have no clue how i am going to top last year's gift. last year, i got his best friend, paul, to go to lowe's and get him this tool set of different saws and drills and he freaking flipped! he was so surprised and so excited. check it..
look at how surprised and happy he was! i have bought one thing but it's just something small so i wanna get a few other things for him, too. instead of one big gift, i'll probably just get him a bunch of small gifts and individually wrap them. either way, he'll be surprised. anytime he says that he wants such-and-such, i type write it down in my notes app so i always know of stuff to get him. i know i'll be able to get most of the things at academy sports but i just need to make time in my busy schedule this week to stop by and pick out some more gifts. i'm just so tired though when i get off work at six so i may end up waiting to go this weekend. 
soooo...let's get on with today's topic. i finished chatting about the wedding ceremony and the wedding party, and unlike most traditional weddings we switched things up and went on our honeymoon first before having our reception. so i am posting everything in chronological order. i am kind of glad we did this, but we got to relax so much that when we came back from our honeymoon, the honeymoon-high immediately vanished because i was stressed about the reception. and since we got back to town late, i didn't get to may any changes to the reception that i wanted to make and when i asked to make the changes i was reprimanded for "being ungrateful." whatever. there was a lot of things i wanted for the reception that wasn't followed through on so yea. and i was so happy with our cake table but my photographer didn't get one single photo of the dresser table with the cake on it. she just took pictures of the cake. luckily bella terra did get a full picture of the vintage dresser with our cake so that made up for the things i requested to happen that didn't happen. 

anyway, i'll talk more about the reception when i get around to actually posting about the day. but for now, it's all about the honeymoon. this was our first trip out of the state together. for reasons i'd rather not share we can't go on out-of-state or even out of the country vacations right now. but we'll be able to one day and we can't wait. we especially can't wait to go back to branson again. which is where we decided to go on our honeymoon. we didn't even come close to getting to do all of the things we wanted to do; so we are already anxious to go back. 

before i talk about branson...let me share with you are first night and dinner date as husband and wife. we left the courtyard [our wedding venue] at park hill and headed to downtown little rock to the capital hotel where we would stay the night before getting up the next morning to head to branson, missouri. i have never been in the capital hotel and neither had barry. we were super impressed. it was beautiful. inside and out. we got a valet to load our bags and park the jeep before heading inside to the ahhhmazing lobby. the whole staff were all super friendly and welcoming. i was still in my wedding dress, so we got a lot of "congratulations" from other guests and the staff. it was all really cool. we headed up to our room in their fancy elevator and i took our first picture as husband and wife to post on my instagram. 
our room was small and cozy. the bed was so comfortable and we were both sooo tired but we were also very hungry. so after changing clothes...i finally got to wear my mrs. tank top i got two months before we even got engaged. [when you know, you know]
we headed downstairs to eat at the capital hotel bar and grill. we order drinks and our meals and they were both so damn good
we were both thinking our waiter looked super familiar. finally, we figured out where we knew him from. so when he came back, barry said, "hey day-day." and he was like, "wait, what? y'all know my nickname?" day-day used to work as a waiter at the waffle house we usually frequented when we first started dating. we don't go to waffle house as much as we used to. and at the waffle house in sherwood they put their nicknames on their name tags so we always knew him as, "day-day." it was pretty funny seeing him all spiffed up in his capital hotel waiter's uniform instead of his signature waffle house apron and visor. we made sure to tip him well. on the way back up to our room we stopped by the outside balcony that over looks the little rock river market. it was pretty cold but we had a good time talking with another couple on their honeymoon and drinking our beverages we brought up from the bar.
needless to say, we were pooped and both fell asleep after such a fulfilling meal. i did stay up a little later than barry did so i got this sweeeeet shot of him fast asleep.
the next morning we ordered room service and it was awesome to eat breakfast in bed. they literally had the best breakfast food and the coffee was divine. a perfect start to our morning. we checked out around eleven, and headed home to put up my wedding dress, get our suitcases and hit the road. 
i was still rocking my hair extensions. can't wait for my hair to be that long. [i'm getting there.] it literally took us all day to drive from north little rock to branson. that was mainly my bladder's fault. oops. we FINALLY MADE IT late that afternoon. found the resort we were staying at, and after trying to follow the lobby staff's directions to our cabin we eventually had to ask siri for help. thanks to her we finally found it. it was so stinkin cute, too. 
we didn't really know what to expect, but it was AWESOME! it was so cozy, warm and inviting. 
our little home away from home for the next few days. we were not hating it. it was perfect. everything. especially the super comfy bed, huge bathroom and of course the most legit fireplace.
seriously this fireplace spoiled the crap out of us especially since the next place we would stay was a wood burning fireplace only and it ended up being a lot of hard work to keep it going. unlike this fireplace that had a timer you could set it for 30 minutes and you just flipped the timer on and it would come to life. it made the whole cabin the perfect warm temperature. we were impressed. we were so tired from traveling but we wanted some dinner and to visit at least one tourist spot before calling it a day. luckily our cabin was about 2 miles from the strip and the first place we saw that looked good was baba's burgers and gyros.
and we were right. the food was delicious. and those shoestring fries were so damn tasty. after finishing dinner, we jumped back on the strip to find one of the museums we wanted to walk through. the strip was so packed with traffic the whole time we were there. and there was christmas lights and decorations everywhere. that has always been a dream of mine, to visit branson when they have it decked out in their christmas gear. it was pretty neat. we tried to hit up the automobile museum but they were already closed for the night.
so barry got a picture with one of the vintage trucks they had parked out front. we headed down the strip a little ways more and spotted the hollywood wax museum. the only wax museum i've ever been to is the one in hot springs and it really doesn't even count or compare to this one. it was so much fun exploring through the maze of wax figure celebrities. we i took lots, and lots of pictures, so be prepared for a little photo overload. but we just had so much fun. laughing and taking pictures with some of our fav characters. sooooo enjoy!

