Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Food, Family, Fireworks and Fun

hello there reader-friends. i know, i know i've been m.i.a the last few weeks. summer is in full swing and i seem to be busier at the salon when it's warm hot outside. this week i am working a full 37 hours. ten to six monday through friday and nine to three on saturday. when i came in this morning one of the stylists asked me if this was a permanent thing and when i said nah, just this week. she looked a little disappointed. tbh, i'm not really looking to take on an almost 40 hour week job right now. i like love my schedule how it is. and although i'll be taking on more hours come august [when one of the other receptionists leaves for college] it won't be like what i am doing this week. which will be fine by me. although i am sad i won't get off at 3:00 on fridays anymore come august. that's always been a nice perk. hey, what can i say, i'm damn good at my job. i wasn't really looking forward to coming in today because tuesdays seem to be our slowest days but there's actually quite a bit to do. things get kind of back up since us receptionists only work till three on saturdays and then sundays and mondays we don't have to come in but a lot of the stylists do; so tuesday is catch up day. and we just got in new products [finally] so i'll be busy this afternoon getting the retail products priced and merchandised. 

anyways, barry was sick all weekend. like throwing up kind of sick. yucky. and man, people were like so sad he had to miss work on friday because he was so sick he had to skip and just lay in bed all day. i'm telling y'all my husband received 'get well' phone calls, texts and a few even stopped by the house. heck, my grandma even called to check on him. [you woulda thought the guy was on his deathbed] don't get me wrong, i loved getting to be his nursemaid but i gotta admit i was a little envious of all his friends checking up on him. [i can barely get my friends to text me back] yea, he does have waaay more friends than i do. like, way more. it sucks sometimes for me. i am so thankful that his friends/family welcome me with open arms and give me this warm feeling about myself that i don't receive as often as i wish i did. i got to take care of him, and in doing so tried not to get sick myself. i used our hall bathroom, [then he chose to get sick in both bathrooms] changed our sheets and blankets, went to the store, changed the air conditioner temperature many times, made sure he was taking medicine and drinking lots of water/sprite, and checked on him so much to the point where i was probably annoying. i mean, i wouldn't be as much help if i got sick, too. although last night i got maybe 5 hours of sleep because i kept feeling like i needed to throw up and my stomach is rumbling in pain. it still feels kind of off and i am just hoping and praying it's the greasy pizza i ate for dinner last night. sometimes if i go days not eating junk food than when i do it totally effs my stomach up. but i just ate a turkey sandwich and it's feeling a little better. i refuse to get sick this week. refuse. 
last friday i wanted to post about our fourth of july vacation but i just wasn't feeling it. so y'all are getting it today. i know y'all are just so excited to hear about it...hmm? barry and i left our house in nlr to head to our family's lake house in hot springs on friday night. and we had the whole place to ourselves. the rest of my family wasn't planning on coming till the weekend.  
we left around 6:30 to hopefully miss 5:00 traffic; which we did. and it was a quick trip. once we got to hot springs, i unpacked our bags and we hung out watching tv. then when it got dark we decided to do some fireworks we had leftover from last year. 
barry hit the sack early. and naturally i stayed up watching tv and reading my book. which i ended up finishing on saturday afternoon. i talked about in my last post how much i disliked the the private games book and was hoping the others weren't going to be as boring. thankfully this one..
was waaay better than the previous private book. i want to continue reading this series, but i've been trying to hold off on buying anymore books so i started a new series that i have on my kindle. i read the first book back in may and didn't really like it. so while also at the lake house over fourth of july weekend, i read this book [i had saved on my kindle] and it was so good! [i had it read in two days.] and when we got home from the lake i read this book in 24 hours flat. i definitely recommend these two:
both so juicy! so now after reading these two i decided to give the in death series another shot. and ended up loving the second book in this series. [book 48] and i am in the middle of reading the third book which is turning out to be just as good. 

okay hold up..there i go again getting off track and geeking out over books. i just can't help it sometimes. i mean i'm on my 49th book to read this year. when i was on my 49th book last year, it was at the end of september. i'm getting faster, y'all. okay, okay that's the last i'll talk about books. in this post. lets get back to recapping my fourth of july weekend in hot springs...

