Saturday, June 3, 2017

Art Room Disaster, A Quest

hey jude june. wow. can you believe we are on our six month in the year 2017! i mean, that's nuts, right? sooooo a lot has happened since my last post. let me share a few things with you before i get into the main part of this post. 

i am no longer working at this job anymore. i'm really sad about it but i can't continue to go through the ringer every time i have to go to work. it was getting to the point where i just hated going. mainly because of the constant changes that have to do with my job. changes that just kept changing by a person who didn't really need to be making the changes. it was so frustrating and to be honest, very unprofessional. i started to haaaaate my job all over again. i had to give up a portion of my job to someone else which already made me less busy. i'm not one of those people that's okay just sitting around not doing anything or just playing handball behind the warehouse because i have nothing better to do. i can't do that. but all of a sudden i was doing a lot of sitting around. when i started out, i was needed. but it was becoming clearer and clearer that i wasn't needed anymore. as a matter of fact, i had already been replaced. the same thing that happened to me five years ago was happening again. i couldn't let it break me the way it did before. so i quit. and although it makes me sad, it's time to finally close this chapter of my life and officially move on. i cried about it all day yesterday. something i have worked for, worked at, and worked towards for 8 years of my life is just gone.
i was pretty upset yesterday and the day before, but i think i'm okay now. my husband has really come through. i am so grateful for him. we sat down and figured out that we can afford for me not to have two jobs and just work the little one i have now. hopefully, i can get some more hours but if not, oh well. thankfully our bills aren't excruciatingly high and we do have savings. so for now, i've decided to focus on me. i need to get myself back to the best me i can be. also, i have started to really work on my art again. i have been working on a new painting since last month, and it's really coming along. check it out:
 i've been using oils so ya know that takes like forever to dry. but it's really taking shape.
i also just started making a new wreath...
we have so many of these bottle corks i needed to make something with them. right now, since i'm trying to save my money as much as possible, i've decided to work on projects with supplies i already have. the styrofoam circle, twine and hot glue i already owned, along with the corks. i'm also making a book wreath much like this one..
it really is the easiest book page wreath ever. it is sad to officially close this chapter and move on but after talking it over with my amazing husband, i'm not scared anymore. i'm ready to do what i have always wanted to do. be an artist. it's now or never.
well that was a bit of a heavy subject. let's move on to something a little more light and fun. like swimsuits! this last weekend we had went to the lake for the first time this season and i got to break out my new swimsuits i got from THIS SITE.
they have so many cute high-waisted bikinis with really good deals, too. the first one is by far my favorite. it's cute and comfy. the second one i wore the weekend before and got deodorant all over it so i didn't rock it at the lake. and the third one just wasn't as comfortable as the other two so i didn't even wear it. but i'm telling y'all, cupshe, has the cutest, best priced swimsuits i have seen. a million and one styles too, and free shipping! i see a few others i really wanna get next. like this one.
speaking of bikinis...check out the new show barry and i started watching:
yes, baywatch the tv series. i seriously LOVED this show when i was a kid. it used to come on reeeal early in the mornings and i would stay up late to watch it. like i'm talking it came on at like 2 or 3 in the morning. i don't ever remember seeing season one though. we just finished watching season one and are working on season two now and the discrepancies between the two are outrageous. first off all, the season one hobie is a different person than the season two hobie. AND they are different ages. in the first season hobie is 13, in the second season he is 10. so yea, not a whole lot of thought went into the two seasons to have the coincide with each other. that's just one of the many differences in the two seasons. like this lifeguard was dirt-poor in the first season with no ties to her family, and now in the second season she's got rich parents whom she lives with. fishy. i'm hoping the seasons will eventually start making sense together. at least barry's watching it with me. he never wanted to watch this with me. and no, it has nothing to do with the new baywatch movie that just came out. that's just a crazy coincidence.
last thing before i show off some before and after pictures.
i read NINE books in the month of may. yep, that's right, nine. that's the most books i've read in a month. i usually read 7-8 but i made a goal last month to try and read nine or ten. and i did. i've read a total of 36 books so far this year and i've already read one book in june. this time last year i had only read 31 books. i'm getting faster.
do you love to read?
okay now that i've updated y'all a little bit on my life......a month or so ago i went all gung ho on my art room to get it back to an organized-normal. it literally looked like it had been hit by a mini-baby tornado. it was so bad that i wasn't even using the room. it just sat there like an episode of hoarders. finally i found the energy to clean it up so the room could be used again. and man, i am so glad i did. i filled up a huge leaf trash bag full of useless trash and junk. i organized things way better than they were before and the room is getting used again. i took some before and after photos, because lezbehonest, who doesn't love a good before and after progress photo? well i do. and you know what i say, it's my blog, i do what i want.
i got some of the main things i use set out on my large work table. very organized.
look how messy! i can't believe it had gotten this bad.
yes, i am a box hoarder. i have a problem. but it ain't really fun to wrap a gift in a gift bag.
the top and bottom look so much better than before. right? i'm so glad i took the time to reorganize my office art room. now i can really get things done.
well, that's all i have to share today. i am having the hardest time keeping my eyes awake today. it's one o' clock and i still feel like i could curl up and be out like a light in 20 seconds flat. i have not been sleeping well at all. i lay down and then i just lay there and lay there..frustrated. all this week, it's been three in the morning before i finally fall asleep. yea. it sucks. i cannot wait to go home and take a nap. seriously, i have drunk 2 cups of coffee and a red bull and my eyes are still drooping. i just want my bed! barry and i are hoping to go swimming this weekend sometime since we couldn't go to the lake. yea, we have a boat and we can't even use it. all i know is i gotta take a nap before i do anything. what are your weekend plans? have a good saturday, lovelies!
"i never thought i would say this, andrea, but i really--i see a great deal of myself in you. you can see beyond what people want and what they need and you can choose for yourself. you did it to emily. you chose. you chose to get ahead. you want this life? those choices are necessary."
[the devil wears prada] 

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