Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday and Other Random Things

hello there! happy friday and tgif and all that bidness. today has surprisingly been a productive day. granted, i've only been here and hour and twenty minutes but still, the morning is flying by. i get off work at three today and have a few errands to run, no scratch that..i got one errand to run before going home to get barry and i ready to head to the lake for five days. i was able to talk "barry's boss" into closing jenkins enterprises on monday and i'm stoked to get to hang with the fam this weekend. what are your fourth of july weekend plans? today's post is really random. just trying to catch yous guys up on what's been going on in my life. 
let me tell ya, this week has gone by extremely fast. i'm trying to think about all i did but not much is coming to me other than discovering this sandwich, which btw is ahhhmazing. i also had the opportunity to clean a house, well no, it was actually a mobile home for this company. got it all done in four hours and considering how disgusting dirty the bathroom was and also considering the tub was pretty ginormous, i think i did it in record time. the carpet, however, could not be helped. but it was four different carpets shades, so i don't really think the boss-man was too worried. also i noticed and suggested something that not even my husband, the head foreman, the painter and the "punch-list" maker noticed. i swear i don't know where men would be without women. also, next month, which is literally tomorrow, i get more hours at the salon! i was happy dancing like crazy after getting my schedule. don't get me wrong, i am lovin my free days but ya girl needs some spending money. barry and devore developments be taking care of the bills and whatever money i earn i get to use to treat myself. [not really, tho] which lately i've been spending on online shopping. 
cept barry checks the mail, and really i'm supposed to use the money i earn on the groceries or other assorted house needs but i've been treating myself waaay more than i problem need to. and now? i totally get why a lot of the girls here at the work have their packages shipped to the salon. 

oookaay..where to start. well i guess i've already started..
ahhhhhhhhh i am so frazzled today. i think i just have the weekend jitters. my mind is already thinking: weekend, weekend, weekend. and it's the fourth of july which just so happens to be my favorite holiday. seriously, i like it even better than christmas. heck i can't even sing our national anthem without tearing up. i can't think of any christmas songs that make me cry..wait never mind this song gets me every time

well like i said i am working the salon today till 3:00 and i'm bout to take a little break from making this post to work on this:
 not trying to toot my own horn here, but i am the master at folding towels. i fold them in to tiny precise squares that make them look all professh-looking in the cabinets. and the other girls try to mimic my own and they just don't have the skillz. 

sooooo last night i stayed up till 4am. whoops. maybe that's why i'm in such a weird, crazy, frazzled mood today. probably. it is. but i had a good reason. i was finishing this book last night. which i did. at three o'clock in the morning. i had to finish it, man. probably one of the worst books i have read this year. it was not as fast-paced as most of james patterson's books usually are. there was so much droning on and on about mundane things that were, in my opinion, pretty pointless. i was so ready to finish it and move on. the first two books in the private series were really good. but the first two were co-wrote with maxine paetro whose books i really like but the private games book were co-wrote with mark sullivan whom i wasn't at all impressed with. let's hope his next book: private berlin is better than the last one. 
anyways, last night's book marked number 44 in my books to read this year. last year by the time i had read 44 books it was already september. BOO-YA! i am kicking ass this year. 

how AWESOME is this picture? if you are a hart of dixie fan you know you so agree that this picture is like, EVERYTHINGlemon posted this beauty on her instagram one day and i had to have it. the gang back together. why in the world would they cancel this brilliant show? 

now i know y'all must be is queen p doing, you may ask? excellent, and spoilt rotten. seriously, what piper wants, piper gets. otherwise she meows her little heart out until one of us caves just so she'll shut her trap. here are a few fav pics of her this month of piper being, well piper.
her little arm on my arm...precious.
y'all. she did not even stir when i snuck up to her to take this picture. her little arm over her eyes. so cute. 
came in one day to find this big kitty yawning and sitting on the kitchen table. she never gets up on the tables or counters, but lately she ain't caring about the consequences. so i let her. 
 and a piper close-up portrait to end today's piper report. 

alrighty, now i think i'm just grasping at straws. i was thinking of some stuff this morning i wanted to tell y'all about but i'm drawing a blank now. so i am going to leave y'all with some quotes that pretty much describe me to an absolute tee. like, completely absolute.
you know, it never makes sense in movie when someone hears and noise and sneaks around their house looking for the noise but never turns on any lights to look. nope. 
this was the motivation in quitting my job. the second time.
sorry for cussing. or am i...?
seriously though. 
don't hate the player, hate the game. or the games she plays.

also one last thing, check out the awesome grill apron I and I alone got barry for father's day. 
if you ain't gonna get your dad a father's day gift then at least wish him happy father's day. and if you can't do that than all i can offer is a rolling of the eyes. hashtag rude. 

well like i said, this was one random-ass post. no shame in tha game, homes. i'm in a weird mood and tbh i probably shouldn't have drank two cups of coffee cause i'm feeling a little jittery. one more hour and then i will be home free. let freedom ring, let freedom ring. 
"i'm not in denial. and this happiness i feel, it's relief. see, i've been walking around for six months wondering why my fiancee was acting all nutty and erratic. and that i get it--well, now i feel...i feel free. yeah. i get to start over. now. while i'm still young and vibrant and, let's face it, kind of cute."
[hart of dixie]

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