Friday, January 20, 2017

That's What's Up

happy 2017! i am like so behind on updating this blog. i still have wedding talk posts i'm wanting to update yous on + we just got back our pictures of the wedding and reception. they are all so perfect. i also wanna tell y'all all about our honeymoon in branson, missouri. plus christmas! our first christmas as a married couple. so much and so little time but not today. the sun is shining bright here in north little rock, finally after a week of dreary rain and dark clouds. i swear rainy weather just puts me in the worst mood. i hate it. it also makes me lazy and just plain grouchy. now today, i do have a humongous headache the size of texas but i decided to do a small post to let y'all know, yes i am still here. 

first off, i got another job. okay it's basically like my old job but no stress. when i was working at jenkins enterprises i was doing a lot. a lot of work by myself with absolutely no help. there was one part of that old job that i enjoyed doing and it was the accounts payable. but then my boss hired this old mean woman to take over that position and i just knew i wouldn't be able to work with her. especially since she took over the one part of my job that actually enjoyed doing. so i quit. well turns out this old mean woman wasn't what she was cracked out to be. [i knew it] and she got fired. so they needed to bring in the big guns to straighten her mess out. and boy did she make a mess of things. talk about the most disorganized woman imaginable. i still have quite a bit of reorganizing to do to clean up her mess but they are no longer behind on their bills. cause i fixed it. plus a lot of our maintenance men told me she was very rude/mean to them about the most silliest of things. so needless to say, a lot of people are glad that i am back. and it feels good to be back. don't get me wrong, i like working here at the salon but sometimes i feel as if my work-talents are being wasted because i just sit behind a desk like a bump on a log. i mean i do get to answer the phones maybe twice a day and do laundry [which i do love] but it's not as fulfilling. if that makes sense. i'm only working two days a week at jenkins but it's enough to make me feel like i am actually doing something important with my life. and let's be honest, we all wanna feel needed. 

also, this just in, barry and i are now the proud new owners of five rent houses. holla! that's some major extra income each month which is a nice new perk. instead of putting the houses in our personal names we created an LLC. introducing...DEVORE DEVELOPMENTS! catchy, isn't it?! so that's another reason my boss-daddy wanted me to come back and work for him. now that we have split our 200 or so rent houses up between family there needs to be someone who knows by heart who owns what. and since i know every rent house address by heart anyways, it was just a matter of looking at a list [making some flashcards] and memorizing who owns what houses. and just like that i could tell you whose rent house is whose. so when i come pass a bill for so-in-so's house i don't have to scan a list, i can just bill them. and that's what i have been doing. man, if only my memorization skillz would have worked for me in school. ha! 

woo, don't get me wrong, i am just loving the weather we are having today, but i can hear my bed calling me back to it. i have like a million things i need to do but i'll probably just go home and be lazy. that's the thing, here lately, i have had no energy. i am tired all the time. and i keep putting things off. our house is a wreck...yes i still have christmas decorations up. oopsie. go ahead and hate. yes, we are those people who still have christmas lights up. putting it away just isn't as fun as putting it up. although, barry and i have started walking at night. we are trying to eat better, too. i'm doing better at the whole "eating better" thing than he is though. he is always buying chips. i am a sucker for some salty chips. but once we realized that all our jeans were becoming a little too snug..we needed to make a change. i'm not as active as i once was so that has a lot to do with it so i am trying to get at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. i have never had to worry about my weight because it has pretty much stayed the same for me but now that i've gotten older i guess i have to hop on the exercise train. or go buy bigger jeans since only 2 pairs seem to fit [and be comfortable] nowadays. 

speaking of houses and what not, barry and i have made the decision to move. and move away from north little rock, too. that's a big decision but we are ready to buy our own house. i say our own because the house we are living in now is technically my house. barry really wants something that is our house that we picked out together. and honestly, we do need a little more room. plus it would be super nice to have some acreage with lots of land. we are collectors and we want a workshop desperately. plus we have a party barge that we are storing at barry's parents' house that we really need a shed of our own for. there's so many reasons why we want to move and we want acreage so i know we'll have to move out of the city. we did find one house that has been for sale for the two years that we have been together. we have always loved the land and the house from the outside. one thing though, the inside is just a shell. so we would have to finish the whole inside of the house which could be a big project. we still haven't looked at the inside, only seen pictures, so we gotta go check it out in person to see if it would be worth all the work. my husband, is quite the builder and so is his best friend, paulie so i know it would get done but they are both so busy building for jenkins, several side jobs and finishing paul's mom's house that they have literally built from the ground up. not to mention, both my siblings are remodeling houses now, too. so it could be a challenge. first things first, though, we need to check out the inside to see if it's doable. if not we'll be looking for a house this spring. we really love the house we found though. the price is right [see what i did there] and we love, love, love the location. hopefully we can go look at it soon.

before i go, let me leave you with this piece of advice. see. this. movie. 
it is literally one of the best movies i have seen in a long time. barry and i LOVED every second of this movie. the acting, the music, the photography. all round it was an incredible movie that i hope to add to my collection soon. so so good!

and that's all i have for you today. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend. i plan to. even though i do have to work tomorrow. at 9am. bright and early. maybe a little too bright and early. 
"and for everything you told me about chaz, he sounds like a kook! he lived with his mother till he was 40! she tried to poison his oatmeal!"
[wedding crashers]

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