the hollywood wax museum:
he's so handsome. my husband, not forrest gump.
i used to get from people all the time that i look like sandra bullock. i don't see it...
i LOVE the movie breakfast at tiffany's. what girl doesn't? holly golightly is one of my all time fav movie characters.
some of them looked more real than others. i thought they did a good job with eddie murphy.
john wayne was a giant. i had no clue he was so dang tall.
one of my favorites! the lighting in some of the rooms were terrible and made a lot of the figures look washed out. they didn't do marilyn justice. 
they had a real creepy room with these characters and others, we didn't stay in there long. barry hates scary movies.
i thought this one looked real good. i've never seen nacho libre but thought they depicted jack black really well.
this room had some crazy laser beams going so all the ones i took with the star figures didn't turn out good. i thought it was pretty funny they had katy perry and taylor swift standing next to each other.
i didn't think that looked anything like ryan gosling, but they had julia roberts spot on.
i thought it was weird they had jennifer lawrence and brad pitt standing together, just like i think her figure's arms were super weird and unnatural.
holding my academy award.
well, that was our trip to the hollywood wax museum. it was so much fun, but we were wornt out! after a full day of traveling and then walking the length of the museum, we were ready to head back to our cabin and relax. it felt good to kick back, take our shoes off, and warm up in front of the fireplace and watch some tv together. needless to say, our first day of our honeymoon was a success! and we both slept like babies that night in our super comfy king size bed. 
i am going to try my hardest to continue to post more of our honeymoon this week. i've got about three more hours left of work, and although this morning went by super fast, this afternoon? not so much. it is draaaagging by. my neck is so sore from looking down at my laptop, and my butt and back are screaming. i'm just praying the next three days go by quicker. yea, there's no way i could do this every week but i am still grateful to get more hours. i just ain't down to work here full time. i really hope my sis finds a replacement for the one who is leaving so i don't have to work a full day friday and then come in at nine a.m. and work all day saturday. whew. i'm glad i'm getting the hours this week though since i won't get but three next week, but yea i definitely couldn't do this full time. and am so very happy i get a vacation next week. that's going to be nice after working hard this week. tomorrow or friday i may dust our products. [i'm the only one who does it now, anyway] that always makes the day go by fast and gets me off my ass. woooo i'm ready to get home and treat myself to one of these and one of these [new flavors i've tried] lay myself up in the bed and watch this movie. hopefully the advil i just took for my neck pain will help, but since i woke up with it feeling like dis, i'm just not sure it will. let's pray about it, kay? it may have a lot to do with the fact that i got in a new book yesterday and read the whole thing in nine hours. sometimes i just can't help myself.
"it's still blowing my mind. kick-ass. it's like finding out that your best friend has always been will smith, you know?"
[kick-ass 2]

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