Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Wedding Talk: Engagement Pictures Part 2

hello there! did everyone have a wonderful weekend? nowadays i get three day weekends since i have mondays off. having mondays off is just ingenious. no, i'm not trying to rub it in for you folks who do have to work mondays. well, maybe a little. but if you ever get the opportunity to not work on mondays...don't even think about it just accept the offer. ingenious, i tell you. anyways, my weekend was not just chock full of activities, but it was way better than the previous weekend when i was sick as a dog. barry and i ventured out of the house on saturday afternoon and headed to our favorite restaurant for some lunch. while hanging out waiting on our food, one of the waitresses was cutting up some pie at a table super close to our table. we watched, and watched, watched her carefully slice up two pies. when she pulled out some plastic wrap, barry jumped at the opportunity to get us a slice before the whipped cream was ruined by cling wrap. 
after pie and sandwiches, we headed to cabot to visit some of barry's friends who were working at the barn. barry's best friend was supposed to be working on a bridge for them but when we got there we found out he never showed up. which is super strange. especially since barry had tried to call him twice that morning to let me him know we would stop by. we hopped back in the truck and headed to carlisle. we went the back way this time and it was so pretty getting to check out all the farms, land and houses along the way. we saw several for sale signs and potentials for us. there were several farms with cows. when i asked barry if we could have cows on our land he said yes, as long as we can have chickens too and that i would take care of them. hmmm i can learn, right? i don't know the first thing about cows and chickens other than i think they are both pretty tasty between bread. but having a cow; even if it's just a cow would be like a huge dream come true for me. this moving-out-to-the-country-idea is just feeling better and righter every time we talk about it. 

finally after two bathroom stops, we made it to aunt betty's house in carlisle. barry was able to fix a toilet and a shower for her while i stood in front of the wood burning stove. we were sent home with 4 dozen eggs, 2 packages of carrots/celery, a box of peanut butter crackers and 2 boxes of little debbies. our sole purpose was the eggs. the eggs. but barry said yes to everything else she offered, too. ugh. how can i "diet" when he's bringing little debbies in the house? so far, [granted, it's only been 3 days] i haven't touched any of it. but i know it's just a matter of time before i rip open those box of little debbies. thankfully, it's going to be such a pretty week, and maybe the beautiful weather will give me that extra boost to walk everyday this week. instead of just chilling on the couch, snacking and watching shows like this one or this one.

speaking of shows...hell's kitchen had it's final showdown this last thursday and you bets to believe, barry and i were so excited to find out the winner. we got really into this show. and we c-r-u-n-k when we watched ryan beat heather in the final episode of the season. and we are too crunk to start watching this show premiering this thursday:

now, let me get on with the reason for this post: the next batch of engagement photos. check out the first set here. and if you really wanna see some of my awesome bridal portraits you can check those out here and here. also go give my photographer a follow on her instagram.

Engagement Pictures Part 2
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of our most favorites.
annndd i'm gonna end it with this beauty.
you got any fun plans for tonight? as far as i know, we got nada. but no matter what i am going to make myself walk tonight. that's my hugest problem, y'all. i could continue to eat junk food if i was actually active. and stayed active. but i ain't. shoot i've been sitting in this chair so long, my butt has fallen asleep. the sunshine is really calling my name, though. i have a feeling that barry will feel the same, too. we can't go and waste this 78 degree weather, ya know. i guess all my prayers for warmer weather are coming in loud and clear.
"okay. how come when i wanted to ask out eunice everyone made fun of me? but now sebastian likes her, and suddenly she's cool? screw you guys! i hate high school."
[she's the man]

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