Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Positive Outweighs The Negative

first of all, happy [rainy] tuesday! well, it's raining here in good ole arkansas, anyway. normally i would complain about it being rainy, but it's like 62 outside, so at least it's not cold rainy. ya feel me? anyways, i haven't posted in a few days mainly because i am lazy have been busy editing pictures for this blog. i try to edit groups of pictures for different posts i have planned that way i can post several times with no editing interruptions. last friday, when i got ready to post my normal scheduled friday post, i didn't have any pictures ready. so i skipped posting on friday so i could edit some pictures for your viewing pleasure. i'm a visual person, so i like to always have at least one or two photos in each of my posts. ya get it? i hope so because i totally over-explained myself here. 

so here's what's been on my mind...aka what i have typed wrote in my "BLOG IDEAS" section in the notes on my phone. anytime, something pops in my head that i want to share with y'all on my blog, i immediately write it in my "BLOG IDEAS." i do this anywhere, anytime. in the aisle at the grocery store, getting out of the shower, at a doctor's appointment, and yes, even when i am driving-but to be fair i do the last one with siri's help; which is probably why some of them don't make any sense when i look back at them later. 

so we all know i am a huge supporter of the social media site, instagram. i follow several people i know, several people i don't know. lots of celebrities, and even kitty-cat celebrities. i love craft pages and boutiques. basically, i follow just a little bit of everything. i love instagram more than any other social media outlets because of the positiveness that eludes from all the pages i follow. now, don't get me wrong, there are several pages that aren't always so positive. but it is so simple to just hit that green follow button and unfollow their ass. lately, one of my favorite instagrammers has been rubbing me the wrong way with all her hateful posts about our president. but hey, that's just the diversity of all the pages i follow. but she still posts some pretty beautiful pictures so i haven't quite hit that green button yet. but anyway, there is one person i follow that post positive stuff to all his followers. all the time. that person is one of my fav dancers on the show dwts. who? 
THIS GUY: val chmerkovskiy. 
a couple of days ago he posted a picture with some great positive vibes to go with it. 
read for yourself. i read a few of the comments before they got to 300 and saw so many people who were genuinely touched by what he had posted. which is better than i can say for this chick who is getting lots of backlash for her posts. some of the comments amina has received have been totally hateful and uncalled for, but hate to say, she sort of brought it on herself. anyway, back to val. there was one particular person who commented with some doubts about herself, and wanting to possibly just end it for herself. now, we know a lot of people comment on celeb pages and the celeb never comments back, but val DID! he stopped whatever he was doing to comment back and pretty much saved her life. after val commented, several others started to comment as well. sending more positive vibes to someone who so needed to hear people cheering her on. which i thought was awesome. he could have ignored her, especially since he was getting new comments every second after his post. but he didn't, and with that he created a movement. i know that person who was desperate for a way out, has gotten a little more closer to getting better with the awesome instagram community backing her up. 
also, in the comments, i saw another person comment with a really neat idea: at the end of each day, write down 5 positive/good things that have happened to you that day. i loved this idea, so i have started doing it as well. don't get me wrong, i am literally in THE BEST place i have ever been in my life. but i would be lying if i said, i didn't still have those days. if you have suffered with depression/anxiety like i continue to than yes, you still have those days, right? you know the ones i'm talking about. the ones that make you not wanna leave your bed. it's not for any specific reason. it just hits you like a bad cold would in the middle of winter. nothing you can do to stop it. i had one of those days last week and it brought me way down. but i'm stronger for it, i guess. right? right. and now, starting this new "five good things that happened today" challenge; i know it will help clear my head of negative thoughts and keep the positive ones in place. so, just to share with you what i am talking about, here's two days i have done so far. 

february 19, 2017:
1. i got to sleep in! till noon.
2. barry my husband had made bacon earlier that morning and he saved me like 8 or 9 pieces. 
3. barry wanted to be lazy with me. which never happens. 
4. got to see, hangout and have fun with my big/little family. 
5. got to celebrate my sissy's birthday with her and family. on her actual day of birth.


february 20, 2017:
1. got to sleep in! again. 
2. got to run some fun errands with my momma for most of the afternoon.
3. watched kevin can wait with my husband. this show always makes us laugh. 
4. figured out how to use my go-mini hand steamer. and it is FANTASTIC!
5. finished a book!
this is the 9th book i have finished this year and the 6th book i have read in february. 

yea, these two days weren't just super filled with AMAZING, GLAMOROUS things but i am telling you, it was waaay easier to come up with a list of good things than bad. because lessbehonest, the good always outweighs the bad. i hope this brought a little pep to your step leading into wednesday. i really hope so. and let's remember to follow val's advice, BE MINDFUL: we never know who's watching or listening, and if we continue to be positive, that could help someone else along the way. 

woah, where did the work day go? i gotta get started on my end of the day duties. i gotta work full days tomorrow and thursday so that means i HAVE TO go to bed before 2am. if not tomorrow morning is going to be majorly difficult for this senorita. alrighty, i'm out. i promise, we'll chat again real soon, my friends. hope you enjoyed today's post. happy tuesday!
"you see, greg, when you yell at a dog, his tail will go between his legs and cover his genitals, his ears will go down. a dog is very easy to break, but cats make you work for their affection. they don't sell out the way dogs do."
[meet the parents]

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  1. I so agree that no matter how old I get, sometimes I just need my momma!