Friday, May 19, 2017

It's The Funny Things In Life That Get Us Through The Day

hello, y'all. i know, i know. where have i been, right? busy. that's where. busy working, busy busting my ass, busy doing fun things with my husband, busy making new friends, busy getting bitched at and busy trying to learn how other people can wake up with one alarm in the morning. like, do y'all do it? i have plenty i wanna update yous guys on, life-wise, but my heart just ain't really into it today. meaning, i'm being lazy. after two very exhausting days at my other job, it definitely takes five days for me to recuperate. i just keep telling myself it's only two days a week, i can do it. but, damn, these last two weeks have just taken a lot out of me. i'm so very grateful to get to work the salon on friday mornings because it kinda helps me recover after two days of...well...pressure. if it wasn't for my awesome co-workers, [lindsey, beth, amanda, kassi, jamie and lisa] it would be even more hard on my anxiety. but man, they are a great group of girls that i'm happy to be working with again. especially lindsey and beth who continue to support me through and through. that's just a good feeling. plus lindsey and i get really into our cat convos. we both truly believe in the term: "cats rule and dogs drool." so yea, maybe i don't always appreciate the way i'm treated or having to redo something i already worked so hard on but my coworkers make up for it. and not just the ones i named above. the others, too. i think that's the main reason i LOVE working the salon. i get along with every single person who works up here, and i have bonded over just about anything with each and everyone of them. so i guess, i'm just trying to tell myself to count my blessing. some people aren't as lucky in the job market as i am. believe me, i've talk to some pretty grouchy utility company operators and you can just sense that they hate their job so so much. plus, to be honest, after reading this book
i can't do anything now but count my blessings, be thankful, and have faith in God that everything will be alright. -- seriously, i suggest you read this book. it seriously, is the most amazing story of how a fourteen year old, mormon girl from utah held on to her faith in God in the most terrible circumstance: a child kidnapping, along with the most evil things that can be done to an innocent: torture and rape. but she overcame all of it because of her faith in our Heavenly Father. 

and as you can see, it was my 30th book to read this year. i've read two more since then: this one and this one. both really good books as well. the second one though, i didn't think i would like but i ended up getting really into it and then it just ended. ugh. lame. but come to find out, there's a sequel AND it's actually a trilogy. so i ordered the second and third book from amazon, along with three more books from the michael bennett series. yep so i'll have five fresh new books to get started on and have for memorial day weekend. right now, i'm reading this book and i am hoping i can refrain from cracking open one of my new books until i'm finished. 

anyways. what am i doing? i can't talk about books this whole post. well, i guess i could since it's my blog and all but i know there aren't that many true book readers out there anymore, it's like a dying art, so i won't bore you any longer. today, i just wanted to post some funny pictures and quotes that can basically sum up my life right now. i have been busy editing pictures any chance i get so i can get some more blogging done. plus, i definitely need to do a life update soon. i got lots to share. there's been lots of cool, fun and exciting things happening in my life as of late. sooooo. check it..
so true.
i suck at waking up.
seriously, this is barry. he always be wearing jeans just hanging out on the couch watching tv. 
it's the worst. 
like seriously, tho, what's your secret?
this is everything. so damn true. 
perpetually late.
thankfully barry's usually already up by the time my first alarm goes off.
am i right?
so. as you can tell: i'm always late/tired, broke and in desperate need of some damn exercise.
two more and then i'll stop. 

this one goes out to my sister:
so dang true.
and this one goes out to my momma:
mister worldwiiide. 
anytways..i only got an hour and half left of work and then i gots to get some errands done pronto. we need groceries in the worst way. thankfully it's a sunshiny day. i hate toting groceries out in the rain. almost as much as i hate going inside to get them. 
otherwise, life is pretty good. i can't complain. okay so i could complain about some things but i'll just keep those bottled up until i explode. no biggie, right? i have to work tomorrow so i don't think we have any fun plans for the weekend. unlike last weekend when we went to this; which was literally so much fun. like so fun that my husband and i are thinking about buying a side by side so we can go whenever we want. i can't wait to go again.
welp. that's it for today. hope y'all have a fabulous weekend!
"uh, so is that it? that's your big pitch to be my friend? that was terrible. anyway, yeah, why not? friends. is this how you always make friends? like it's a business deal."
[what if]

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  1. You should check and see if your local walmart does free grocery pickup. You make your order online and then just go at a designated time and they bring the groceries out to your car for free. All you do is pay for the groceries like normal :)