Friday, February 24, 2017

Scrambled Thoughts

first of all, this title couldn't be more appropriate. mainly, because i was scrambling this morning to get up and go to work. if you know me very well, then you know that i 1. love to sleep and 2. am a very deep sleeper. so when i woke up and saw that my clock said, 11:23am..i FREAKED! i was supposed to be at work at 10:00! so yea, i was definitely scrambling this morning. i don't know what happened with my alarm. when i looked at my phone to see if he was even set, i saw that it WAS going off while i was holding it...but no sound. so i snoozed it, and then 8 minutes later, my alarm goes off. full sound and everything. WTF! i have absolutely no clue what happened this morning. i honestly, i don't even remember falling asleep last night. so did i like literally sleep through my alarm for a full hour and half? cause that's some hardcore sleeping right there.  anyways, i jumped to get ready. my hair was a wreck. it's naturally "curly" or wavy so after i take a shower at night then sleep on it, i look a little psycho. just plain bed head. i was going to throw it in a tight little bun but i decided to wear it in a side braid. and it turned out pretty damn good, too. i mean it ain't as good as this side braid or this one but for so little time, and being completely frazzled, i think i knocked it outta the park. 

anyways, i have lots to talk about. some serious scrambled thoughts going on. but unfortunately i have so little time. damn. i can't believe that happened this morning. i need to see like a sleep therapist or something. is there even such a thing as just sleeping TOO good for your own good? okay i'll stop complaining about sleeping good. ok. let's start this post. 

friday's scrambled thoughts:
aka: here's all the stuff running around my smart as hell brain.

1. you know what completely breaks my heart? THIS GUY. i have always, i mean ALWAYS, loved him. but ever since his last good movie, [one i don't even remember] he has gone off the waaay deep end. you know, like the crazy deep end. i mean, seriously, he's been doing such weird, and strange things that i'm finding it highly unlikely that i'll ever see him in another good movie again. sad, really. 

2. my husband is OFFICIALLY on instagram. he is really gotten into it, too. he even send me hashtags in texts now. check out some of his posts, and go follow him HERE.

3. chanel west coast. a few of you may know her from this show. i started following her on instagram and although she posts some provocative posts i still really like following her. she raps. and she posts lots of videos of her rapping. which is always cool if ya into the rap game. i am so looking forward to buying her lp when it drops this summer. check out her single: countin'
man, i seriously need to download this song. 

4. i really wanna see this movie:
yes. it's a POWER RANGERS movie! i was ecstatic when i saw a preview for this the other night while watching tv with my husband. i jumped off the couch and started showing off my best power ranger moves. my bro and i loved us some power rangers back in the 90s. i bet this movie is gonna be totally cool and reminded me of these movies. can't wait to see it. 

5. i really want one of these t-shirts:
you can get one HERE. i wear a size medium if you're looking for a good bday present to get me. i mean, my 29th birthday is only in 22 days. also, follow daisy natives on instagram HERE.

6. onto a more serious topic. kinda. SO this time last year, i was really hating my job. like loathed it entirely. but now this year i have TWO jobs, both of which i love very, very much. yes, i am technically still working at jenkins but this time around my job duties are so less stressful. like, not at all, actually. i am glad to be back! i've always been all over the place with 'what do i wanna be when i grow up.' 'what do i wanna do with/in life.' ya know, constant, but there's always one thing that has always been clear: the jwj accounts payable portion. just check out this post i did of my first 30 before 30 list. yep, this job duty is on that list. i have [also] worked at jenkins enterprises since i was 13, [probably even younger] i've seen it grow and change my entire life. i met my husband working at jenkins. and he cares about his job and has proven he is a definite asset. probably one of the best, actually. it's apart of us. it's apart of me. 

7. that doesn't mean i don't worry sometimes, though. once they get a good bookkeeper though, i'm wondering if they will still need me? my job is relatively easy for anyone who is organized, and has half a brain. knowing everyone's addresses helps, but the computer still beats me at that. especially now. what we need to realize, as americans, is that not only do people not want to work, but also, technology takes all the good jobs. the jobs people actually want. jobs, that us as americans, work super hard at, that a computer can apply with no sweat. literally and figuratively. what's the point, trump, in generating new jobs if the man is just going to give the task to a computer? today's thoughts.  

8. in other, less-serious news...i've spoiled the stylists here at the salon with my mad laundry skillz and just generally helping them out with ANYTHING they or their clients need. they compliment me alllll of the time. which is so incredibly nice to hear. i don't necessarily need this job, but it makes me feel good about myself and i know for a fact that i am needed. PLUS i love everyone who works up here, which i can't say that about my other job. oops, yeah i said it. and the clients are great, too. it's starting to get to the point where i know by heart what clients go to which stylists. basically, i can't think of one thing i dislike about my salon-job. maybe the pay could be better. 

9. last thing. so i putting up towels one day here at the salon and one of the stylists commented on how pretty i fold my towels and how great i am at making sure there's plenty of clean towels to go around. she was waxing her client's eyebrows, and her client leaned up and said, "could you come do my laundry for me?" i replied back with, "sure, but i'm 15 dollars an hour." and her reply, "bring it. i'm ready for you." just another reason why i love my job. BUT on a serious note, this is always been a dream of mine...yes, to do laundry, but open a laundry-doing badass business. where either, i can come to your house and do your laundry or i can pick up you laundry and do it at my own house. i think about this all the time. and i always am trying to come up with a name i would call my business. badass laundry-doing sounds pretty good, right? kidding. sorta. but seriously, i've thought and thought about this but didn't know if anyone would even be interested. well now i know, and i quite possibly have my first client. what do you think? would you pay me to do your laundry? all of it. the whole shebang: wash, dry, iron, steam, fold? anyways, this is just a dream i have think of from time and time. one day though, i wanna make it a reality. because you know what they say:

well now that i have gotten all those thoughts outta my head, i can breathe again think of some more. woo i didn't think i would have time to post today, but look at me, posting and shit. it's another sunny day and i got about 15 minutes left of work and then it's on to more important things: aka going home and putting my pj's back on and trying to finish my book. i'm determined to finish it before march hits so i can say i read 7 books in the shortest month of the year. 
what's on your mind today? 
"one theater. one car wash. one cafe, one park. one cat, which, through some mishap, had one leg. one public school, one tight-knit group of local kids. their pocket change bought rocket pops. the brothers...pixy sticks."
[the brothers bloom]

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