Friday, June 23, 2017

Thinking of Summer: Allllll The Summer Things

hello june bugs! i didn't really get why june bugs were called that until this year. i hadn't seen a single june bug tryin to sneak into my garage until june arrived. then it just clicked. weird, i know. i just associated them with summer, but now i understand where their name came from. they are also like the least bug that i am scared off. and piper loves chases after them. anyways, i'm not hear just to chat about june bugs. although, i'm sure i can do some research if y'all would prefer that over today's topic. which is SUMMER of course. the very first day of summer 2017 was on tuesday. i meant to have this post ready then but i got busy chatting with some folks here at the salon and just didn't have time during the three hours i was here. but anyways, i thought i would show off some fun instagram posts that have been getting me excited for summer. i promise you won't regret reading this one because it's literally such a fun post and i'm sure you'll be ready for a good summer vacay by the end. 

but first, check out my other insta-posts like this:

as you'll notice these are all accounts i follow on instagram. i follow new people every week, and i'm always finding new people who posts some pretty amazing things. like all these summer pics...
 i don't know about sitting on a ledge this high up but that fruity drink and that bright blue water is all i need to get the summer kicked off to a good start. 
account: best vacations
this pretty purple and pink sky plus the palm tree just screams summer to me. 
account: charlotte russe
ridin around on a bicycle and in a bikini, yep that's summer. 
account: cupshe
another good looking summer drink plus the beach...and let's not forget the amazing one-piece swimsuit with the cutouts which is so popular this summer.
palm springs' drink tumblers with a fun pink summery adult beverage. need i say more? 
account: joybird
i think we could all use a good summery sunhat. this one i need especially. 
account: kelly golightly
an artsy print that has all my summer favorites? i'll take it!
account: lily and val
the perfect fourth of july outfit. my favorite holiday. 
i can't skateboard but i will gladly accept that tan, those legs, the sandals and of course that perfect ocean in the back. 
 chillin in the ocean, watching the summer sun set with your best friend. yep, that sounds amazing.
account: truwood
this peach wall with the pretty tropical flowers in the background is just so pretty and therefore so summery. i like it.
account: nena and co
just a little summer fashion. i would totally rock these.
account: oh joy!
neon sign for what seems like would be a fun summer club? i'm all in!
account: packed party
sun, ocean and mermaids..oh my or should i say, oh, summer!
account: project mermaids
such a pretty bikini and quite possible the funnest, brightest sandals i've seen by far. 
pool float + swimsuit cover up = poolside ready. love this combo.
account: savoir-faire
by far my faaav summertime snack: fruit, fruit, fruit!
account: studio mucci
aloha! yep, my dream summer vacay would be a trip to hawaii with my bae/bestie. 
account: tamera mowry
literally the perfect summer glam outfit put together by the fashion queen herself. that swimsuit is giving me all the heart eyes. perfect summer style.
account: mrs gibby
bikini + breakfast and quite possible the best summer visor i've laid eyes on. yes, yes, yes.
account: vanessa hudgens
beautiful paper lanterns, the beach, the ocean...ahh the perfect summer-date night.
account: best vacations
summer shoes? i need, i need, i need!!
account: charlotte russe
these pool floats have become super popular this summer. now, why don't i have one yet?
account: cupshe
palm trees galore! the perfect sky with the perfect summer getaway house.
account: kelly golightly
happy (summer) picnic season. watermelon=life!
account: lily and val
this looks like the perfect beach spot. i could lay out here in the warm summer sun for hours. no doubt.
account: truwood
pink surfboard, fluffy beach towels and a palm tree. looks like an awesome summer hang out.
account: nena and co
pink, lime green and tangerine lifeguard stand on the beach. summer-art structures. 
account: packed party
sitting poolside, legs dipped in, straw hat in hand and a cute bikini. summer is here, friend. 
this tropical romper and tangerine background: one of the best summertime rompers i've seen thus far.
account: mrs gibby
to be more specific a trip to maui, hawaii would be the perfect summer vacay!
account: witney carson
let's have an ocean sandbar summer party, kay? i'm totally down.
account: best vacations
the cutest, (most original) swimsuit i've seen so far. plus a beach in the background. hello, summer.
account: cupshe
a watermelon pool float!?! yes! this is everything and i need a.s.a.p.
account: kelly golightly
more crystal clear aquamarine waters. huge heart eyes. i just want to dive in!
account: truwood
just a reminder of how much i'm missing the ocean. the salty wavy waters are calling to me.
account: nena and co
striped bikini and a summer vacation getaway bag. the best of the best. i would definitely rock both. 
account: packed party
how bout this for a summer-vacation date night? huh...i may pass..but it's still pretty neat. 
account: best vacations
let's end with some fireworks. or chalk-drawn sparklers. amazing, right? now that's talent. 
account: valerie mckeehan
now, i really hope your as excited as i am that summer is finally here and ain't leaving us anytime soon. everything i listed above are just some of the things and reasons why i love summer so much. yesterday i got in this summer bikini from this site. i also got in this fun summery beach towel from this site along with this beachy tv show ordered from this site. so yeah, i've gotten really into the summer spirit! i'm clearly not playing games when it comes to preparing for summertime. i mean i'm already addicted to these fruity popsicles. literally i am addicted. i can't wait to get off work in ten minutes and head home and eat allllll the fruit bars. i wanna try every flavor. except the coconut ones-i ain't about that life. these are the ones i've tried so far... 
if i had to pick a favorite flavor it would definitely be the watermelon, hands down. no contest. but i love watermelon, like anything so i may be biased. but in all seriousness though these fruit bars are THE BEST "popsicles" i have ever had in my entire life! don't run, don't walk but speed your way to the grocery store right now and get you some boxes of these babies a.s.a.p. quick! stop reading and go right now. no regrets, baby. these will change your life. i will definitely be trying alll the flavors. cept that damn coconut of course. bleck. i hate coconut. anyways, i have less than thirty minutes so i better quit talking about snack foods and wrap this up. 
how's your summer going so far? i hope you're livin it up. i shole am! peace.
"don't be messing with me, lee. i will slap you so hard you'll end up in the ming dynasty. i mean it, man. i'll bitch-slap you back to bangkok. big party? okay, well, let's go party then."
[rush hour 2]

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