saturday morning rolled around and naturally i slept in till about 2:00. i was surprised when i woke up that barry and i were still the only ones there. so we decided to get in a little relaxing pool time before the kiddos showed up.
my towel is from here.

saturday actually continued to be a quite day. my parents ordered pizza and my brother and his family showed up a little before the kids bedtime. i ended up staying up late again to read and to watch this movie:
it turned out to be just as good as i expected to be. i just love emma watson.

it didn't really get eventful until sunday, once the whole crew had made it down to hot springs. we mostly swam in the pool, ate lots of yummy foods, and played with our little ones. like this girl:
julianne and i went down to swing on the hammock..she called it the trampoline. which hey, she has the right idea, these kids need a trampoline or a swing set. or both. we also took some silly selfies and i just think they are all so cute i decided to post em all. 
she copycatted every face that i made and as you can see there's a couple where we are just laughing at the faces we made. 

barry grilled us steaks for dinner.
and we all just had such a good sunday hanging out at the lake together.

monday, my dad and elliott [my sis' kid] went and bought some fireworks.
the kids were like toooo excited to set some of these off. so we headed out to the driveway to do some smoke bombs and a few of the other smaller ones. the grant boys were lovin them, but julianne, not so much. she was so scared and kept having different people hold her while poppy and the boys set them off. 
finally it got dark and we headed to the backyard to do the big ones. julianne was even more scared of the big ones. [bless her heart] but her brothers loved getting to help poppy and barry set them off. and she eventually got brave enough to light one of her own then race back to someone's lap.
mason waiting on the show to begin.
i was so proud of mason being able to curl his tongue. too cute.
mason took this picture.
elliott trying real hard to keep his eyes open from my bright flash. seriously the flash on my camera was blinding to these kiddos. we tried to get a few more and eventually they just gave up. especially mason. he's so funny. he decided to just shut his eyes and make silly faces so naturally brother and sister wanted to join in.
that last pic on the right, julianne tried her hardest to run into the picture at the last minute. she didn't quite make it. unfortunately, my brother's kids all go to sleep really early so they missed out on the fireworks. maybe next year. 

on the actual fourth of july we just hung around the pool all day and snacked. we had already set off all the fireworks and some of us were a little sunburned. even the kids had them some nice looking tan lines. 
 the kids and their families headed home early, and soon barry and i were hitting the road too. 
check out the bug/caterpillar i found while outside reading..
 never seen one this big and this furry before. it kinda creeped me out. 
AND THAT was basically our fourth of july weekend. we didn't go out on our boat at all. no one seemed interested. lame. but next week, barry and i will be down there with our friends and his side of the family and i just know we will wear it out. so looking forward to next week!

when we got home a certain little sweet kitty cat was soooooo happy to see us. probably because she was out of food but i like to think it's because she missed us, too. i mean she hung out in the bedroom with me while i unpacked and while barry went to tend to our grass and flower beds. 
i can't get over how cute these two photos of her are..that little kitty bum, her head laid up on that pillow. so cute. we definitely missed this little babe. 

also check out the flowers barry planted in our flower beds. they are finally blooming and they're gorgeous!
and check out our tree stump plant that disappeared in the fall but came back even bigger this summer.
read my post about it here. pretty freaking neat.

all in all it was a great fourth of july weekend. gosh, i just love july. it's literally probably my favorite month ever. wow, i've literally been working on this post all day. i got about two hours left of work and i thought today was going to go by slllooww. but even though there's only been three stylists here today it's been pretty busy for me. 
now i think i'll just leave y'all with this awesome post this chick put on her instagram.
too funny. check ya later! adios.
"more or less. i got a little jam. a lot of jam. okay, i can't stop eating it. at first i limited it to just toast but then i wondered what else i could put it on: pancakes, pretzels, cheese. that's right, cheese. i thought it'd be so disgusting that i'd stop but it turns out jam on cheese is delicious."
[hart of dixie]

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