Saturday, March 11, 2017

But I Want It. I Want It All!

sooooo next saturday is MY 29th BIRTHDAY!!! and my man and i have already made some fun plans to head to hot springs after work on friday aka: saint patrick's day. our plan is to go to the races on saturday my birthday and possible hit up a few fun spots downtown. we have asked two other couples to go with us but haven't gotten a for sure answer from either so we are going to ask two more couples soon to see if they want to join. if not, i am TOTALLY okay to have just my husband by my side all weekend long. it's going to be a much needed trip for the both of us. we have both been working lots on the weekend, and have been too tired to do anything when we get off work. then after next weekend, barry and i are driving to the good ole atl for three days for work. we got chosen to clean out our jenkins enterprisesshowroom and we both jumped at the opportunity to A. make a good bit of money. B. take a work trip together just the two of us. C. get out of the city. and D. to prove ourselves. oh, and did i mention the money? anyways, needless to say, barry and i are going to have some fun the next few weeks. 

buuut BACK to my birthday! barry had asked me what i wanted for my birthday and i had a few ideas but hadn't really thought about it. so he told me to think about it. so i came up with TEN items that i would love to have for my 29th birthday. so if you're looking for something to get me, please refer to the list below. leggo.

this pink girls support girls tee found HERE. i am a size MEDIUM. 

i recently read NYPD red, the first one, and really enjoyed it. i am working my way through the alex cross novels and am almost through with the series. THIS is the next series i wanna read.
get nypd red 2 book: HERE
get nypd red 3 book: HERE
get nypd red 4 book: HERE
or pick up all three at this favorite bookstore.
fyi please get me the paperbacks and not the mass market paperbacks. please and thank you. 

packed party coffee mugs. these are all so cute, amiright? the one with the purple heart is the mug i would really like. i just love the saying so very much. pick it up HERE.

i need new jeans. like ALL new jeans. just new jeans, period. all styles, all shades. i'm pretty sure this is what my husband is going to get me for my good ole birthday. i just keep complaining about the jeans i have now and i'm tired of them. it's time for a change. i know he'll just give me his debit card, too, so he doesn't have to go shopping. win, win.

i don't know why i am so obsessed with these balloon animal statues, but i just am. i wouldn't mind having a fuchsia one for my desk at home. get one HERE.

barry was the first one to tell me about the silicone wedding bands. because he wants one, too. his ring now has already started to loose its shine since he basically uses his hands for hard work every single day. so i started looking at them, too. and i actually really like this idea. don't get me wrong, i love my rings but sometimes i just don't want to wear them because they're too nice. this would be a good substitute for when i go exploring in the woods with my husband, running errands around town, or cleaning the house. i love the turquoise ones and i think i wear a size 4 or 5. i also like the stackable ones. get me a silicone wedding band HERE.

 so these silk bomber jackets are totally in right now! i have seen them all over the place. i am really liking the pink floral ones the best. i'm a size medium. feel free to order me one of these jackets from HEREHERE or HERE.

so recently, i started following this girl on instagram and she posts the most beautiful pottery pieces. like these mugs. i would LOVE to have a custom-made mug of my cute kitty, piper. check out her etsy shop HERE and get to work on getting my custom mug ordered before my bday. ha!

i really need an insulated lunch bag. preferably a cute one like the ones above. working at the salon and at jenkins i have to bring my lunch everyday and that usually consists of two large ziplock bags which becomes a bit of inconvenience since we've been running out of ziplocks left and right. etsy has several cute ones. like this one or this one. i would definitely prefer my monogram over just my name. 

a monogram sweatshirt. (size medium) i would like a grey sweatshirt with bright lettering. either turquoise, lime green, or lavender. i like it full chest, or breast pocket. either way, i just really want a shirt with my monogram: J D E - it looks like etsy has several shops where you can get me my very own super cute monogram sweatshirt. 
and that's basically what i want. of course, i don't expect to get every single gift, so yea, you can just send/give me money and i'll take it from there. 
do you have your eye on any of these items?

well, i am working at the salon today. yes, i would so rather be at home in my bed, re-watching this favorite show but sadly i am not. AND it is freezing. so my warm bed, with my awesome electric blanket and handy space heater are really calling my name. i guess that's why it was almost impossible to wake up this morning. i am totally regretting to agreeing to work this weekend. but hey, the morning went by pretty fast and maybe this afternoon will, too. at least i can leave at 3 sharp today. no staying till 3:45 or 6:00. i got about 2 hours to go. thank you, Jesus. i am about to pop in this dvd and imagine that i am at home in my warm bed. 
what are your saturday plans?
"those are supposed to be grits? i'm disgusted. and i eat road kill on the reg."
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