Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Quotes That Describe My Twenty-Sixteen

well it's another sunny day here in good ole arkansas. i have to work a lot this week. but that's okay cause i don't have to work as many weekends this month. so i'll take it. can you believe it is already may 2017? that just seems surreal. i swear life just continues to go by faster and faster every year.
this weekend, it rained. like a TON. the rain was gushing under our backyard's fence so hardcore that our fence is now leaned over quite a bit. and now our backyard is full of mud. barry had it looking so good, too. check out this video to get an idea at how much rain we got. yes, barry and i went out riding again this weekend to get my jeep all muddy again. it was lookin a little too clean. we also had us a movie marathon this weekend. what with all the bad weather our little "bunny ears" weren't holding up really well so i made sure we rented some movies so my husband didn't throw it out into the rain. bless him. i guess i am going to have to cave and get him 'real' cable tv soon. 

we watched these on saturday night:
these were barry's picks.
and on sunday we watched these:
i picked these out. la la land and lion were both best picture nominees. but outta the three fantastic beasts and where to find them was the best one we watched. heck, outta the six it was the best one we watched. in our opinions, anyway. and once again, i still believe manchester by the sea should've won best picture. i still have to see this one and this one to make my final decision. if only the movie that did win wasn't about a gay, black kid growing up in the hood...like it got picked solely because that's what it is about. no doubt about it. every year that get more and more political with their winner.

anyways, enough about movies. let's get on with the reason for this post. i know it's may 2017 and 2016 was like four months ago, but i've just been wanting to post these quotes. 2016 was a roller coaster ride for me. i'm talking ups and downs and ups and downs. times where i was ecstatic with excitement and times when i just wanted to throw up. 2016 taught me a lot about myself. i finally learned to let go of haters people and things that were no longer good for my well being. 2017 has already been an amazing four months. i feel good. i had all these quotes saved on my phone that helped me get through some of the harder parts of 2016, and now i want to dump them here and delete them from my phone. i can have these quotes to remind me how much of grown, how much i've learned and how good it feels to just let things go. there's a lot of them, in no particular order. but i think it's good to purge these thoughts so i can make room for all the good things that are happening and will happen in the year 2017.
this is undeniably true.

okay so i know that was like a thousand quotes but i just had to share. and hey, maybe one of these will cheer one of yous up, or make one of ya feel better about a situation you may be in. whatever is going on in your life, just know it too shall pass. i know from first-hand experience. 2016 was one hell of a year for me. and yes, there's some things i wish i could change but for the most part i wouldn't have it any other way. i'm moving on, moving forward and MOVIN ON UP.
thank you, baby jesus, i only got an hour left of work. i was going to go to my other job after i leave here but one of my friends just texted me to see if i wanted to go and join in for happy hour at this place and hey, that sounds waaay better than work, right? right.
"emojis are little cartoons you text instead of words. instead of saying, "what up, boo?" you can type "what up," and then a cute little ghost cause that means "boo." there's even a little indian guy, but he has a turban on, which i think is racist. but the asian also has a racist hat on, and it's like, "hold up, didn't japanese people invent this?""
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