Friday, March 17, 2017

A Night at The Opera and Other Things

so this past sunday, my dad and i went and saw the phantom of the opera at the newly renovated robinson center. it was awesome! 

first my daddy came and picked me up at my house at 5:30 on sunday so we could eat dinner before the show started at 7:00. 
after going over the freshly new broadway bridge, we headed on over to the capital hotel bar and grill. one thing was an hour wait for a table and we would have missed our show if we stayed. therefore, we drove around and looked for something else, with less of a crowd. several places were closed but we found a good replacement: dugan's pub. not exactly fancy but still very, very good. shortly, after getting a table, my dad handed over a pretty pink present. just. for. me!
some fancy white and gold opera glasses! ahh they are so beautiful and it was totally unexpected. i loved them immediately. 
after dinner, [mines was delicious] we hopped back in the car to hopefully find a parking space in downtown little rock pretty close to the start of the show. it was not easy but we succeeded in the end and found one super close to the performance hall. we got in line to get to our seats. well, my daddy had another surprise up his sleeve. he got us box seats! i have always wanted to sit in some fancy box seats at an opera. it was so neat.
seriously we could see everything, and with my opera glasses i could make out the tiniest details in the costumes, props, and scenes. 
it was a full house! we both enjoyed getting to see all the newness that is the robinson center performance hall. it's amazing. honestly, a million and trillion times more better than what it was before. aka: ghetto. i know more and more shows will want to come to our city now to perform in this amazing auditorium.
soon. the music began and the musical was in full swing. i loved getting to use my little opera glasses and just breathed in the beautiful music. it's been quite awhile since i've since the phantom of the opera, but it all came rushing back to me. i will say i was a little disappointed in the dressing room scene where she leaves with the phantom to enter his lair. and they only showed the dressing room once but she magically appeared back at the lair several times in the how she get there? also, when they are supposed to be in the little boat traveling to the lair, they went like two feet and were magically there. and then you never saw the boat again. those are my favorite parts. and i was a bit disappointed. don't get me wrong, it was still good, especially when they made some stairs appear and disappear--that was cool. we both thought that was one of the neatest scene changes. 
the chandelier was really neat! i liked it a lot. especially since we had such a great view of it when they phantom makes it fall. there were sparks, fire, and smoke which made it very realistic and i think it may have scared the pee outta a few folks who were directly below it. 
you see, the first time we saw the phantom of the opera together we saw it in VEGAS! the vegas show was FULL of glitz and glamour. i thought the actors were better, too. and when i think of the phantom i think of a white man, but the one in little rock was a black man. so that kinda threw things off for me. he still did a great job but did not even compare to the vegas phantom. also the entire auditorium in vegas is dressed to look like the old phantom opera house. and the vegas masquerade scene is AMAZING. like i said, full of glitz and glam! the little rock masquerade scene was very lacking and not memorable at all. and the reason the dressing room/underground river/lair scenes are all my favorite are because of the vegas show
all in all though, i totally enjoyed every single second of this night. it was perfection. and i owe it all to my dad. i am so happy to have such a good relationship with him. not everyone has a good dad, and if you do i encourage you to call him or give him a hug TODAY. dads deserve it. i am thankful that our relationship has grown closer since i first quit working at jenkins. there for a while, y'all, our relationship was getting very strained and stretched very thin. it was a blessing that i quit when i did and it's proven that it was definitely the right decision for all parties involved. plus now that i am back at jenkins working two days a week we still get the opportunity to work together occasionally. but don't have the stress and strain like last time. i know i have said this before, but i just love my schedule. no, i am not making bank but i'm happy and that is all that matters to me. thanks, daddy for such a wonderful evening. it was perfect. 

also. speaking of bank. have you seen this movie yet?
HIL-LAIR-E-OUS! i mean, my husband and i laughed our butts off at this ridiculous 'based on a true story' movie. also, jason sudeikis is quite possible my favorite actor. like, ever. he's just so damn funny. he is really good at pulling off the character actor, which we all know is better than any of them oscar winning ones..well besides this leading lady. who can go from this to this no problemo. but i'm getting off base. so basically: you neeeeed to see this movie! asap. 
so i am working the salon today, but getting off at 3:30 and then i can run pick up my meds, deposit my check and head home to wash clothes and pack bags for our trip to hot springs this weekend to celebrate MY BIRTHDAY! because IT'S TOMORROW! we are headed down tonight, and have both been looking forward to it all week. barry's sister [my sister-in-law], beth and her husband, chuck are coming down saturday morning and staying till sunday. then our friends, beth and josh are also coming down on saturday. we are all going to THE RACES! i have never been before. so i am really looking forward to going with my sweet husband and our friends. plus there's a casino and even though i hardly ever drink, i plan to this weekend! and my husband told me last night that he has a few bday surprises up his sleeve, too. now, one thing though, i have been feeling puny as all get out. i have been sick to my stomach since monday. i'm not sure if i'm getting sick. it doesn't feel like that. it's just been a constant stomach ache off and on for the past five days and that shit has to stop. barry and i are leaving for atlanta on monday for a jenkins work project and i really don't wanna be dealing with this then. please pray that i'll feel better soon. especially since tomorrow is my birthday!

anyways, this will probably be my last time to post till next friday. what can i say, i am just one busy girl. making plans and living life. i may not be able to fit into some of my fav jeans anymore but i'm happy and to me that's all that matters. i am finally in a good place in my life and not even flakey friends can break my stride. but seriously though, don't you just hate when you text someone who you know for a fact is always on their phone. the one who is constantly updating their facebook, instagram, twitter, snapchat, and texting their boyfriend back left and right--especially when you're hanging out. you got one of those friends? because i sure do. and to be frank, i'm getting tired of it. this was the third text i sent her about my birthday party...the first one she replied with a "maybe." and a huge long excuse of why that "maybe" may be turned into a "no." the second text, she did not reply and now a week later with a third text still no reply. i guess for some people, friends are just not their priority. oh well. i know i am going to have a blast with the ones who've done all they can to make sure they can come celebrate with me this weekend. there's always something to be thankful for. so what are your weekend plans? i hope they are just as fun as mine. oh and...
HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY!! are you wearing your green? you know i am.
"what's a rocknrolla? i tell them it's not about the drums, drugs and hospital drips. oh, no. there's more there than that my friend. we all like a bit of the good life. some, the money. some, the drugs. others the sex game, the glamour or the fame. but a rocknrolla, oh he's different. why? because a real rocknrolla wants the whole lot."
this quote goes out to my dad. 

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