Friday, December 23, 2016

Life Events / Not Wedding Related

i thought i would break away from wedding talk today and just share a few things that have happened since my last life update post. i am working today at the salon till 6:00 and the day is going by waaay slower than yesterday. i cannot believe we have two days till CHRISTMAS! have you finished your christmas shopping? thankfully the last 3 presents i ordered online came in yesterday and i only have five more gifts i need to wrap up. then the devores will officially be ready for christmas. unfortunately, we got some sad news on wednesday night...barry's son who lives in north carolina is not going to be able to make it down for christmas this year. this completely bummed us out and barry was not in high spirits that evening. unfortunately, everything i suggested [like flying up there in january] he shot down because he hates missing work or doesn't want to make things difficult on anyone. i think the next time we will be able to see blakelin is in march and i so hope he'll come home sooner than that. i guess that's just part of kids growing up. #stepmomprobs.

anyways, let's jump into this post.
i couple of months ago, barry was out on the back porch killing bugs with his bug-a-salt rifle and i hear a loud banging noise on the side of the house. i peek outside and he's using the butt of the gun to swipe at something. turns out he came across a huge rat while he was killing small little moths. the next day he comes back with a rat trap. he put a small gob of peanut butter on it and left it outside but the next day there was no rat and there was no peanut butter either. so next he decides to use a pecan. we went to my parents house that evening and when we came back we had caught and killed the rat. this guy was huge! and that rat trap, don't play no games. 
check out this video of our cat, piper, checking out what we caught. 
well barry and i were driving around our neighborhood one day when we came across THIS. creepy, or what?! the next day i drove by and an old white guy was repainting his garage. i don't know who this guy screwed over and frankly i don't want to know. and i'm not trying to be judgmental here, but he did look a little pedophiley. 
see also:
you know what's fun? taking selfies with your kitty-cat. well, it is to me, anyway. course that all depends on if she's gonna diva-out on you and actually cooperate. which she finally did in that last picture. seriously, i love my cat. #catnerdalert
i saw this quote on pinterest and just got a kick out of it. and yes, you read that correctly i have read sixty-five books [so far] this year. that's 13 more books than i thought i would read and i'm still going strong. the goal won't be over until the fat lady sings has read her last book. 
my husband, whom i'm pretty sure i've told y'all can build anything i asks him to, built this fire pit for our backyard last summer. but we didn't really start using it till this summer/fall. i am working on trying to get some folks together for a camp fire sing-a-long sometime soon. my bestfriend, amy and our good friend, rodge did that at our reception and amy and i are hoping to get together for another round before it gets TOO cold.
still bragging on my husband. he is the best cook. we grilled up a storm this summer and i'm already looking forward to next summer so we can eat more meals like this. 
check out this cute kitty sleeping on an old potato sack that barry found. i swear this little kitty-cat can find comfort on anything. she's just too cute not to brag blog about.
although, she's not always a sweet kitty-cat. one night we were hanging out on our back porch. i was reading [naturally] and barry was brushing piper's fur. before we knew it, she got a little too aggressive with the brush and missed biting it and bit barry instead. so much so, it drew blood. yuck! oh, and ouch! that bite bleed for a good minute, too. it bothered barry for a couple of days before it finally healed. for the record: she has never bitten me so hard that it's drawn blood. sometimes, that girl is crazy. sometimes.
yes, another cat update. what can i say? i'm kitty-cat obsessed. this is one of my momma's cats, gracie or grey kitty as i like to call her. she's not always into snuggling so i had to capture this sweet pic of her taking a little cat nap snuggled up on my lap while we watched dwts.
one day, i went to the bathroom at hobby lobby and found this little surprise. hilarious, right? i had to snap a pic. 1. cause it's just too funny. and 2. who even carries matches anymore? clearly, the person whoever left these behind. she must always be prepared when she needs to blow up a public bathroom.
just showing off some of my crafty work. i made these fun gift bags for my hostesses who threw me a bridal shower. i spent an entire saturday making bows and twining initials for each hostess. i finally got making bows down to an art and all my hostesses loved my creative gift wrapping. 
yes, it's another cat post. no shame in my game. this cat, we think, lives across the street. we always see her/him in their yard, anyway. but every single time that barry is grilling, this cat comes over and sits in the driveway. she/he can tell he's amazing cook. we have never fed her/him though because you know what happens when you give a cat some food...they always come back. 
always kiss the cook. unless he's my husband--then hands off, ladies! he's all mine. check out that burger though...looks delicious? believe me, it was and always is!
check out these cuties. that's my nephew, mason and niece, julianne. i sometimes get to go hang out with them on tuesdays so my sis can run errands or cut hair. we always have so much fun together. i love being a part of their lives and watching them grow. they love when aunt sica comes to play. this tuesday, i got to hang out with all three of my sis' kids and we all just had a ball. and just so elliott isn't left out...check out this too cute cowboy ready for school:
