Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wedding Talk: The Ceremony

hello friends. i have been one busy bee here at the salon today. the majority of our stylists are here so that definitely helps to make the day go by faster. this morning, i spent most of the day inventorying all our new unite products. they hadn't been inventoried at all since we got the new line in. i think i may be the only one who has figured out how to do it in square. it was pretty easy to figure out. i mean, not near as difficult as it is to run the gift cards through square--which literally took me forever to get down. thankfully i don't have to do them very often. i also spent i good part of the day dusting all the products on the display shelves. wooo. i'm pretty sure no one has bothered to dust them since we got them in. not trying to brag [okay, maybe i am] but i got it lookin GOOD now! also, i reorganized our back stock too, and priced all the items so all someone has to do is pull the product out of their box and put em on the shelf. i mean, if there's anything i learned from this job and this job it's how to do inventory--and how important it is to keep up to date. 

well, as you can tell from the title of this post: today i am sharing all about our wedding ceremony that was held in park hill baptist's courtyard. my favorite place in the church that is still the exact same as it was when i was a kid, and isn't closed off due to asbestos. i mean, i love my church, but they have moderned it up like we are a pentecostal church. the sanctuary is just not the same, and i knew i wouldn't wanna get married in it due to that reason. but one day, the courtyard just popped into my head and i immediately knew it would be the perfect place for our wedding. our pastor, dr. ken shaddox was the officiant and he did such an amazing job. he really is a wonderful pastor. i am so thankful for my church, it's my home. and now with having my wedding in the courtyard, it will always hold a special place in my heart. even though i can't sneak into the organ room anymore, or hang out in the room where i basically grew up practicing hand bells, bible drill and learning what it means to be a g-a. my church as changed so much since i was a kid, but that's okay. the people are still the same. and, i still got that yearning, like i did when i was a kid, to find the hatch to the steeple. 

wow. sorry for taking a trip down memory lane. that wasn't my intention but i'm just overcome with nostalgia when i think about that wonderful courtyard. who would have thought when i was running through the courtyard after g-a's on a wednesday night that i would one day marry the love of my life in that same beautiful open space. God is good, all the time. 

anyways, let's move on to our pictures from this PERFECT day!
check out pictures of us getting ready here and our first look here.

11/11/16--the ceremony
dr shaddox and my handsome man waiting on the ceremony to begin.
my best friend, amy and blake, barry's son and my step-son.
my sissy-in-law, liz and barry's brother, brian.
my sissy, katherine and barry's daddy.
as you can see we hired a harpist from arkansas symphony and she did an amazing job. the harp music was absolutely beautiful. i thought it was perfect with our location.
i really like this one.
walking down the "aisle" with my daddy.
my daddy giving me away. 
opening with a prayer.
the start of the ceremony.

so the next set of pictures is something i have always wanted to do at my wedding. it's not as common as the unity candle but i think it is definitely more powerful. we washed each other's feet. Jesus did this for his disciples, and encouraged them/us to do it for each other. the first time i saw a foot washing was in this church. my youth minister when i was a kid, washed his fiancee's feet at a wednesday night youth service. it was literally the most beautiful thing i had ever seen. i remember crying it was so beautiful. our youth minister, aaron read from john 13:1-17 and ever since that moment i have always wanted to do this at my wedding. please read the article i linked to above to get a better understanding why it's so important to wash each other's feet; especially as husband and wife. this is exactly why i wanted dr. shaddox to preside our wedding. because i knew that he would do such a wonderful job explaining to our families why we chose to do this and encourage our families to do the same.
time to exchange vows.
i love the b+w picture.
time to exchange rings!
i'm crying here.
you may now kiss the bride! and mrs. barry devore.
wooo hooo!
husband and wife.
and they lived happily ever after.
this was literally the best day of my life. the whole day was just perfect. i am so grateful for my both our families who helped make this day possible. every single person contributed in someway to make this day the best ever for the both of us. i couldn't be more happy with the family i was given. and the new family i now get to call mine. just saying but i hit the mother-in-law lottery. and i barry did too. we love out mommas. well, i gotta cut this short. i got about 30 minutes left of work and i still gotta do my end-of-day chores. thankfully it is sunny outside and barry should be getting done with work around the same time as me. we are planning on going and getting my jeep muddy again. the rain washed it off and i can't be having that. what's the point in having a jeep if it ain't always dirty. 
hope your saturday is filled with sunshine and fun plans. 
"well, heh, sometimes he can be a pain in the...well you know what i mean. it's just that every time i wake up and i look in that man's face, i thank the good Lord for sending him my way."
[dr. quinn medicine woman]

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