Friday, December 16, 2016

Wedding Talk: Bridal Portraits Part 1

yall. for real though i am exhausted. i had to get up at the butt crack of dawn this morning to make it to a much needed dentist appointment. i am not used to being up before 7:30 a.m. but i was. and now, here at 10:30 my eyes are starting to droop. my body is telling me to please go back to bed. i don't get it. i can wake up early but it just makes me exhaustified. i've already had one cup of coffee but that hasn't really helped. i drink only one cup of coffee a day. that's the doctor's orders. course, he did tell me to quit smoking too and yea that ain't happened yet. yet. but anyways, like i said i went to the dentist this morning. i was the first patient in the parking lot and in the chair. we have got a game plan together for my broken tooth that i have been having issues with since october. but, man, i would have loved to have crawled back into bed after getting back home this morning. but i didn't. i put on my makeup, ate some cereal and grew more and more jealous of this fluffball-
lucky bitch. and yes, i did eventually turn the light off for her. 
okay just a warning over the next few months or so i will be posting lots of "wedding talk" posts. this is basically my journal and i wanna have a place to document everything! i will be posting ALL the pictures. yesterday, i posted all about my bachelorette party...check out the post {HERE} 

my photographer, molly anne sandefur, with and photo, IS AMAZING at what she does. and today i am going to post part one of my bridal portraits she took. it was so difficult to pick out the ones to frame for our reception. therefore, i will be basically posting every single picture, which is why they will be split up in parts. i am not about to overwhelm y'all with 300 photos in one single post. if you are in the central arkansas area and need a photographer for ANYTHING-you should contact her. she's so much fun to work with and put me right at ease every time. 
contacts below:
facebook: madesignandphoto
instagram: ma.designs

bridal portraits part one:
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
one of my favorites.
okay. y'all liking them so far? i know some of them are captioned with "one of my favorites" but these are really ALL of my favorites. those captioned ones though are like especially favorites. and also ones i will more than likely be getting framed.
here's the stats:
dress and veil: david's bridal
bouquet: my aunt jennifer who also owns bella terra estate
makeup: done by yours truly
shoes: toms from dillards
nails: by missy also at katherine grant salon and spa

once again, this is only part one of the bridal portraits and i will be posting more over the next few months; along with my engagement pictures, wedding day photos, honeymoon adventures, and reception pics. i just have to document every last thing because this was a truly magical time in my life that i just have to share. 

well i get off today at 3:00 and i am hoping to finish up the rest of my christmas shopping. i have two more stops: target and ulta and then i will be finished! as far as i know, my husband hasn't even started with his shopping. i mean i've done most of his [like his parents and niece/nephews] for him but i'm not about to go and buy my own gifts. ya know. he said he's planning on going tomorrow though. 
have you finished all of your christmas shopping?
well, loud mouth girl just came into the salon. it's funny because i'm starting to get to know the regulars that come in all the time up here. a lot of them are great clients and i love getting to serve them, but loud mouth girl is the most annoying ever. seriously, you can hear her loud obnoxious voice even if every hair dryer is blowing in this joint. gosh she was just in here on wednesday. looks like she came to visit. her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. high pitched-nasaly and loud as duck! 
but annnywaaays, this morning has flown by and that second cup of coffee i just finished has really helped to wake me up. i think i'll sneak outside for a bit to get a break from loud mouth girl. yes, it's freezing but her voice is literally that bad that i'll do anything for some relief right now. 
have a good weekend, readers! thanks for stopping by!
"she spends money like i was printing it in the basement. let's face it, when it comes to money there are two kinds of people: the earners and the spenders; or as they're more popularly known, husbands and wives."
[i love lucy]

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