Friday, March 24, 2017

My Birthday Weekend in Hot Springs

hello! i am BACK. i was gone on monday, tuesday and wednesday for a work trip to atlanta. i am hoping to post all about it tomorrow. today, though, i wanted to share my fun birthday week/weekend. my birthday started off with a family dinner at my parents' house. we had spaghetti, [one of my favs] salad and garlic bread. and my momma made me a homemade strawberry cake with homemade strawberry frosting. i had requested a strawberry cake but i had no clue she would actually make it instead of just buying one from kroger. that really meant so much to me since most of the time the babies/kids food tastes are put before my own. [which is why i made sure to request which cake i wanted] after dinner and the scrumdiddlyumptious cake it was present time! one of my fav gifts was...these:
i've already finished reading nypd red 2 and am already a quarter the way through nypd red 3. i am totally digging this series. i also got a gift card to one of my fav places to shop from my sis and her family plus a goodie bag full of fun little art supplies and a really good homemade birthday card from my nephew elliott. and my parents gave me money which i used to buy this:
barry and i have been in desperate need of our own rolling suitcase. and i wanted something cuter than just your plain old black one. when i saw this jessica simpson suitcase on amazon i knew it was THE ONE. it's kinda girly but not too girly. and barry really likes it, too. get you one, HERE.

i had decided early on, that i wanted to celebrate my birthday [which was last saturday] at our lake house in hot springs. barry and i decided to ask a few friends to join us. none of them really gave us for sure answers though until friday and i was so happy to hear that two of our fav couples were gonna be there to help celebrate. barry and i headed down friday evening after waiting around for 3 hours for our laundry to dry. we didn't get there till around 8:30. we grabbed our bags and settled in for a night of real tv. aka: more channels than the eleven we have at home. barry went in the living room with his drink of choice: this + this and i went into our bedroom to unpack our things, watch my fav channel and to sip on my drink of choice:
soon barry was snoring away next to me and i did what i do every night: stayed up entirely too late reading this book

the next morning, [my birthday] i woke up way earlier than i thought i would since i stayed up till 3:00am reading. but 9:30 was okay with me because IT WAS MY BIRTHDAY! i turned 29. [gulp] and my sweet husband, barry, had a few surprises waiting on me. 
all my favorites...well not the peeps. i hate peeps but i didn't have the heart to tell him that. later his sister [her and her husband, chuck came down to celebrate with us] commented that she hated peeps and i agreed but barry said he got them for me because i love roasted marshmallows [this is true] and figured i could roast em. we'll see how they taste melted. i do LOVE fruit punch. [obvi..just see above] he also got me some strawberry cupcakes with strawberry filling. 
barry also had this sweet little card with this written inside:
A SHOPPING SPREE just for ME! i have been complaining about needing new jeans and barry is going to take me shopping this weekend so i can get some. after i opened my card, he asked me what i wanted for breakfast. i can't believe he even DONUTS! duh! so that's what i got.

after breakfast, barry's sister texted him to say they were in town and were going to go on to oaklawn to check out the casino. we planned to meet them down there at 1:00. i had never been to the races before and was looking forward to my first experience. i just wanted to chill at the house for a little while before we headed down there. so that's what we did. soon, i got ready and we called a taxi so we didn't have to fight the race traffic and could be dropped off right at the door. 
my hair was looking on point. and barry saw me taking pictures so he had to join in.
i swear we have too much fun sometimes. soon, our "big white bouncing marshmallow" [the cab driver's words not ours] taxi cab had pulled up at the house ready to take us to THE RACES. it was a bright, sunshiney day and we was ready to make some bets and win some money. when we got there i was immediately overwhelmed. not by the people [even though there was plenty of them] but by THE SMELL. it was horrendous. i kept smelling this one particular awful smell and couldn't put my nose finger on what it was. yes, the horse poop was pretty bad too but this was worse. i kept asking barry, what is that awful smell? it wasn't until we rounded the corner that i figured out exactly what my sensitive nose was smelling. THESE. which they had a humongous display of tons and tons that was just reeking the place up. they smelled worse than the horse shit, sweat and beer put together. we finally tracked down beth [barry's sister/my sister-in-law] and chuck [our brother-in-law] and the first thing beth said, other than happy birthday, was--don't those damn daffodils smell terrible. or something like that. either way, they were the worse-smelling flowers ever and people were actually walking around with them on their heads or around their necks. disgusting.
anyway, barry and i had a ride back to the lake house so we decided to get us some drinks. barry got a frozen margarita and i got a frozen strawberry daiquiri. and then last minute, barry decides we need two shots of this and hey i figured yolo so i did it. let me tell y'all, my back was killing me with the worst back pain i have had in a minute. i had already taken some advil but it just wasn't helping. well, that shot put that advil to shame because i started to feel so much better after it. and i'm sure the daiquiri helped, too. i haven't gotten tipsy in a minute and i cannot lie, it felt pretty damn good. 
barry let me pick a horse to bet on and there was this one horse named, abba so i picked her and all the way up until she raced i kept singing, "abba. abbacadaba. i wanna reach out and grab ya. aaaabbacadaba. i wanna reach out and grab ya." like over and over again. stolen from this song obviously. WELL....turns out..ABBA WON! and we won ourselves forty bucks! i was ecstatic. i just thought that was so cool. we got a kick outta the fact that the horse i kept serenading was the first to the finish line. eventually, though, i got bored with the races. but really those damn daffodils were messing with my nose so much, and it was hot as hell outside that i just needed a change. so we headed into the enclosed, air-conditioned casino. let me tell ya, this casino was slot-city. i ain't ever seen so many slot machines in one casino. and i've been to vegas, y'all. barry gave me a dollar and i found myself a bank of penny slots and went at it. i played and played and played on that one dollar bill. winning then losing, winning then losing until i didn't have enough money to play anymore.
 i walked away with a one cent voucher. tbh, i wasn't really even trying to 'win big.' i was just pushing buttons and pulling that lever. it felt like playing an old school video game. which is basically what they are: arcade games for grannies adults. soon, i talked everyone into going back to the lake house and relaxin. it was my birthday and i was the queen! i let my loyal subjects friends stop by the liquor store though. beth got her some of this vodka which doesn't even compare to this vodka but i didn't say anything. and my silly husband just had to get a bottle of this. [no regrets] 

