Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Miss Sloane, and Other Things

holy hell, y'all, it is hotttt! the salon's a/c is acting goofy. again. course, i just came in to work for a little three hours and probably did more in 20 minutes than the day shift girl did all day. i'm like a single mother. so now i'm sweating and the a/c will not kick on. also, if i'm hot, it's probably pretty hot. good thing i know people in the a/c game. i only have a few hours before i gotta shut this place down. so i just wanted to pop in and update y'all on some things. 

okay. first of all i'm going out of town, and we are leaving tonight to head down to hot springs for barry's birthday celebration that's on friday. i've been working hard this morning trying to get packed since we are leaving as soon as i get off work tonight at six. we are both pretty stoked because all our favorite people are getting to come down to party with us. including: barry's parents, barry's sis, beth and her husband chuck, along with their son braxton-who is literally like the cutest 8 year old ever. barry's son, blakelyn and his girlfriend, then our friends, terri and stacy along with their 3 girls-who are all waaay cooler than i was at their ages, and our friends, amy and tyler. it all should be such a fun group. annnd we'll get to TAKE OUR BOAT OUT! which we haven't gotten to do but once this summer cause my family just doesn't want to, i guess. literally my parents haven't wanted to go on it not one time. but barry's parents? can't wait. barry's dad even asked if we had plenty of gas for it this weekend. sometimes i feel like i fit in better with barry's family than i do with my own. la sigh. so yea, we are hoping to get down there tonight and hit up kroger to get some snack foods and beverages. so you probably won't hear from me again until next tuesday. just fyi.

okay so lately, barry and i have been getting caught up on allll the redboxes. just see this post. well this past weekend we rented:
 we rented these three sunday afternoon. and damn, they were all weird. outta the three, barry and i preferred collide the best. before i fall was a good movie, but definitely not the feel-good movie of the year. and life was just plain creepy. like my husband even covered his eyes at times. so if ya into the creepiness, check it out.
we rented these on friday night. oh my gosh, y'all..collateral beauty was SO AMAZINGLY GOOD and was absolutely one of the most beautiful movies i have ever seen. it was everything. and had some great actors/actresses. i will definitely be adding it to my collection. let's just say, that barry and i both cried. the space between us was also a beautiful and awesome movie. i thought it was going to be cheesy but nope just another good one. 
i rented this movie, arrival, on saturday night. i have been looking for it for awhile. it was nominated for best picture at the 2017 academy awards, and i've watched all the other nominees except this one. barry kept saying he didn't wanna see it every time i went looking for it. well he got preeetty into it for not wanting to see it. it was good, like so good, but the ending was very confusing. it took me awhile to even understand how it ended and i'm still trying to figure it out...

okay.. this one we rented friday night and we kept it the entire weekend. 
literally, THE BEST MOVIE I'VE SEEN IN A REALLY LONG TIME. seriously. it was awesome! like, i've seen a lot of movies this year. i've seen all the 2016 movies that were nominated for best picture and i am still wondering why miss sloane wasn't on the list. so freaking good. hell, it was freakin great! jessica chastain is a  BAD-ASS! she is kicking ass and taking names in this film. like the movie just kept getting better and better. it was so good i watch it a total of five times this weekend. even my husband thought it was the best movie we watched all weekend. like i have to have this movie. and i want to BE miss sloane in like, real life. she a bad-ass bitch. like it's suspenseful and totally awesome from start to finish. and i could literally talk about how freaking amazing jessica chastain is and how freaking awesome this movie is for an entire post. hence, the title. all i am going to say is SEE THIS MOVIE. right now. i promise, you won't regret it.

and i'm gonna end this post with miss sloane, that's how amazing she/the movie is. like i said, i'll be gone all week to hot springs for a fun vacation with my awesome husband for his birthday. if you do anything this week pleeeease, see this movie. now. 
"welcome to america, where you'll wait six months for an x-ray, but, hey, you can buy an ar-15 in five minutes flat. pussyfooting isn't memorable. sound bites are. and the appropriate one goes like this, anyone that desperate to get their hands on a gun shouldn't be allowed anywhere near one."
[miss sloane] 

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