Thursday, May 4, 2017

Easter 2017: This Is Us

so i am back again today. this is my last day to work at the salon for the week. let me tell ya, this week has gone by so freaking fast, y'all. i can't believe it's already thursday. last night i kept thinking it was still tuesday for some reason. tomorrow i plan on waking up and getting to my other job bright and early since i haven't been able to work there any this week. i figure i'll be able to get caught up tomorrow if i work a full 8 hours. next week, i'll be back to my regular schedule. today, has already gone by pretty fast. i only have a few more hours left of my shift. unfortunately the person who closed last night didn't do any of the night chores or even fill out her end-of-day report for that matter; so i've been having to pick up her slack today. i guess i gotta just face facts that not everyone has a hardcore work ethic like i do. i'm not trying to hate, but some people just don't have that ability or even the want to strengthen that ability. i've been learning that more and more as i watch coworkers at both of my jobs. 

so i know easter was last month but barry and i pulled out ye ole selfie stick on easter sunday and had us a fun little photo shoot on our back deck before heading over to my parents' house for easter lunch. this was our first easter as a married couple and i think it was my favorite one yet. 
i had a little bit of fun trying out different photo filters from this picture editor site. seriously i LOVED every single picture that i couldn't decide which ones to post, so...y'all get all of them. i'm pretty sure the last three are my favorites though. 
well. i only got about an hour left of work. i swear, this day is going by like TOO fast. before long, my husband and i will be cuddled up on the couch with our dinners watching this show. although, i may have plans with one of my high school bffs. [whom i haven't chatted with in like 10 years] just waiting to see if she can still get dinner tonight. we planned this like a week and half ago so i wouldn't blame her if she did. she is pregnant with her first and i'm sure she is busy getting prepared for a new arrival. i can't wait to see her though, and i'm glad i reached out to her. 
so yesterday, i did 50 squats to try and get some exercise in since every time i plan to go on a run, it rains. it's literally been raining all week. AND it got pretty chilly outside today. well, that little bit of exercise that i did do is killing me now. i didn't realize i would be so soooore. but that's a good thing, right? right. also, my niece, julianne's birthday party is this weekend [on her actual day of birth] and the presents i ordered for her came in yesterday. y'all. it is all SO CUTE. this kid is going to be overwhelmed with prezzies. there was one kinda big item i got her that i literally could not resist. and oh em is precious. i really hope she likes her gifts and doesn't get any duplicates. and in other news...i got a tooth that is literally throbbing right now. it had stopped bugging me, but last night it started up again. sometimes the tooth-cards are just not in my favor. what else is new? 
"look, we all know home ec is a joke. no offense. it's just that everyone takes this class to get an a. it's bullshit, and i'm sorry. i'm not putting down your profession, but it's just the way i feel."

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