Friday, February 3, 2017

Let's Review Some Products, Shall We?

hello, and happy friday! i got some hella good news......i only have to work till 3:00 today! thank you baby jesus. when i leave the salon today at three o' clock, i should go and do something productive but i probably won't. i finished this book last night and have already gotten into the next book so i'm loving the idea of just going home, putting some pjs on, and reading. reading is productive, right? so, the last time i posted i was pretty sick. well, some more good news? i beat that damn cold. it just took lots of cold medicine, lots of rest, lots of food and lots of water. maybe that means i'll get out of the house this weekend. i just wish is warm outside. it's turned back into winter, and this cold-all-of-the-time girl is hating it! 

i'm switching things up today from the more personal posts to a little review on some beauty items i picked up at ulta a few fridays ago. i don't know about you, but ulta is like my target. i say that because every time i go into ulta i have something specific i need to get and end up leaving with $200 worth of goods that i definitely did not need. this is the reason i stay far far away from target. luckily, it's on a side of town i don't normally go to, but the ulta is. it is very convenient. and i swear, i have never gone in and came out with only one new purchase. it's just not possible. thankfully, when i went this last time, i only left with 3 new items. and it all ended up being just a little under $35. the thing about these items is i fell in love with one, hated another, and thought the third was just okay. so i thought it would be fun to give you guys my thoughts on these 3 products. 

my soul purpose for going to ulta was to get more of the shampoo i love to use. unfortunately, they stopped selling my favorite shampoo and i needed some new shampoo i chose the frizz dismiss shampoo since this is one we use at the salon. when i got to the register, the sales girl tried to get me to buy the liter instead. my response: "well, y'all are out of the shampoo i usually get so i'm just trying this out to see if i like it." salesgirl: "the liter is on sale for only a dollar more, so if you like it, then you won't run out as quickly." ugh, nice try, broad. this ain't my first rodeo in the shampoo game. i passed on that "deal." naturally. my response: "no thanks, if i don't like it, i don't want to be stuck with a liter of it." i could SO tell she wanted to roll her eyes at me. but let's be honest, i kind of knew that i wasn't going to like it. and i was right...I HATE IT. my hair is so weird! i have yet to find a shampoo besides this awesome shampoo that doesn't make my hair oily. no matter how i wash it, if i don't use my shampoo then it just comes out oily af. very frustrating. this shampoo was just not for me. thankfully, amazon sells my old faithful and i got my hair back to normal in no time. 

i'm always looking for a good eye makeup remover. i have this brand that i use on occasions, but it makes my eyes hurt for a little bit after using it and sometimes makes my vision blurred. so i rarely wash my eyes with it, and have been using just my regular face wash and warm water. this travel size clinique makeup remover for the lids, lashes and lips, i wanted to give a try. my thoughts: i like it waaay better than the mascara remover i have been using. i was a bit timid trying it out. it says to use a cotton ball but i ain't about that life. [they give me the creeps.] so i just used tissue and it did get most of my mascara off my eyes. i say this was a good purchase. and would definitely recommend. 

these cleansing cloths were by far my favorite product of the group. they really are "ultra soft and gentle for sensitive skin." not gonna lie, most nights the last thing i wanna do is wash my face. it takes so long for the water to get warm enough and by the time it does heat up, the sink is so full of water [my drain is always clogged] that it's a bit difficult to get my hands under the faucet without sloshing a bucket of water on the floor. first world problems. but these babies are perfect for the quick-let's-remove-this-damn makeup that feels a lot like a chore at the end of the day. so these cetaphil cleansing cloths paired with the clinique take the day off makeup remover are the best for a quick and easy routine. this was another good purchase and it didn't break my bank account. would totally recommend especially since they don't leave my face looking red and raw. just clean and fresh. 

i love trying out new products! do you?

it feels so good to be conquering this cold. instead of letting it conquer me. a few helpful hints when trying to get over a nasty cold: 
1. change your sheets and blankets on your bed.
2. buy a new toothbrush and throw your old one away.
3. nyquil, nyquil. nyquil
i'm not sure what i am getting into this weekend. sleeping in, that one is a for sure plan. i wonder if my husband has to work..? hmmm. anyways, i hope YOU have a lovely weekend. full of fun plans, pretty sights and cherished time with your loved ones. peace out.
"oh, boy. are we past the rules and into the insults now? is it insult time? because your potholder vest is about to take heavy fire. are you ready for that?"
[bad words]

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