after getting back to the lake house we hung out on the back porch. the weather couldn't have been anymore perfect. i was really hoping it would be a warm, sunny day for my birthday and that birthday wish had came true. soon i heard a "whooty-whoo" and knew my best friend, amy and her boyfriend, tyler had finally made it to town. i had been asking and asking her to come down for my birthday but didn't hear a single response from her until friday night. i was SO SO SO happy she came and brought her new boyfriend, whom i hadn't met yet. and she had a little gift bag full of some fun goodies for me. my favorite thing being two gold dinosaur friendship necklaces. [because our friendship will never grow extinct] it was all very thoughtful and unexpected. we all just sat around and chatted, took shots of patron and laughed at the goofiness that is my husband. he was pretty drunk tipsy. tyler, suggested we all go get pizza at doc n maggie's. i am glad he suggested it too, not only because it was delicious but because we were all being very indecisive on what we wanted for dinner. when we pulled up i saw their sign with a humongous illegal razorback. grrrr. the university won't let us have a razorback on our fayetteville store's sign due to licensing mumbo-jumbo. and technically we aren't supposed to have one on any of our stores' signs but they let it slide, but have given us an definite no on using one on the fayetteville sign. and i pull up and see this nonsense:
 so a restaurant that sells alcohol can have it but a store that sells only licensed razorback merchandise and then turns around and gives a percentage of their sales to the university can't? where is the ducking logic in that. i made sure to send a picture to my dad so he can take it up with the clc police. sorry, doc n maggies, but i mean the food was good but the service was something to be desired. our waitress needed a little lesson in what and what not to say to people who are tipping her. i had to get my drunk husband out for fresh air, and apparently, i missed the drama because of it. amy, my sweet non-confrontational best friend made the ignant little waitress cry. she deserved it. i mean, if you piss amy off you better run. amy put that fake-blonde in her place after she mouthed off to tyler after he had asked for our checks for the fourth time. then went to her other table and talked bad about us for being "impatient." uh, no, honey. you just picked the wrong career. they needed to put her in the back rolling silverware. just sayin. 

after dinner we went back to the lake house. beth and chuck headed off to bed and barry and i stayed up talking with amy and tyler before they headed back to north little rock. after i got barry tucked into bed; i stayed up late reading again. the next day, beth and chuck left super early and barry and i slept in. then while barry watched some kind of car races, i cleaned up shop. aka: our mess. just ours. and then spent the rest of the day watching this show. just another chill sunday. soon though, we had to pack up and head home to get ready for our atlanta trip. all in all, it was the perfect birthday weekend. i am so glad we planned it and that some of our friends came to celebrate with us. it was my first birthday being married and it was definitely one for the books. which is why i probably went into way too much detail in this post. but it's worth it. 
so i gotta work tomorrow and plan to share [in full detail, too] all about mine and barry's first work trip as a married couple. it was so much fun working with my favorite person. i can't wait to share. i got about an hour left of work today and am already looking forward to kicking off my shoes and watching my favorite show. what are your friday night plans? we'll chat again soon. promise.
"that's the ho, that's my bottom half. every time it hear this music, it just wanna drop. that's the ho from back in the day comin out of me. i don't like this rap. i don't like this. i don't. i don't like this. 'rack city, bitch, rack, rack, rack city.' i got to get the hell outta here! my ho comin out!"
[boo! a madea halloween]

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