Friday, April 28, 2017

My Crazy Train of Thoughts

hello there, and happy friday. long time, no talk. ain't it? my bad. i've been working on this post since last saturday. yea. i had to work last saturday just like i have to work this saturday. i should have a pretty large payday coming up though since i have been working here at the salon a lot for the past two weeks. and hey, that's okay. it's a good break from the craziness that is my other job. today, i just wanted to basically share all my scrambled thoughts that have been going through my head since my last scrambled thoughts post. any thing i think of that i wanna share with y'all i write type it down in my notes app on my phone. and let me tell ya, there are some pretty random ones. i gotta work till 6 tonight, and usually i would be like, "ugh, why me?" about that but today is prom day in north little rock and we already have a few girls gettin their hairs snazzied up for their prom dates. plus there's lot of stylists here today so hopefully it will be a busy day. i didn't go to sleep till like 1:30 last night. i blame it on this book [which i finished. 26th book to read this year.] and on this tv show. anyways, enough messing around, let's get to it.

so. as i told y'all back in january, barry and i now have 11 channels at the house instead of the zero channels we had before. well, there is this one talk show that comes on in the mornings called, the real. it's basically like the talk or the view; only BETTER. they talk about girl stuff, introduce new products, and play some pretty funny games. and they have THE BEST hosts, too. 
they all click really well together and all four of these women are just great human beings. plus they're hilarious. i can only watch on monday and tuesdays [if i wake up in time] but always enjoy each episode that i do get to watch. have you watched this talk show before? thoughts? adrienne actually got married on the same day i did. [11/11/16] and she chose 11/11 for similar reasons that we did. plus her and her daddy danced to my girl just like my daddy and i did. is that weird or what? anyways, you must watch this show and go follow all four of these lovely ladies on instagram. tamera - adrienne - loni - jeannie

so i know i have told y'all about my "new" crappy washing machine before...and how much i hate the stupid thing. as soon as we get some extra funds we are selling that piece of crap and buying a different set from a different manufacturer. not only does it wrinkle and shrink our clothes, but if you accidentally forget to put something in after you already started it, you have to wait like thirty minutes for it to unlock so you can throw one forgotten sock in. it says in the instructions, that you can do that by just pushing the stupid 'pause' button. it ain't that easy. every single time i have to do that, it messes up and gets so confused that i have to pull the ole i.t. trick and unplug it, then plug it back in. it's just ridiculous! and makes me want to throw the whole machine out into the street. 

so they introduced this show on tv one night and i don't know if it was just my time of the month, but i like cried. not because it's been forty years but because of the best character to ever be on this show: john ritter. i remember when he past away back in 2003 and i was so sad about it. and even when i watch one of my favorite movies i still get all teary-eyed just seeing him act in the last movie he ever made. it's sad he had to leave us so soon. i mean he is the reason this show was so good. 

i've learned that if i go to bed super late, it's easier for me to get up early verses going to sleep early; then it's literally so hard getting up early in the morning. i just love staying up late. there's just something fun but peaceful about it. are you a night owl?
this is so true for me.
well if this ain't the truest thing ever. i pick C. all of the above.

so the very first thing i talked about in my first scrambled thoughts post was how sad i was about shia labeouf. and this remains true. i am sad. but now, i think i am learning one of the reasons for all his recent crazinessthis movie:
the synopsis"in a post-apocalyptic america, former u.s. marine gabriel drummer searches desperately for the whereabouts of his son, accompanied by his best friend and a survivor." don't believe everything you read. this synopsis does not even do this movie justice. this movie was very good and quite heart-wrenching. shia did such an amazing job getting into the role of this character that i think it messed him up. it's the last movie he has done recently. i mean you hear about actors all the time who get themselves in too deep: examples? here's one: daniel day lewis--just read this article to see what i'm talking about. another example: this asshole [he's one of my fav actors, but damn he is an asshole] i mean, check this out:
both movies were filmed around the same time of each other and both came out in 2013. you do the math. and how can we forget about the great, late heath ledger. i don't care what his family thinks...playing that role and possibly even this person were big factors in his death. a lot of people use drugs [unfortunately] to get into roles and i think that's exactly what happened with shia labeoufwhat do you think?

if you are looking for a funny-new movie to watch, you HAVE TO SEE THIS ONE!
this movie was awesome. i mean, it had everything LOVE in a comedy movie. plus this guy and this guy are just hilarious together. throw in a couple more funny comedians like this guy and this girlie plus an actual famous person and it's just bound to be a good movie. right? two quotes that stood out to me? [y'all know i love movie quotes] 1. tj miller's character has a personal assistant and things have really gone to shit by this point in the film, when she says, "whenever i would question him about it, he would say, "treat your employees like they're your family and they'll do great things for you."" TRUTH. i agree, 100%. and 2. there's this part where this badass security guard hates on the new turnstiles for taking her job. see below:
"could you sign me in real quick, please?"
"i wish i could, but they got us sending you through these machines now. gonna replace my ass, matter of time."
"that's never gonna happen carla. these machines don't have your smile."
DOUBLE TRUTH. what'd i say, in this post!? just read number seven! BAM! told ya so, trump.

