Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Good and A Little Shady

well guys, happy...tuesday. sad face. we have 4 more days till it's the weekend; and i can sleep in! except there's one small problem. i can't sleep past 10:30am nowadays. ugh. if you know me very well this is a huge deal. i blame my husband, personally. but the real reason is probably age. i'm sticking to the first choice, though. but sleeping till 10:30 instead of having to wake up at 7:30 like i had to last saturday is waay better. on everyone. i just feel better if i get lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of sleep. i wish it was an acceptable thing to sleep at work. but it's not. unfortunately, i have first hand experience in learning that sleeping on the job will only get you fired. if you're caught, of course. wink wink. 

today i did not get to sleep in like i got to yesterday, and the day before that. but i had to get up bright and early [if you call 9:00 bright and early. i do.] to take my sweet not so little kitty-cat to the vet. we made it there okay and since our vets are great caring people; we were able to wait in an exam room since piper hates cages and dogs. i think she hates cages more, but don't quote me on that. it might just depend on what mood she is in. she was thankful to be in the exam room though where she calmed down a tad. she a pretty healthy cat or so it seems...until she started having what barry and i like to call, her coughing fits. she has been having these coughing fits quite frequently over the last few weeks. her doctor wanted to get some xrays of her throat and chest areas. 
 after her exam, the good doc left the room to get the xray machine started up. after he left, she immediately crawled into my lap and tucked her head into my armpit. i think she was worried i was going to leave her behind. when the doctor came back to get her she put up quite the fight. clawing at me to not let her go. it almost broke my heart. but she's a big girl [literally] and i had already promised her that i wouldn't leave without her. i could hear her crying all the way down the hall. i never hear her cry like that so it was a little heart-wrenching. but they brought her back in and she immediately jumped out of the good doc's hands, onto the exam table and back to my lap. sometimes i wonder, because she isn't a snuggler, if she even likes me but it was apparent today that she does and trusts only me. it's understandable. i'm trustworthy. the doc let us leave the building and said he would give us a call at the end of the day to let us know what the results are. only one small problem. apparently my little gymnastics kitty was moving around so much while they were running the xray that they didn't get a conclusive result back. meaning, he didn't even get one single shot of her throat her chest. what?! ya gots to be jokin, main. he asked if i could bring her back but shiiit it was such an ordeal to get her there and ya know i had shit to do. [laundry, dishes, eating] plus she was snuggled up on the couch, all sweet and not shaking uncontrollable that i just couldn't bring myself to wake her up from her cat nap and put through the whole thing again.  
soooo i gotta take her again tomorrow afternoon in THE middle of the day. not to mention momma [aka: myself] has a doctor's appointment at 10:30 tomorrow morning in little rock. i'm not sure how i am going to pull of both appointments when i really need to get in some work at jenkins enterprises but i will just have to make it work, won't i? man. tomorrow is going to be a tricky, tricky day. and on top of that my husband and i are trying to get one of our rent houses  ready to rent. man, it's hard out here for a pimp, when you trying to get the house ready to collect some rent

so after the whole piper ordeal we got back to the house and i decide to browse instagram. come follow me here. the first page to pop up for me to view is one of my most favorites. THIS ONE. well this shop had just post the most gorgeous bag i have laid my brown eyes on for quite sometime. i have been desperately wanting a new purse since mine was contaminated several months ago, and one of the straps has broken and it just looks a bit on the rachet-side. so i have been keeping these chestnut browns peeled for a replacement. and i finally found it thanks to my favorite boutique, savoir-faire. check it:
isn't it absolutely stunning. it's a change up from my regular style of purse-carrying. but i just could not pass this beauty up. the backpack [aka: pack-pack] trend is SO in right now. and plus i'm so tired of the throw it on my arm, bulging shit i'm dealing with now. don't get me wrong my mint green love is an SF special from a few years ago but i think it's about time i traded up. it took me three times calling in to snag one and i'm sure i got on hannah's nerves [the amazing shop girl who helped me] since i called her THREE times wondering if it was in their system. third time is always a charm. i got to purchase the very first one since they hadn't even got them onto their sales floor yet. booyah! if ya want something badly enough, you just got to smother your anxiety, not give a damn if they are complaining about the customer who is freaking over a baby blue backpack, [triple b, bitches] and swallow your pride when they tell you "that comes out to $82.80 including shipping." swipe it, hannah! just swipe it! ooh i am drooling over the fact that that pack-pack is going to be thrown over my shoulder soon. i may not be able to fit into some jeans i wore this past summer but damn i am going to have the sweetest bag on the block and we all know it's all bout them cessories. 

well i thought i would have more to post about but it is almost five and i gotta do my 'end of day duties' soon. and by end of day duties i mean browse nicki swift for 30 minutes before i take out the trash and sweep the floors. ohh the life of a modern day cinderella. don't hate my game. i wouldn't have it any other way. life is going good and if winter could get over a little faster, then it would be even better. yea, winter, byyye! 
i was going to post some of our engagement pictures today to try and stay on track with my scheduled blog posts [why does that sound so boring?] but i've been looking at our wedding/reception pictures and would rather post one of them. so here ya go. my little familia. they make me smile. 
cannot wait to share pictures of the wedding day with y'all. it was just so magical and perfect. i am so happy with the location. and everything about the whole day was just everything. i'll leave it at that. i will share more pics soon. hopefully. 
"the coppers blamed me for everything that went wrong out here. and i mean every little thing, too. if a guy tripped over a banana peel, they'd bring me in for it."

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