i am so honored to get to play nanny with them on the days my sister needs me. 
it's nice to be needed, isn't it?
barry brought a blanket home from his mom's house one day and piper quickly claimed it as her own. just like everything else in the house. well except the vacuums, broom, and trash bags. she don't want nothing to do with any of those things. #scaredycat
check out this cute af outfit i put together for a party barry and i went to. i'm telling you, i was feelin fierce! like queen b with my hair extensions, skinny jeans and booties. my top is from lularoe. a little gift bought by my momma since my sister and sister-in-law got stuff for their daughters when we went to a lularoe fashion party at a friend's house. #spoiled
so my bestfriend, amy, who was also a bridesmaid in my wedding, had this beautiful piece of art made for barry and i as a wedding present. i swear this photo does not even do it justice. this wall art is absolutely stunning in person and i cannot even describe the love i have for her for finding out our favorite verse and getting this made for us in time for it to be featured in our wedding. 
at jenkins enterprises where i used to work and where barry works now; the other employees got together and threw barry and i a work shower. it was such a fun event for the both of us. i was so thankful that my good friends, beth and kassi planned it and we were able to celebrate with everyone. we got spoiled in the gift cards department and there was some really delicious snacks. like those cupcakes that kassi's momma made. i'll admit, i ate every single one of the the bunch that we brought home with us except for the three i sent over to my grant kiddos.
I VOTED. and thankfully the person i voted for won!
not only can my husband build anything, he can fix anything, too. he found this air compressor on the side of the road so we picked it up. the previous owner wrote on it that there was a hole in it but since my man can weld he patched that baby up, replaced the cord, and attached rubber on the feet. he also plans to weld a handle on it whenever he gets some spare weekend time. so yes, my husband is better than yours. #justsayin
[[twenty one]]
innocent. until proven guilty. and this cat is guilty. don't let that sweet little face fool you. i borrowed this suitcase from my mom to take on my honeymoon. barry and i got to stay at the capitol hotel after our wedding. the next morning we came home to finish packing for our trip to branson and this stinkin little cat peed in this suitcase. ruined it. i was so mad! so yea, she's not always a sweet kitty.
[[twenty two]]
check out this hilariousness. i can't get over how funny this picture is. that's one of my hair extensions. we have the most fun together. thankful for a husband who can make me laugh on a daily basis. now, he'll probably kill me for posting this but i had to. it's just too funny. 
[[twenty three]]
just a few wedding gifts we are really enjoying. we needed silverware in the worse way. and barry's brother got it for us. seriously i think it's one of our favorite gifts. the initial d coffee cups are getting plenty of use, too. but mainly by me. barry hates coffee. [he crazy] and lastly, we went to bed, bath, and beyond to use the hundreds of gift cards we received and came home with brand spanking new pots and pans; which we needed just as badly as we needed silverware. and a roomba vacuum. which is quite possibly one of the best inventions ever. man, our friends and family spoiled us rotten.
[[twenty four]]
another wedding gift that piper has claimed as her own. this quilt was made by barry's mom and aunt. we used it in several of our engagement pictures, so aunt betty decided to give it to us. well, we haven't even gotten to use it because of this little ball of fur. she loves it! it has literally become her quilt. and because we spoil her rotten [even when she pees in suitcases] we call it piper's quilt.
[[twenty five]]
last one. we went to hot springs last sunday to pick up my christmas pj's. well since the lake has been lowered for the winter we decided to venture out and take a look around. i had no clue there would be so many shells. i was blown away. i didn't know we had lake mussels living under the surface. i mean, i guess i never really thought about it. we had fun finding the biggest ones. but it was freeeeezing cold and we just couldn't handle for longer than 30 minutes. i love when i get to spend an entire day with my husband all to myself. 
well i am so very sorry this was the longest post in the world but i just had to share all these fun events and funny life things that have happened to us over the last few months. doing life and being married to my best friend is the best thing that has ever happened to me. i just know that 2017 is going to be just as great. and i'm looking forward to seeing what God has in store for myself and our little family. 

well, like i said i have to work till 6:00 today which is a huge bummer. yesterday went by so quickly. but today...not so much. and on top of that i got the biggest headache. there's only 5 stylists here today and several of them have already said they aren't staying till 6:00. i have a feeling the rest of this day is going to craaawl by. plus the heater isn't working up here and my hands and toes feel like ice. anyways, this will be my last post till after christmas so i hope each and every one of you, who stops by my little blog, has a wonderful christmas holiday! 
"no kidding. she sits three feet from me. it's the most annoying thing. it's like children singing christmas carols."
[the office]

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