Friday, June 16, 2017

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hello, happy friday! i feel like it's been like forever since i last posted. anyways, i have lots to talk about today. june has been the start of something GREAT for me. i decided it was time to stop dreaming about making my art for a living and start doing it instead. and...I LOVE IT! i'm painting, crafting and restoring. i owe all this to my husband. without him, i couldn't do this. he goes to work everyday, and works more than 40 hours a week so i can follow my dream of being an artist. he puts money in my account every week, brings me awesome pieces to restore, and he's committed to helping me fix the pieces in need of repair-before i add my artist's touch. he's a good'un. sooooo i though it would be fun to show off the projects i'm working on now. yes, i said projects. plural. i seriously, have several in the works right now and tons of inspiration whirling around in my head. i'm going to try to keep this up; sharing my art projects here on my blog. 
i have a fun lemon painting in the works that i talked about here. it's really coming along and i'm loving how it is turning out. 

this was my first finished project after officially deciding to, "just go for it!" so to speak.
seriously, i LOVE making these. they're so easy, and they always turn out good. check out my first ever flower ball: the sunflower ball here. i will definitely be making more of these in the future.
here's another easy project. it took me about two days. and it turned out even more amazing than i expected. it really was super easy. i just followed this blog's instructions, and wham, i knocked it outta tha park.
so this wreath turned out SO GOOD. exactly how i pictured it. barry has collected tons of these pendleton bottle corks and i wanted to do something with them. it was all fairly easy, it just took more time than the wreath above. but that's because i hand-twined all the jute around the styrofoam ring. oh, and i made that bow. i'm getting better, and better at making bows out of ribbon and burlap. and my cork wreath is a "top post" on instagram:
y'all, that's out of 70,275 posts about corks and mines in the the top! annnnd, i'm still going strong in the top nine. sorry. i can't help but see that as encouragement that i'm on the right path. [finally]
my current project is something i am totally digging. they are both turning out really well. check out my inspiration photo for the project:
awhile back, barry found two crate-like tops in a vacant warehouse in the north little rock farmer's market that my dad owns. instead of throwing them away he brought them home to me. 
after seeing the above inspo picture i decided to give these guys some paint.
rather than just paint them one color, i'm painting them three different colors and it is looking so damn good. this above picture is just a sneak peek and it definitely doesn't do it justice. 
the next set of photos are future projects i want to try or projects i'm still trying to get the supplies for.
amina mucciolo is a "public figure" i follow on instagram and this is her living room. isn't that flower wall the bomb?! i love it, and it would be super easy to do. buuuut artificial flowers are so damn expensive. even if i buy them at hobby lobby for 50% off, i still wouldn't be able to get enough of them. i really wanna do this project though, so i'm hoping i can find someone to help me actually buy them for wholesale prices. [we'll see]
so barry brought home some super old windows that were just going to be thrown on the burn pile. i've been brainstorming what in the world i am going to do with them and i have two ideas cooked up.
 hobby lobby posted this photo on their instagram and i thought this would be cool and different to do on two of the old windows. as well as this idea:
from pinterest. two of them i'll turn into chalkboards. i got like a whole can of chalkboard paint ready to be used again. 
i also really wanna try this project:
basically, it's just an old painting/drawing found at a thrift shop. use sticker-letters to make a saying then paint over the whole painting with some fun paint, pull off stickers, and viola! a whole new piece of art. i've been meaning to go to our good will or savers to see if i can find any kind of art work i can do this on. 
barry and i are always looking for ways to use the wood slices that are currently taking over our garage. we have tons of small ones and i plan to make several of them into watermelon slices. i already got the supplies
i just need to start. maybe i will after i get off work today.
here's another project that i have all the supplies for, except the fake moss. fake moss is surprisingly just as expensive as the fake flowers. but i haven't started this project either. i got the blue flowers while they were on sale at hobby lobby, and the sticks i picked straight out of my back yard.
hoping to get started on this project next week. maybe i can find some cheaper fake moss.
at the last bunko we painted pine cones instead of playing bunko. it was a lot of fun. debby [who was hosting] had made a pine cone wreath for her door. it was pretty cute. we got to paint as many pine cones as we could. here's the two i painted:
not my best work. so i looked up some pine cone wreaths on pinterest. and man, they have tons of beautifully painted pine cone wreaths. plus easier ways to get a full paint look other than hand painting them. like dipping them or just using spray paint
barry bought home a humongous bucket full of pine cones for me. i will probably spray paint mine. 
here's another fun/awesome pine cone project:
i mean, how beautiful is this? i love these colors, just see this post.
last thing, barry found some old, old motorcycle fenders. for months i haven't even had one single good idea to do with them. well, i think i found the right project for them. 
i'm going to use the fenders as a base for a beautiful flower arrangement. i can see it in my head. and usually, almost always, the things i picture turn out to be exactly how i pictured them. i can't wait to get started on this project. once again, i wish fake flowers weren't so expensive.
well, there's a look into my "new job." i'm loving all the time i get to invest in something i just love doing. and it makes me a much happier person, too. i am still working at the salon as well. because it also makes me happy and gives me a chance to blog. i'm so very thankful for my life and my husband who has been nothing but a supporter in what i'm doing. probably cause i'm less grouchy. 
well, i was going to run to hobby lobby after my shift, but tbh i am like super sleepy. now that i'm an artist, i got an artist sleep schedule going on. meaning, i stay up entirely too late. this morning i woke up at 9:20. um. thank goodness i'm fast at getting ready, i got to work at 10 o'clock on the dot. and man, it has been a slllooow day. last friday, i didn't sit down not one minute, this friday is the complete opposite, my butt is falling asleep. but i got an hour left then i got a long break till tuesday. and this weekend, we are biz-ay. it's father's day, as you know, and i got three dads i gotta celebrate with. we are leaving for the lake house tonight and will celebrate with my family till saturday evening. then, on sunday we are going to barry's parents house for lunch to celebrate his dad + barry's son will be in town on sunday so he'll get to celebrate with us, too. so yea, fun-filled weekend with family celebrating dads. how will you be celebrating father's day? well, i got about 30 minutes left of work and instead of running the errands i needed to run, i think i'm just gonna be lazy, go home and read my newest book. if you was wondering i'm reading my 40th book to read this year. 
happy friday, kings and queens!
"oh my God! why did you do that? oh, God! christmas on a cracker. did you take your medicine? i told you this morning, i put extra in your jackets! no, you know what? that's on me. because i heard you sniffle a while ago and i did nothing with that information. so that's blood on my hands, really. okay. you know what? you got three coming in. get out the back door now. move."

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