also another good movie, but definitely not a comedy is manchester by the sea. i mean, talk about one absolutely soul-wrenching, beautiful movie.
casey affleck deserved his oscar hands-down. i mean, i'm just disappointed that they didn't give michelle williams best actress in a supporting role. i mean, that girl nailed it. don't get me wrong, viola davis did a good job in the movie fences. but her performance was in no way as heart-wrenching as michelle williams'. and fences was SO BORING! literally, we turned it off because it was the most boring movie ever. and i can't help but think viola davis already has played similar roles: see here. and also, moonlight winning best picture...that was seriously ALL political bullshit in my opinion. also, another boring movie. i never finished it either. now, i haven't seen all the films that were nominated for best picture but so far by the ones i have seen...manchester by the sea should have won. what do you think? should moonlight have won best picture?

this one is kind of random: okay so, sometimes i slip up and call people "baby" cause that's what i always call barry.
 and ya know, no one ever comments on the fact that i just called them baby. i have seriously called numerous people "baby" and people think i'm just being sweet i guess. cause i mean, if someone said it to me i'd probably be like...
why dey call me that? so i have decided to just go with it. if i call/called you "baby," sorry. but please, just take it as a term of endearment. at least i'm not calling people, "puddin."

here's some older and even more random ones. but i wrote typed them down goes.
so i watched this movie back in february. i hadn't watched it in awhile. mainly because it scares me. but something just told me i should watch it. well than 2 days bill paxton passed away. spooky, right? twister came out in 1996. i was eight years old. man, it doesn't seem that long ago that i was pretending to wanna go to sleep early because my friends insisted on watching this scary movie at a sleepover. it's also sad, because this amazing actor is also in it and he passed away in february 2014. three years and twenty three days before bill. what i'm trying to say is, i'm getting to that age where actors/actresses i love [especially when i was a kid] are passing on and we're making room for a new generation of stars. i mean take the movie i mentioned above with john ritter. he wasn't the only person in that film that had passed on already. this guy had as well.
rest in peace to the fallen.

soooo a few weekends ago, my birthday weekend actually, something kind of scary happened to me. thankfully i thought fast and extinguished the problem before it became a big flamey mess. if you haven't caught on yet, then basically what i am saying is...i caught my hair on fire. i know, yikes, right? i'm pretty sure my heart skipped a beat. luckily, my hands just took control and i slapped the strand of hair that was on fire and my shirt put it out. it all happened so fast, but it felt like slow motion to me. wooo. it was a close one. what had happened was: i leaned over the night stand, where i had a candle burning, to unplug my phone charger. dumb idea. i guess i'm not used to having this long mermaid hair. my hair went up in a flame and i freaked. naturally. but like i said, my hands took care of me. i still have my hair even though the burnt strand isn't really the same but i'll take just one strand being different than my whole head of hair.

soooo back in february, i posted about the backpack trend that has taken over the fashion world lately. well there were a few pricey bags along with some good valued backpacks as well. i still have been toting mine around and it's just so much more organized than any purse i have carried in the past. so i'm scrolling through instagram one afternoon when i come across this:
that's emma slater from dwts toting one of the backpacks i posted about! ahh!!
have you gotten into the backpack trend yet? i see these guys carryin em all the time.

well the season finale for this show
came on last night and man, barry and i were so disappointed with the outcome. we really wanted brady and claire to win but no such luck. actually the two people we kept thinking were going to be eliminated each week ending up winning the whole thing. can you believe that shit? 
thursday and monday are our fav tv nights for sure. thursdays on fox have been having some new reality shows each time one ends. we have watched my kitchen rules and now kicking and screaming; i wonder what will be on next...

and last one...just fair warning i am going to be cussing [like the worse kind of cuss words] a lot in this next segment. because i am sick and tired of hearing about it but mainly, because it is just so ignantly frustrating for not only us, who believe in the death penalty, but also for the poor victim's families. so here we go..
 my thoughts [and my opinions, people] on the arkansas executions: let me just start with..kill them motherfuckers. what the hell have we been waiting for? the "waiting as a courtesy for the inmate" bullshit is just what it is...bullshit. now, don't get me wrong, i don't know all the reasons for the hold ups but that's because i get so angry and sad for these poor victim's families who have been having to endure this for the past two months AND the past twenty years. do you think these sick motherfuckers gave courtesy to the victims they killed? HELL NO! kenneth williams [a serial killer, mind you] should have died back in 2000 when our goofy judicial system allowed him to escape form prison. i'm hoping we have heard the last about these executions but i have a feeling we haven't. i cannot believe people were actually protesting these executions. i mean think about this, 8 death row inmates, locked up on death row for 20 years each for $64 a day? that's just plain ridiculous! 1 in 4 arkansans go to bed hungry each night but we'd rather pay to keep murderers comfortable?! i just don't understand our government sometimes. ugh. this is why i don't watch the news! 

wooo. talk about an array of topics. before i end this here, please go and check out this video of a cat and a cat dad playing a little music. it's seriously one of the cutest cat videos i have ever seen. and believe me, i've watched too many cat videos than i even care to admit. well, once again, happy friday! i am hoping to be back tomorrow to show off some more wedding pics. it's supposed to rain all weekend and it's gotten a little chilly. although 'they' said it was going to rain today and i ain't seen a drop yet. fingers crossed it stays that way. 
"no, carol, i just have some random guy's ashes in my office. got it online. yes, he wanted them here with me, at his branch. it's not my fault he always liked hanging out with me more."
[office christmas party]

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