Saturday, March 4, 2017

Christmas in March

well, hello there, march. i hope you'll be bringing more warmer weather and less cold weather. i am so ready for spring. why? well mainly because i'm sick of my hands feeling like they've been submerged in ice water but also because i am ready to be active again. nothing makes you feel more bad about yourself like you have to lose some weight like having TWO different people tell you in ONE day that, "wow, you've gained some weight." or to put it more 'politely,' "you been putting on the pounds." yep. that was me on friday. not the one who said it but the one who had to endure it. man, there's just nothing like having two people you're related to tell you that your fat. therefore, i want to and have to lose some weight before i even come close to putting on a swimsuit. so, march is my month to be active, eat better and get some damn exercise. how am i doing so far? shitty. but hey i have already read one book this month, and read eight books last month. so yea, i may be a little on the chunky side, but at least i'm well-read. 
today i wanted to share our first christmas as a married couple. how did it differ from last year? well we definitely spoiled the crap outta each other. i got some really great gifts from my sweet husband. we were both a little sad because barry's son couldn't come down from north carolina. we were given a [rent] house for christmas. and we also had two new nephews this christmas. so yea, there were a few different changes [good and bad] but all in all it was a wonderful first christmas being husband and wife. 

check out all our pictures from our first married christmas.
i just loved our tree this year. i did it way differently than i have done in the past. check out the step by step pictures below.
plus some favorite close ups:
mr. and mrs. ornament found here.
our living room is the main room i decorate each year. why is it so much fun to dig out the decor and put it up then to pack it up and put it away?
i do like to decorate the end of my piano every year. i switched things up this year and added the black christmas tree. 
here's some fun close ups of the decor i did on my coffee and kitchen tables. 
i love wrapping presents. i mean, love. i can wrap anything. i mean anything. i've wrapped huge presents, tiny presents, a birdhouse, a fishing pole, a meter key and everything in between. i seriously think i could wrap a car! especially if i got something out of it.
i buy different christmas wrapping paper every year and i think 2016's has been my favorite so far.
this year, barry and i started a new tradition and went to see the trail of lights with the whole family: husband, wife and kitty-cat. barry and piper had never been before. piper was hilarious to watch. she would peek out of the window then immediately duck. she actually likes to ride in the car so she did good. and barry loved it, too. what a fun new tradition for the devore family.
we had christmas eve breakfast at barry's parents house and of course, it was delicious. then we exchanged presents and it was just a wonderful morning with my [other] family. 
the devore kiddos all loved their gifts. barry and i didn't get to get all our nieces and nephews something for christmas so we spoiled these two. it was sad not having blake there, but we were able to send him a good bit of money so he could buy him a pistol for christmas from his dad and step-mom.
we went to my parents house for christmas eve dinner. 
my grandparents gave all the kiddies their presents and we had fun watching and playing with them. it so fun seeing the joy on their faces at getting something they wanted. although this doll was not julianne's. but since attie mae was more interested in mason's toy then julianne had free range. 
on christmas morning we went back over to my parents house for christmas breakfast with all our favorite foods and favorite people. like this little guy. it was his first christmas!
after leaving my parents, we went back home to open the gifts we got each other. and man, did my husband SPOIL ME! seriously this was the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER for us in the gift-giving department. i got two new jackets-that i love, new house shoes, a pair of black on black toms, a new book, northface beanie, sephora gift card, plush bath robe, and a wall mounted coat rack made specially for me by my husband. SPOILED. and loving every minute of it.
and i would be lying if i said, i didn't spoil barry because i totally did! he basically got everything he asked for besides satellite tv. he deserves to be spoiled though. i mean, look at how cute he is. 
and that's about it! all in all it was a lovely christmas spent with my husband, my favorite furry animal and both of our amazing families. how was your 2016 christmas?
well i got about an hour and half left at work. [yay!] i actually made it on time today. the past two fridays i have done shitty in that department. my phone is so stupid sometimes. so last night i set the alarm on my phone AND the alarm on my clock...and it worked! thank goodness. when i got here there was only one stylist here and the morning started off super slow. but since then it has picked up and i know the next hour and 30 minutes will go by fast. then i can go home and read till my man gets home. blake and his girlfriend are in town and we haven't seen him since our wedding so we made plans to take them out to dinner tonight. it will be a much needed family dinner. i just love my little family. i am so happy i have them. well i'm off to fold some towels. 
happy saturday!
"flying solo ain't for sidekicks, abney. i warned you. when you first came to me for help in keeping your little business afloat, i warned you. i said, you've got to know your limitations. don't live beyond your means! i don't normally do this shit. telling you what's going to happen when you don't pay. what's the point? you know the rules, right?"

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