Thursday, December 15, 2016

Wedding Talk: The Bachelorette Party

okay so i think it is about time i talked about my bachelorette party weekend. i owe a BIG THANKS to my sissy and sister-in-law for planning everything and for being the only 2 to stay a full 24 hours. yes, if you have your own bachelorette party coming up go somewhere where girls cannot just opt out and leave. that's my only regret from the whole weekend. i did not get wild. i was probably super awkward because i have never been around a large group of girlfriends so i really didn't know how to act. yes, everyone who came are all my friends, but i have like 2 work friends here and 3 high school friends there, but not just one large group. so this was new for me. i just wish everyone would have stayed the night saturday and we didn't go to bed at 11:00. but oh well. i was thinking of doing a couples bachelor and bachelorette party and i so should have done that. but what can you do. i do however, wanna show off some fun highlights from the weekend. and am super glad all three of my bridesmaids came down on friday evening and we were able to all hang out just the four of us before my big day. 

i loved my invites created by my good friend, beth. so fun, right?
i wanted to get everyone one of these drink tumblers from packed party but i wasn't sure who was all coming and they are $18 a piece. and now that i don't have a "big girl" job i can't be just throwing my money away on disco ball drinks. thank goodness, things will get easier, pay wise, come 2017. -more on that later.

one of my friends i invited was going to drive me up on friday after barry and i finished with our engagement pictures. but she bailed on me. [typical] so since my sister and sister-in-law were already down in hot springs setting up-my sweet husband [then fiance] drove me down himself. because he never bails on me. this is the awesome setup they had when we both got there. barry stayed and ate pizza for awhile. i honestly didn't want him to leave. amy showed up later and we played a game, drank and laughed a lot. it was a lot of fun! but i'm not gonna lie to you, i missed barry very much. he just makes me feel more comfortable in my own skin. i'm never self conscience when he is around and i was feeling little vulnerable. but i was able to let loose and hang with some of my best girlfriends and it was just so nice. i was soaking it in so much that i didn't even take that many pictures. oops!
saturday morning, the rest of my party showed up and we drank mimosas and just sat around outside in the lovely weather and just chatted away. so much so that we lost track of time and didn't head to downtown hot springs until around 2:00. but tbh that was my favorite time of the whole weekend. all my best girlfriends hanging out and us gossiping. it helped me forget about how much i was missing barry and i just lived in the moment.
 once we all got downtown we headed to bath house row winery. we were able to taste test all their wines and it seriously was SO MUCH FUN! i'm not a huge wine drinker. actually i'm not a huge alcohol drinker, period but i still had fun tasting all the wines. several of the girls in the group bought the wines that we tasted. amy and i however were the only 2 that didn't by any wine. as my dad always says, "i was the big girl at the prom--just happy to be there." 
after we were done at the winery. we headed to a little boutique called snazzies. they had tons of really cute shirts and i got myself this tshirt:
just a little, though. 
after leaving snazzies we all agreed to walk through the wax museum. my papaw used to take me and my siblings + our cousins when we were little. i think that's mainly because we could walk through for free. he sold a ton of merchandise that they sell in their gift shop. i had been since i was little but it was fun going through it with my sister now that we have grown up. i'm pretty sure they have only added 2 new wax figures since we were little. but we all had a good time.
i just randomly sent this picture to barry with no text. he was totally weirded out. 
i had to get a picture of hitch.
these wax figures are all older than i am. i don't even think they have been moved an inch since i was a kid. my sister and i agreed, not much had changed.
seriously, the alice in wonderland scene was the creepiest scene we saw. alice looks dead. and this place was pretty packed. you would think they could use some of the money they make to work better on their exhibits. this one clearly needs some work. either way it was a fun adventure.
after stopping at a few more spots downtown, we headed back to the lake house to get ready for dinner and to have my lingerie shower.
i got a ton of really cute stuff. 
after the shower, we loaded up again to head downtown for dinner. unfortunately, my friend, amy, had other plans and had to leave us. my sister-in-law got us dinner reservations at rolando's and i hadn't been there in forever. i forgot how yummy their food is and we got to sit on the back patio full of christmas lights.
it was such a pretty night, and of course, the food was delicious.
after dinner, sadly my friends, beth and kassi had to leave us to go back to little rock. so it was just the five of us and we headed off to go on a haunted house tour. 
at the beginning of the tour, it was pretty interesting but then it got totally unrealistic and a bit boring. myself and my friends, natalie and cameron started to just sit down at the rest of the stops and would just chat. i unfortunately, wore heels because i thought more people would dress up but everybody else wore flats so my feet were killing me walking two miles in heels. so maybe if i didn't wear those stupid heels i would have wanted to do something after the tour was over but i just wasn't feeling it. i'm disappointed that i wanted to go back to the lake house because no one wanted to stay up late with me. i did get to chat with natalie and cameron whom i don't get to see as often anymore but they ended up turning in at 11. course naturally, i am a night owl so i stayed up way past 3:00 in the morning and had my very own book party. i just love a good book. 
either way, it was a fun weekend and i'm glad we did it. another HUGE THANKS to my sister and sister-in-law for planning everything and for wanting to do it. i am grateful to have both of them in my life and know that we'll only get closer as the years go by. now that i'm an old married lady like them. it gave me an idea to throw a couples party this summer. wouldn't that be fun? we kinda did that for barry's birthday this year and it was so much fun but i want my sisters to be part of the fun next year. plus barry went and got our boat and we are going to work on it this winter so it will be decked out for parties this summer. if you have a boat, people will come. 

well it is thursday, and thursdays are my "long" days here at the salon. meaning it's my 10 to 6 shift. but i LOVE working thursdays more than any other day because it's always packed with stylists and clients. so it keeps me busy and i'm not just stuck twiddling my thumbs. aka: reading ALL the chapters. which is fine, i love reading but my chair is definitely no reading chair. speaking of reading books, i had set a goal at the beginning of the year to read 52 books and not only did i achieve that goal but i have gone on and beyond--i have read 62 books so far this year. man, i am a reading machine. tonight, we have barry's work party out at bella terra estate, where we had our reception and barry and i have been looking forward to it all week. i am so glad it's at night this year so i didn't have to ask off today and can work my full shift. plus i can't wait to see all my jenkins' friends. barry said he's had several people ask if i was coming because they miss me. it feels good to be missed. it also feels good to just be in a good place in my life. some days i feel sad about leaving my old job but i am the most happiest i have ever been so i don't try to think too hard about it. 
i know 2017 is going to be just as great as 2016 has been. i'm looking forward to seeing what other things God has in store for me and i can't wait to share with you guys one of the things that's going to help barry and i out in the financial department. we are truly blessed.
 "you know the other one i like? "i am so jealous of the guy who gets to marry you." well, that could've been you. that's what i was leaning towards."
[he's just not that into you]

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