Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Wedding Talk: The First Look

hello! and happy hump day. too bad i'm working today. i am so ready for a vacation from both jobs. no reason, i just really wanna go to the beach! i've already started seeing lots of beach pictures on instagram and i would be lying if i said i wasn't jealous. i totally am. and on top of dreaming about being at the beach instead of stuck at work; i've been a bit sick to my stomach the last few days. it never fails, two weeks every month i get to feel like shit. [thanks a lot, mother  nature] today has been better. but i'd much rather be at home watching my new favorite show. seriously, i am already obsessed and i'm only on the second season. that's why i went ahead and brought season two with me to the salon today. i just had a feeling we weren't going to be busy, and guess what? we're not. yesterday, was even worse. i ended up clocking out early because there was just one stylist working. hopefully friday and saturday will be busier. 
anyways, enough about work. i'm trying to continue to post ALL the posts about my wedding, honeymoon, and reception. but at the rate i'm going, along with every single picture i want to post/remember, it's going to take me all year to show off our photos. we are supposed to be getting our wedding video in the mail soon. i can't wait to see it. i just know it's going to be wonderful. 
so. today, i wanted to post all the pictures from our first look. this is a new tradition, that has been catching on like wildfire. i am SO HAPPY i decided to do this. it was literally my favorite part of the whole day. that special moment just with ourselves was the best i have ever felt. i seriously, cannot remember a time where i was so so happy like that. it was the best feeling and made me love him even more. the reaction i got from him will always be my absolute favorite memory. i will always cherish these pictures. i love this man more than i thought was possible to love anyone. and i thank God every single day for choosing me to be his wife.  

just a heads up, there's a lot of them. but i didn't wanna make separate posts so you'll just have to get over the photo overload. they're all so pretty, i had a hard time narrowing it down. 
11/11/16-the first look:
check out his smile. also there were tears in his eyes. and literally this was the happiest moment of my life so far.
i love this photo.
but, i love this photo even more. seriously, this is literally my fav picture from the whole day!
we both got each other wedding gifts. [my idea] 
me, taking my time, while barry reads the note i had given him with his gift. all mushy gushy stuff.
barry got me a new bible [with my new name] and a beautiful picture frame. and i got him a new watch.
first time seeing my new name. 
after opening gifts, we took some posed photos, and they turned out to be my favorite photos of just the two of us. molly anne did such a wonderful job taking our pictures. 
didn't our arbor turn out amazing. my aunt jen with bella terra did an awesome job and made my dream background a reality.
i am so happy with the spot we chose to get married at. this little piece of my church will always been my absolute favorite. 
i love this one.
and this one.
and i absolutely love this one.
and this one.
look how genuine my smile is! i am grinning from ear to ear. i can't help it.
she caught his smile.
check out my bouquet. isn't it just gorgeous?
i just love this one, too.
last one. and i love it just as much.
wooo. i know that was like super photo overload but i just had to share. these pictures, all mean the world to me, and i'm glad to have a space that i can share them on, and look back at over the years to come. we've been married going on five months. i keep getting this question, "how's married life?" i answer the same way every time, just good, fine or it's great. like what are people expecting me to say when they ask sucks? he's on my ever-lasting nerves? most women that ask me are old-fashioned so i pretty much know that they have no clue that barry and i had been living together for a year and half before we got married. so really not much has changed, except my last name, our status, [we husband/wife now instead of boyfriend/girlfriend] and the fact that barry is always putting money up in my bank account. surprise deposits are the bomb, y'all. so, how is married life? do you really wanna know? it's normal, it's fun and i wouldn't have it any other way. 
well, well, i only gots an hour left of work and then i can get on home to snuggle up under this, cuddle up next to this girl and watch my newest obsession.
what are your hump day plans?
"everybody just stop, okay? jack, i am not going to make excuses. yes little jack wouldn't stop crying so i gave him some hugs and let him watch tv. i went to answer the phone, i was gone a second, i came back in, he let himself out of the playpen, he put on scarface, and he glued his hands to the rum bottle. okay? that's it."
[meet the fockers]

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